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  1. if you do this fly into St Thomas and take a water taxi to Tortola, much cheaper than flying to Tortola. Water Taxi takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Delta has direct fights from Atlanta to St Thomas. American has them from DFW and Miami.
  2. We used TMM Charters in Tortola, my Brother in law was our captain so we did not need a provided captain. He has done over 8 of these charters in the BVI and passed the company's Captain qualifications. We had three couples and the boat had 3 cabins each with their own bathroom. Our boat was only a year old and was fantastic. The charter company can furnish a registered captain if you need one for an extra fee. It was one of the bucket list things that we will always remember. The BVI is so sailing friendly, every island has places with mooring balls to tie up for overnight for about $30 per night. Most islands have at least one restaurant and most have a beach club. We only did breakfast and a few lunches on the boat and all dinner were on shore at a restaurant. All of the islands are very close and only one, Anagorda, do you lose sight of land when you sail to it. Best part with 3 couples the cost per couple was less than a cruise.
  3. I agree, I have used the same TA for 15 years and have never had an issue with any cruise line that she couldn't resolve. She has booked us often at better deals than what was available online, including our Infinity cruise for next year which was booked at $400pp less than the price on X website. It was a NRD but she fully explained it to us and we were fine with it. The cruise line booking agents work for the cruise line and have the cruise line's best interest, while a private TA works for me with my best interests in mind.
  4. That is good deal as long as you actually get to visit HMC. Out of 3 HAL itineraries with HMC, only stopped there once, high winds kept us from being able to tender twice so we ended up with an extra sea day.
  5. When we did our Catamaran charter we tied up for the night in the bay where the beach club above is located on Norman Island. They have a nice dock that we used to tie up our dingy to get ashore. The beach and water there is beautiful and the food is very good too. You will love Norman Island.
  6. If these are the worse complaints, it must really be a great cruise. I wonder how long ago, if ever, the Butler walked guests to dinner? Are they afraid of getting lost? LOL
  7. Your experience is why we ALWAYS use a TA instead of dealing with cruise line directly. We found the cruise on the Infinity we are booked on for next year online and then called our TA because we wanted a specific cabin with the 3 perks deal. She contacted X and negotiated a deal for us $400pp less than what was showing online. This was the week of Thanksgiving last year. She got us the AQ aft facing cabin we wanted with the CBP, $200 OBC and prepaid gratuities for $100pp more than the online price with no perks at that time. The price online for the 3 perks was $400pp more than the TA negotiated price. That same cabin today with the choose 1 perk deal is $100 more than we paid for the 3 perks. I have used this TA for the last 15 years and will continue to in the future. This is not a big box store but she is part of a cruise specialty franchise.
  8. My Sister and BIL who were on our 2017 trip, were back last summer and surprised how much has bounced back from the hurricane.
  9. I wouldn't wear shorts but I do not really care what others wear, its a vacation and be comfortable. I wore suits for work for 40 years and I loved when the cruise lines went smart casual and no suits anymore. I do not even own a suit now. My job for the last 10 years has been a golf shirt and Kakis, the same I wear on cruise ships now.
  10. I love the BVI, in May 2017 we chartered a 45ft catamaran for 10 days and visited a different Island every day and night. Norman was one of them and we snorkeled the same caves, they were amazing. That was a trip of a lifetime and just before the hurricane devastated the islands, the boat we chartered was destroyed in that storm. Loving your blog on your cruise.
  11. Since this is your first cruise I would try Tuscan Grill for sure, just to compare with the standard MDR or Blu for the future cruises.
  12. Unfortunately the Infinity does not have a Murano, your choices on the Infinity are the Tuscan Grill and LPC. There is also the Sushi on 5 but it is ala carte ordering and I wouldn't know if the two freebies includes this venue.
  13. Since your cruise is next year why not wait as the fare may drop a few more times before final payment? You are putting yourself and TA through a lot of work for $100 current savings. Our HAL Alaska cruise and land tour last year had 4 drops in price over the 18 months after we booked. We had a Signature Suite and the final price was $1200pp less than the original price we booked. We only re-fared 2 of the 4 price drops.
  14. The CBP does include wine by the glass but the selection is very limited at $9 per glass. If you want better wines you could consider upgrading to the Premium Beverage package for about $10pppd, this will give you wines by the glass and frozen drinks up to $15. Much better wines for under $15 available. I hope the revolution date is firm since we are booked on the Infinity next year.
  15. Eye of Newt, bat wings, pinch of fairy dust and stir with a wand, LOL
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