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  1. I looked at booking my same cruise for next April and the same cabin for the same itinerary is 25% more in cost than what I am booked this year. I agree the extra 25% is all smoke and mirrors. If our September cruise is cancelled by Viking I will take the cash and be done with Viking Ocean.
  2. I do not want to see Viking fail and become insolvent but I also do not want to risk losing over $14,000 I have already paid for our September cruise from Venice with a FCC. I also have another $3700 spent on airfare. If this cruise is cancelled by Viking I will take the 100% cash refund, I will not risk a FCC. If that happens I may get a full refund on my airfare through my 3rd party travel insurance if American Airlines will not let me use it later or refund cost directly. I can also move that 3rd party insurance, if not used on the airfare, to my Celebrity cruise booked for next year.
  3. There is no way any foreign owned cruise lines will get any future US stimulus money. We have too many USA companies that will need any money to survive. Let their own countries bail them out.
  4. If the company goes out of business before the FCC expires you lose everything. A bird in the hand take the cash now. If my September cruise is cancelled, I will take the cash.
  5. According to the last post on this thread, today Viking has cancelled all cruises through June 30th
  6. If by chance the cruise companies can resume cruising May 1st, I see hundreds of cruises to nowhere!
  7. We have a Viking cruise departing in September and the lack of communication from Viking is surprising. Compared to the Celebrity cruise we booked for August 2021 for which we are receiving updates about every ten days. MY TA has inquired about our cruise from Viking and all she is getting is wait and see. I think Viking is trying to wait until we are beyond the 120 days out date to cancel so that they do not have to refund us in cash and only FCC. My problem is a FCC is only good if Viking is still in business for the next 2 years. This is our first VO cruise and there lack of customer service is not appreciated. Viking has everyone's full payment 6 to 12 months out and they do not want to refund any of the cash they have from it's customers. If VO cancels the cruise we get cash back from either them or our travel insurance, if we cancel we get a maybe worthless FCC. We would also lose our non-refundable air cost if we cancel. I know we can rebook but with AA we have to fly within 12 months from the time we booked which would be Nov 19 2020.
  8. We included all airfare and pre and post stay hotels in the travel insurance we purchased through our TA. My understanding is we are covered if VO cancels our cruise in September.
  9. If you have travel insurance, have you checked to see if it will cover your airfare costs?
  10. That is the same predicament we are facing for our September cruise. We have over $16K tied up in cruise and airfare cost. We have until May 20th to get our cash back but if we wait beyond that we get a 24 month FCC. What good will a FCC be if Viking goes under? Our trip insurance has a clause I thought would protect us if Viking goes under but I am not sure it would be applicable if the cause is the current pandemic. I haven't been able to get a clear answer on this from the company. If we had not lost 1/3 of the value in our retirement accounts this month, I wouldn't be as worried. I am retiring in a week and have some big decisions to make in the next couple of months. This cruise was booked in 2018 as our retirement cruise and I really do not want to cancel, but if things do not get dramatically better I see no way we will be going on this cruise.
  11. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say, our cruise isn't until September 21, but we have until May 20th (120 days out) to get a full cash refund from Viking if we cancel. In that case we lose our AA tickets cost as it would not be covered by insurance. If we wait and Viking and/or AA cancels flights and cruise from Venice before Sept 21 we would get cash for the cruise and AA tickets.. I know this will not all be settled by May 20th but it has a better chance by September, I hope.
  12. We are in a similar situation for our September cruise from Venice. I have until May 20th to cancel for full refund but my American Airlines tickets are non refundable. Insurance will ONLY pay if AA cancels service to Venice and/or Viking cancels the cruise. AA will lets us rebook for no fees but we have to rebook on a flight departing within a year after the date we purchased the tickets, in our case by Nov 19, 2020. Our insurance will cover us if either AA or VO goes out of business but still we are in a wait and see situation for the next two months. Good luck on your situation.
  13. If you are worried about Viking solvency make sure your insurance covers insolvency and bankruptcy of the travel provider, in this case the airline and Viking. Our insurance has this coverage for our Viking cruise in September. If the cruise is cancelled and we get a FCC the insurance would pay us back in cash, as long as the insurance company stays solvent. As for any US bailouts for Viking from the US, we will busy with bailouts for US owned companies and doubt if Viking is on the list. Delta and American Airlines are already talking about bailouts as a result of Covid19. We have been looking forward to our first Viking cruise since we booked in 2018 and we are not going to bail out until we get closer and see where this whole crisis goes in the next 3 to 4 months. I would be very upset if we took Viking"s generous offer to cancel now and then this cruise goes off as normal in September. One thing for sure the Covid19 is going to change the way we all live our live and how and where we travel in the foreseeable future, some companies will survive and unfortunately many will not. Other than doing out parts to slow the spread, there is very little we can do individually and I for one will not loose any sleep over this. The people I fear more for are the people who work and serve us at our favorite local restaurants, hotels and bars. We visited our local favorite wine bar Friday night and they were near empty, the owners and servers there have been our friends for some time, this is our favorite Friday night hangout. I do not know if they can survive but I left our server a 30% tip to help her out a little bit more than normal. When or if you can visit a restaurant or bar think more about your servers and their financial conditions.
  14. How much loss can Viking afford to absorb? What good is a 24 month 125% FCC if they become insolvent? I would take the cash and run unless your travel insurance covers you if Viking becomes insolvent or permanently suspends operations. Our travel insurance does cover us for this possibility. We are not canceling our September cruise yet, but we have some big decisions to make over the next few months. I hope the summer months tampers down this virus threat. I agree and impressed that Viking is doing the correct thing here, I do not want to see them going out of business.
  15. From everything I have read and heard, you made a good decision.
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