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  1. According to Cruise Industry News, Carnival Australia has postponed all Australia sailings until June 15th.
  2. Drakes2 - finally a voice of reason. There are so many people that are convinced cruises are starting up as normal on April 11th. I just got off the phone with relatives in Italy ( near Venice) and everyone uses the same expression - “ it is an inferno”. If Europe is any indication, we haven’t begun to see the worst of it. Sincerely a former Neighbour - used to live in Brampton
  3. There is a difference between hope and reality. Canadian ports including Vancouver and Victoria are CLOSED until July 1st (minimum). How do you realistically expect this cruise to happen?
  4. Put on your big boy pants - turn on the news- watch what is happening in Europe and North America. Make your own informed decision.
  5. The cruise lines are playing wAit and see. Princess was smart enough to cancel for 60 days while the majority of the rest went for the April 11th date. Now it is a game of chicken - everybody is waiting to see who will cancel first - then the rest will fall like dominoes - then the chaos begins all over again. given the nightmare that is befalling Europe - and the initial seeds here in North America - September 1st will be a possible start up date.
  6. Princess was smart - instituting a 60 day cancellation. As the situation in North America gets progressively worse thus week, I feel that by Friday the “others” will all extend the cancellation - #ReactiveVsProactive
  7. Cruise lines must now be realizing that realistically nothing will be sailing on the 11th. I expect the next round of blanket cancellations will be announced by Friday.
  8. Alaska will not be happening at all this yeAr - the US has yet to peak - cruise lines are just playing it day by day.
  9. Alaska is not happening until July 1st - if at all - put on your big boy/girl underwear and make an adult decision for yourselves.
  10. Seriously - I would not plan on anything before September. The situation in Europe continues to escalate, and North America is 2-3 weeks behind and taking a very wait and see approach.
  11. When the next round of cancellations comes out - as I feel is inevitable - perhaps the cruise lines will not be so willing to give out FCC as so many people are banking on making money on this?
  12. If you login to the HAL website you should get the pricing in Canadian dollars - if you just go into Hollandamerica.com you will get US dollar pricing - that has been my experience.
  13. I purchased some in the Dominican Republic once - coloured water - pure scam! Subsequently I will ONLY purchase it from Spicy Caribee in San Juan - excellent choice of vanilla, coffee, hot sauces, and various spices. Highly recommend Spicy Caribee in Old SAN Juan!
  14. MSC posted the following summer 2021 itineraries today. Divina will be Sailing from Miami during the summer, followed by a 12 day repo to NYC, followed by cruises to Canada, Canada/Bermuda, and Canada/Bahamas. https://mscfans.blog/2020/01/08/msc-2021-summer-season-deployment/
  15. I just saw a post on Facebook - people are speculating Alaska in 2022.
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