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  1. Have been in a few aft balconies on Radiance class ships. Agree that decks 8 and 9 are the better choice for a better chance at quiet.....not guaranteed. We have stayed in a deck 7 aft and still had a great cruise. Yes, you could hear the lounge below, but it didn't keep me up. Would stay in one on 7 again. Deck 10 has a few, but some people say the folks at the buffet terrace(rear) can look down on them, etc.........never tried deck 10 yet, but I will try. Yes, the balconies are BIGGER, but you have a farther walk to your room from the elevators. We like them. This is Brilliance OTS 9658 last month in Amsterdam.
  2. I can "USE" the site just fine. I have been reading RC Blog for a long time. It has a very similar layout/user interface. The LAYOUT/ COLORS/ FONTS here are very poor and unimaginative. A white screen with light gray borders and fonts, are you serious? Features that once helped are gone, that once brightened up a page like red fonts(visited postings) and green arrows(responded to) ....gone. Is white the only color in the world? Oh, and YES, it is slower.
  3. L454S

    Portable fan

    Have brought one of these on the last 15 or so sailings. $14 at WallyWorld, always in the carry on bag. Give it to your room steward when done. On Brilliance of the seas Trans Atlantic last month.
  4. L454S

    Phone usage on ship

    Sorry , thought it was already pointed out that they must be hooked to Voom to do wifi calling. My point was that if both were hooked to Voom, as Bob pointed out, they could text and call each other as normal. Yes, they would need a 2 device plan, as opposed to a single device plan.
  5. L454S

    Phone usage on ship

    If you are both hooked up to the ships wifi, then you can call or text each other by wifi I would think?????? Haven't tried this yet though. The wifi calling is a great addition to our sailings over the last couple years with aging parents and such.
  6. Yeah, we made a taxi drivers day when we got off the MSC Seaside and had to go across the highway to the Empress of the Seas docked by the RCI office building. He did it, but bitched all the way so we would give him more. I told him just leave the "flag down"(so to speak) and do it for $30 cash in his pocket. It was worth just to not deal with the luggage.
  7. Actually found them better the last few sailings than they were a couple years ago when they cut the menu down. Since they added the ribeye back, we have tried them on 3 different ships and found them well worth the D+ BOGO price. Still would NOT pay full price.
  8. L454S

    Sister Ships?

    Rhapsody is a Vision class ship. Some of her sister ships have been sold off. There is still the Grandeur of The Seas, the stretched Enchantment of The Seas and the Vision of The Seas sailing for RCI.
  9. L454S

    Brilliance Shower Issue

    On board with you right now. Had no hot water in shower for first 2 days. They tried to fix it once. When they finally figured out they needed to change the whole shower fixture, they said they couldn't because the the people in the next door corner aft suite would not answer the door(mid day) and that is where the service door for my room is located....in their room. It is fixed now.
  10. Agree with Merion Mom above. One of the things we disliked a couple years ago while boarding the Carnival Dream, was that most people in line looked like they just came from Walmart. It looked like a grocery store check out line instead of a check in line for a cruise. And as an aside, can you imagine how many millions of plastic straws can be made with just a few of those PLASTIC bottles.
  11. L454S

    Is Sip and Sail worth it?

    Very good advise here. The comparison you make is apples to oranges. Compare the travel agents discounted price for the sailing with and without SipNSail. We just booked a 29 day sailing for next year with a T/A(good discounted price), SipNSail promo added $1700. Thats $29.31 per day per person. Even if you don't drink a lot, that math works well for me. I will however watch closely come Sept. for the change to the 3 for Free promo and pricing to see which works best. "Shop around" is always good advise.
  12. What I find is after sailing for a while, you get to remember the true 10's in a waitstaff or cabin attendant, etc.. It makes it hard to honestly rate 10 for someone who deserves 7. I put what I think is accurate, no hand wringing anymore.
  13. L454S

    Drink package, drink prices

    NCL seems to artificially jack the price of the beverage package up to $89 a day, then charge 18 to 20% "gratuity". Was looking at one of their sailings a few months ago, thought it sounded too good to be true.....it was. While not as bad as NCL, Princess charges $69 a day and then includes them as a huge promo with Sip & Sail. (RCI and Carnival seem to regularly have pkg sales in the high $40's to $50 range) It's gotten to the point where you really have to sit down with pen and paper to figure out what you are paying for a cruise. Lots of math to do, especially on longer sailings where these figures really add up.
  14. $136 per night PP + tax last year on the Rhapsody T/A Tampa - Rome. Great trip.