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  1. Normally a comped PG reservation is made by HAL and you will get a card with the date and time confirmation in your cabin when you board. If you do not like the date or time chosen you can go to the PG manager and try to change, but you should do this the first day on the ship. I have read on CC that a lot of the comped PG reservations are booked by HAL on the first night of embarkation.
  2. Oh no, not another of the endless dress code in the MDR threads, sit back and enjoy the ride. . . . .
  3. Thanks for all the useful information, we are sailing out of Vancouver July 21 and I wondered what to expect. Our fight lands at 11:30 in Vancouver and we figured after going through airport customs and the transfer to the ship we would not arrive at Canada place before 1:30pm or later. Our cruise departs at 4:30.
  4. I would suggest that you not only leave your bags but go ahead and check in to save that step later in the day when you return. You can even board the ship and then leave for the rest of the day.
  5. We rebooked our Noordam Alaska cruise last week with flight ease. We have a SS we booked last September with the Explore 4 promo. The fare dropped by $785pp so we rebooked, we did lose the X4 with the SBP and one free PG. Saving $1570 was worth much more than the X4 we gave up, we will not drink that much and we are not a fan of the PG. We did get prepaid gratuities so we saved another $210. which covers the $200 OBC we also lost by rebooking. This had no effect on our flights or already booked shore excursions. Our final payment date is next week on the 28th so we are very pleased with our decision.
  6. We are taking a shore excursion in July from Skagway that crosses over into Canada and the tour very clearly says a valid Passport is required to take this tour to enter Canada. Since this will be on a motor coach it comes under different rules than getting on the cruise ship.
  7. I believe you are right, I forgot the $15pp was roundtrip because we parked the car for free at the Hotel for the week cruise.
  8. I agree, the shuttles from most FLL hotels run over $15pp.
  9. Great blog so far, I want to follow your journey as the DW and I want to do this itinerary in 2021, if HAL still offers it then.
  10. We always use the Pier 66 Hotel located at the sea entrance to the Port, you can get a great view of the ships departing in the afternoon and coming into port in the early morning. Our TA always gets us a great deal for our pre cruise stays here. Here is the link: https://www.pier66hotelmarina.com
  11. Our Alaska double Denali cruise in July from Vancouver to Seward in a SS suite only has $294pp in taxes and port fees. Our grandson in a third person in our cabin and the fees for him are only $199, he has a reduced rate of $449 for the cruise which mostly covers the land portion of our cruise.
  12. Too many CC members try to put their own ideas of what should or should not be worn in the MDR into their interpretation of the suggested dress code. And for that reason we have these endless dress code threads with a new one about every week.
  13. Nothing in the current suggested dress code about having to wear "dress pants". A nice pair of kaki pants will do just fine along with any collared shirt. I bet I could also get into the MDR in my black dress jeans that look more like dress pants than jeans.
  14. I would start with the Princess CEO as their brand seems to be the biggest abuser both pre and during the probation.
  15. Wow, that is a great deal, you are only paying $32 pp a night for the cruise. HAL must be counting on you to lose a lot at the casino, LOL. Have a great cruise!!!
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