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  1. Maybe I am wrong but I do not see anything worth the extra cost per cabin. If you paid $50pp per day that was $700 for your 7 day cruise. Was, what ever your paid, really worth it for the few extra things you got above?
  2. We had it all day long on the Noordam in July and my grandson enjoyed it very much. Always available on the Lido deck along with coffee.
  3. The easy fix to threads like this is just do away with the 2 nights designated as "Gala" nights and just adopt the Smart Casual for all nights on the cruise. The Premium lines like O and VO are already doing this. Its a vacation folks and we should be allowed to wear what ever we are comfortable wearing maybe short of shorts and bathing suits. This will eliminate turning the Maître D and MDR Managers into the Fashion Police. I live in a destination vacation city and you will see anything from shorts to suits in our best 5 star restaurants. For my first cruise back in the late 1990's on Carnival, I bought a Tux to wear because I thought that was what was required and to my dismay even back then, I saw jeans and T shirts in the MDR on "Formal" nights. I kept that tux for 2 more cruises and then threw it out and I have not worn a tux or suit on any cruise since then.
  4. I know a waiter who works at a very high end 5 star restaurant here in Sam Antonio and he hates the idea of no tipping or making a "living" wage. On an average night he can make $400 to $500 in tips. Last year he made over $100,000 as a waiter and he knows a "living" wage paid by the restaurant would be nothing close to what he makes now. He is not the only waiter at his restaurant who makes that kind of money in tips.
  5. On the Noordam in July Happy Hour was daily in the Oceans Bar 4-5pm and Crows Nest 5-6pm. We did the Crows Nest every night before dinner. Great deal buy any drink and get second for $2. The Crows Nest also had a free assortment of cold and hot appetizers that were delicious.
  6. I remember the "old" days and dinner the last night of the cruise in the MDR would have many fewer passengers eating just to avoid having to give our the tip envelope. The Lido that same night would be packed where no tip envelopes were needed. Your comment about cruise lines wanting to remain competitive is mostly true for the mass marketed cruise lines. When a inside cabin on 7 night cruise sells for $599pp adding $105 to the cost for prepaid gratuities could make you non competitive. However on a premium line like Viking adding a couple hundred dollars to the cost for gratuities can easily be absorbed in the cruise cost. When the least expensive cabin costs over $3000pp adding the gratuities to the cost would have no effect on being competitive. People will shop the mass market cruise lines to save $50pp on a fare but that is not the case for premium lines like Viking and Oceania.
  7. When you are paying premium pricing for a Viking cruise, I am surprised that they do not include gratuities in the price of all cruise fares booked in any country. On our Viking sea cruise next year for 10 days our gratuities will be $300 for our cabin. With the $6400pp fare for our PH1 cabin that $300 could have been buried or included in our cost. VO advertises they do not nickel and dime like other cruise lines but adding gratuities is a prime nickel and dime example. Do not get me wrong, I have NO problem paying gratuities to the hard working crew members and in the scope of what we are paying $300 is a drop in the bucket.
  8. I may be wrong but I though all Neptune Suites included the CO benefits for no extra charge.
  9. Sounds like the CO on the non Pinnacle class ships will be a joke and not worthy of the extra daily cost for non Neptune suites guests. Does HAL think a portion of the MDR for CO designation and cloth bags is really an upgrade? This will never work until HAL has a designated dinning venue for CO participants.
  10. Never been under the galley but we did have a cabin under the Lido deck once and will never do that again. The unbearable noise from moving the deck chairs and other equipment around began every morning between 4 and 5am. I would think the galley would be just as noisy in the early morning hours.
  11. On the Noordam in July we had a bathtub in out Signature, don't remember if it was a whirlpool because we never used it.
  12. I always use a TA for booking any cruise because of the much better and independent insurance they have available. I have read too many horror stories on CC of people who bought the travel insurance through the cruise line. When you have 12k or more invested in a Viking cruise I want to make sure I have the right insurance.
  13. Glad to know the Crows Nest will not be changed on R and S ships. Our first HAL cruise was on the Volendam and we feel in love with the Crows nest for sea days and before dinner drinks. The loss of the Freeport Dry Dock facility is going to be a major issue for both Carnival and Royal Caribbean owned lines for the next year or two. Most dry dock facilities are booked way more than a year out and last minute replacements will be next to impossible.
  14. I have a feeling these two refurbs will be put off until next year. At this late date it is doubtful an alternate facility can be found. The Noordam is getting a dry docking next month but its in Vancouver.
  15. Our Alaska cruise in July the final price drop was the week before the final payment. This was the 4th price drop in the 10 months after we booked the cruise. We had a SS cabin. After final payment in May the Price went up considerably.
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