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  1. Not having toilet tissue is much more serious than no lobster, 😲
  2. We are booked on a Viking Ocean cruise next year that goes from Venice to Athens for 10 days. VO includes complimentary house beer and wine with meals. On our cruise the Silver Spirits Beverage package which includes any drinks or glasses of wine up to $15 for only $18pp/per day, which by far is the least I have seen on any cruise line. On VO there is NO daily limits on the number of drinks per day.
  3. Not all Vistas have the upgraded system yet, the Noordam will not have this until its scheduled dry dock this October after the Alaska cruise season. The Noordam still has the small 24" TV on the desk, while Vistas like the Westerdam that have been upgraded have the large 42" wall mounted TV and information system.
  4. Again judging the quality of the cruise experience based on whether you are served a tiny frozen tasteless 3oz lobster tail is almost laughable. I have learned that the surf and turf on any cruise ship is so over rated. From some menus posted yesterday by Crew News for his Alaska cruise last week on the Westerdam I saw Surf and Turf on the 2nd or last Gala night in the MDR. However if that is the same menu on our Alaska cruise next month on the Noordam, I will opt for the Rack of Veal offered on Gala night. On our last HAL cruise on the NA the rack of veal on Gala night was the best entrée we had all week in the MDR, it was huge and delicious. My wife had the surf and turf that same night and the fillet was tough as shoe leather and the lobster tail was exactly how I described it above, she sent the entre back 2 times and it got no better so she gave up.
  5. I too was also surprised about the late lunch call on the train to Denali, are there any other options for food on the train? Fortunately we only have tp spend one night in the Westmark Anchorage if is a dump as described. A appreciate Crews News CC blog about this cruise as we are doing a similar cruise next month on the Noordam.
  6. The new prices are now reflected on HAL website when you pre book any PG or Canaletto reservation for upcoming cruises. More nickel and dimming by HAL , so what else is new.
  7. I do not know where you come up with $1000 per night for a NS? Neptune Suites on our Noordam Alaska cruise next month are going for around $ 330pp per night.
  8. Having not sailed on HAL for several years, I hope our experience on the Noordam next month is a little better. HAL has never been perceived as a "Premium" line as it is just a main stream cruise line. It does have some attributes we prefer like smaller ships, less crowding and catering to older demographics without all the drinking games, rock climbing and younger people partying all night long. We also could care less about amateurish attempts to produce Broadway type shows on a cruise ship stage like so many other cruise lines. However, trying to compare HAL to Oceana is not fair as Oceana and other lines like Viking Ocean are true Premium cruise lines. We also looked at MSC for our Mediterranean cruise next year but after reading horror stories about rude service and passengers, terrible food and huge crowds from past MSC passengers on CC we decided to pass on them and go with a real premium cruise line, Viking Ocean. There is not one cruise line that fits all people's tastes and that is why there are so many of them all offering a little different experience. I hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  9. Brought to us by The nickels and dimes Cruise line.
  10. Did you figure any extra fuel for the extra time in port, if any?
  11. You can rebook anytime up to the final payment date at any lower price posted or offered, the most you lose are any promos from when you originally booked. That is one huge price drop if it was after the final payment date, and I would be very upset if that happened to me. We booked our upcoming Signature Suite Alaska cruise last summer and the price dropped three times, the last the week before final payment and we rebooked every time. We saved about $2000 total from what we originally booked last July. After the final payment or SS actually went up in price by about $500pp, so I am not complaining.
  12. Usually the first sea day and the second sea day that is not the last night of the cruise. Cruising Glacier Bay is considered a sea day and that may be a Gala night. On Hal there are no Formal nights anymore they are now called Gala Nights with a more relaxed dress code. The second Gala night is usually the Surf and Turf night with not very good frozen lobster tails.
  13. Absolutely, they are appropriate any non Gala night at any restaurant. I will be in jeans for our embarkation dinner at Canaletto next month on the Noordam. We have a long day of travel to get to Vancouver and we booked a 5:30 reservation too, because it will be 7:30 for us with the time difference and probably no lunch that day. BTW Tamarind is our favorite specialty restaurant of any cruise line and we will miss not having it on the Noordam. We usually book it more than 1 night. The horseradish crusted beef tenderloin is better than any steak in the PG. The sushi is also excellent. Have a great cruise.
  14. When we visited Maui for a week, the locals recommended Walmart for buying things like Hawaiian shirts, T Shirts, beach towels and other souvenirs. We found the same products sold at local tourist traps for half the price at Walmart. Walmart had a complete department for just Hawaiian theme products and it was packed.
  15. Post earthquake, what condition was the Anchorage Westmark? We stay there the night we get off the Noordam before taking the train to Denali. Thank you again for this excellent travel thread, it has really amped up our anticipation for our July cruise.
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