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  1. We are a member of both HAL and X loyalty programs. After sailing exclusively with HAL for the last 10 years, we are leaving to sail on two cruises with Celebrity next year and not because of loyalty programs. HAL has nothing to compete with Aqua Class and the amenities this class offers like the Blu restaurant. We booked mostly Signature Suites on HAL and got nothing more than a larger cabin and bathroom, no exclusive dinning venue or anything like the free thermal spa use (Persian Garden). We are paying about the same per day for Aqua Class as Signature Suites on HAL, add in the free 4 perks we got on both cruises next year, Celebrity is a way better deal for us.
  2. Our same AQ class booking on the Infinity in May 2021 is over $1000 more now than we booked. We got the 4 perks and Captains Club Loyalty discount when we booked, so I do not expect the price to drop below what we booked.
  3. You mean not everything on the Internet may be true? I just can't believe that!! We have a May and August cruise booked on the Infinity for next year and have our fingers crossed that we will sail.🤞
  4. As has been pointed out in numerous other threads already, all scheduled 2020 and 2021 refurbishments or revolutionizing have been put off until 2022 at the earliest. We have 2 Infinity cruises booked for next year and we had hopped that the scheduled Nov 2020 refurb would happen, it isn't but we do not care as we just want to be anywhere but stuck at home.
  5. I just download Chrome on my laptop and was finally able to sign into my Celebrity account. Thanks!
  6. What did you do to sign in? I have had the same problem for months and when I contacted X they told me they are working on the problem. I use edge as my web browser. Thanks,
  7. You can always eat in the MDR in the Select (anytime) dinning room on the lower level. If your friends are in the select dining seating, you can join them there if you desire. If you are on one of the M class ships you can order and of the MDR menu items in Blu at night too.
  8. My TA told me that the infinity will be refurbished in 2022 at the earliest according to Celebrity. We have two cruises booked on her next year.
  9. We sailed exclusively on HAL for the last 10 years however we are switching to Celebrity Infinity for our two cruises next year. Our last cruise in 2019 on the Noordam turned us off probably forever with HAL Celebrity has added so many more perks for the higher class of cabins, something that HAL has not nor will match. We are booked in Aqua class cabins for both cruises next year which provides us with exclusive use of the Blu restaurant for all of our dinners. Much smaller venue without the huge crowds and slow service of the MDR. Last year we booked a Signature suite on the Noordam and other than a larger cabin and bathroom we got zero perks or amenities over what any other balcony cabin received. We got great deals on both of our Infinity cruises with the 4 Perks package that is now less cost than the current cabins without the 4 perks. Our cruises will now be almost totally inclusive without the terrible Nickle and diming that HAL has done to us in the past.
  10. Many insurance companies also have coverage exclusions as a result of a pandemics, acts of war and terrorism. If a company becomes insolvent due to the current pandemic, coverage may not happen under these policies even if there is no exclusion for bankruptcy.
  11. Why speculate in this forum? Just contact your TA or X directly for their answer, then you will know for sure. The other option is wait to see if you can buy an upgrade to a C3 suite. Good luck either way!
  12. I do not see how the CDC or even CLIA has any authority over any cruise ship not flagged in the U.S. or not sailing in U.S waters and ports. Unless a cruise ship is only 50% of capacity Social Distancing is nearly impossible in the MDR.
  13. After 2 cruises and one Perillo tour of Italy, we would return to Southern Italy which includes Sicily, Lecce and the Amalfi coast. We also loved a week spent in Florence and would do a land tour again of the Tuscany area.
  14. Got to love the Trolls in this thread who are just salivating over their desires to see RCCL and Celebrity go bankrupt. 😁
  15. You may think you deserve it, but in reality you are not going to get it. I think the best thing for you to do is cancel the cruise and wait a year or two for the new product, this will keep you from being disappointed and having a ruined cruise. Or put on your big girl panties and be happy you are on a cruise and not one of the thousands who did not survive the Covid virus. I for one also have no sympathy for your situation.
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