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  1. Here’s some of the terms and conditions from the link in an article on daily mail via google news. SIL was involved in first response evacuations, searches, road blocks etc as his duty in the police force. He is also a volunteer firefighter but not eligible for the cruise as he attended the fires as part of his paid duties, as I read it. He’s not interested in the cruise but probably others are in this situation. But to those brave volunteers who were fighting the fires at the frontline, I hope they apply and enjoy.
  2. I was just reading an announcement from Royal Caribbean re the complimentary cruises on Spectrum. Two 4 night cruises for first responder bushfire volunteers and their families. February 29 and March 7 from Sydney. I read it on Google news which reported it from a daily mail online article. There was a link to apply as well.
  3. From this old LakeMac girl, hoping for you some future smooth sailings.
  4. When we have been on Cunard, there has been a welcoming bottle (half bottle size) of chilled bubbly wine awaiting you in your room. Last time it was prosecco. Gratuities were added daily to your account then and per person.
  5. Well, at least on RC you can get a reasonable steak (price included) on the every day MDR menu. But the burger option on Princess is not too bad. I do enjoy the Tutti salad bar on the RC ships that have it for lunch in the MDR - you can’t complain when you choose your own ingredients. Otherwise, ship food is sometimes good and sometimes not so good over all cruiselines.
  6. Alfredo’s pizza is delish and fresh. Sorrento’s on RC not so but it’s still edible. We go to Alfredo’s on embarkation day for a relaxing, leisurely lunch as opposed to the bustle of the buffet.
  7. I think she got her information on the todayonline.com, a Singapore site. They published a map tracing some of the places those infected had stayed or visited. Some staff at the hotel she had booked were being tested. I just read the Straits Times, they are trying hard to contain the virus there. But seem very concerned with cases popping up among the local population.
  8. Daughter, husband and 2 small children just cancelled their family holiday in Singapore (Sentosa Island). She was monitoring the virus there but it got too close when one of a family staying at her hotel has tested positive as has a couple more on the island. There is thermal testing now at Resorts World (Universal Studios) and Singapore has upped it's alert level to orange. She just didn't want to take even the slightest chance at this stage.
  9. I had heard of it a few years ago on RCI and always thought their sailaways were a little low key. But in December on Majestic Princess we had the Love Boat anthem on the ship’s horn and a great band playing for sailaway while in the harbour.
  10. We, financially wise, traded 3 cruises a year for the next 4 years to become occasional grey nomads, allowing for the purchase of our van. Cost effective as we are now at a beachside NRMA park/resort in our aircon, ensuite van with our 2 furry babes for the princely sum of $270 for 7 nights. Less than a tank of fuel to get here and no pet motel or travel insurance. We still love our cruises but just limiting them to justify our costs atm.
  11. Meant to say duty free alcohol and cigarettes to take off the ship - the cruiselines would go out of business if there wasn’t any alcohol sales. Domestic cruising, I have been various cruiselines with many different approaches to the previous mentioned rule.
  12. We were on Majestic last December to Hobart, Port Arthur and Melbourne. All the shops were open. You couldn't buy alcohol or cigarettes. Plus there were the usual watch sales and a sale of reduced goods that took up part of the dining room. Some of the prices for perfumes etc were more expensive than onshore.
  13. I had checked to see if the eucalyptus distillery had been damaged but it is ok. Love their products. On their website, they are encouraging visitors as the seals, vineyards, oyster tasting, honey farm, wildlife park and raptors etc are all open for business.
  14. Looks a little windy but seems to be perfect seas for tendering. When we visited the waves were splashing over the roof of the tender and all tenders were stopped after ours. Luckily the sea calmed by late afternoon for us to get back. KI has always been one of our favourite destinations. So sad for the island, residents, wildlife and environments. It may take a long time to fully recover but we hope to visit this year and in our small way help the local economy.
  15. I can remember cruising into Newcastle on Radiance of the Seas quite a few years ago. It was around 7 am and the canons fired off to welcome us. A very calm morning and I think it would have woken half the town. We did get the canons firing when we left as well. But for the following cruises we only had the canons on departure. Don't know why !!.
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