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  1. Several transfer companies at the Miami port. Last year it was $10 PP. It is a van with about 10 people towing a trailer for the luggage. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the company , go to the port of call section of this site. Most of their customers are for the FLL airport from port Miami. I remember a couple people in the van were going to Port Everglades though. Uber and Lyft were appx. $40 ride.
  2. I am sure you will enjoy yourselves. Have done T/As and was on the Brilliance recently and both the ship and the itinerary were great. Most tour companies will let you customize the Amalfi excursion any way you like. Not enough time to see everything between Salerno and Sorento. Makes a good reason to go back again !
  3. Agree with Biker19, could vary depending on the numbers. On our westbound T/A from Southhampton it was the whole D lounge and the Olive n Twist. Staff were at the elevator lobby checking cards every evening. Place stayed busy even after the early rush.
  4. I remember on one Med. sailing(B2B with T/A) a couple years ago, the price difference between an interior and a balcony was almost triple. VERY port intensive between Barcelona and Venice, and we opted for an interior. I don't mind paying more for a balcony/JS/GS and almost always do. But at some point, as the saying goes....that ain't enough sugar for a dime....comes into play for me. Oh....we sailed into Venice before sunrise.
  5. There have been a few sailings we have been on that might answer your questions. Jewel OTS came out of dry dock(refurb)2016 and did a 4 day(Carib) and T/A next. We did both B2B. There were about 80 workers still onboard on the 4 day doing everything from running coax cables in the ceilings to replacing carpet, etc. This was on almost every deck. We figured they were just finishing things up and just shrugged it off. On turnaround day the B2B were all escorted out to the terminal(as usual) and that's how we knew the numbers of workers. No, they were not getting off, they were getting back on with us for the T/A also. Did it ruin the trip? NO, we had a great time. Not sure everyone felt the same though as per conversations with others. To keep it short, had the same experience on the Allure "PRE" dry dock(2015) to Cadiz, Spain. Workers everywhere on the T/A. It won't ruin your trip, but after a while you get tired of the circular saws screaming around the ship.
  6. You will enjoy the Vision class ships as well. Very similar to the Radiance class. Just turn the pool deck around 180 degrees so the Windjammer is forward and the solarium is aft. We enjoy both the Vision class and Radiance class very much. Have not been in a JS on Vision class. However, have been in a GS on a Rhapsody T/A and it was a little smaller(square footage) than a Radiance GS.
  7. Actually, I would think the opposite is true. RCI wants to get money from you while you are onboard as much as possible. Once gone, who knows....the trip is over, and the money is spent. Back to real life. I do think that they could pick up some buyers though.
  8. Agree with above, maybe 70% of the time we book balcony cabins. (voted for this) Have done several interiors depending on price difference and how port intensive an itinerary is. Have also done a few suites, again depending on price difference.
  9. Agree with above....don't be shy to just make an offer to them. We do this almost every sailing. A few months ago we were sitting in the WJ at lunch and sales people were working the pax for reservations. When he got to me I said in a low voice, "if you can make it 50%, we will take it". The guy leaned over and whispers, "OK, but don't tell anyone else". Had to chuckle.........
  10. We could get a Bailey's and coffee each night in the MDR following dinner on the Brilliance a couple months ago. Yes it was within the Happy Hour.
  11. Agree with you RCCL Fan, that's why I like the way some of the Vision and Radiance class ships do a hybrid breakfast in the MDR. Not crowded and get what you want, order what you want or mix it up.
  12. Have not sailed with Princess since 2013. Been with RCI mainly, but going on the Pacific in Nov. and been trying to see what going on over here. I had to recheck which button I had clicked on, RCI or Princess. You really could copy and paste a lot of this over there. I do agree that MDR offerings may have declined some, but we do still mostly enjoy the MDR overall. Some have started eating dinner in the buffet siting more and better options. Hope to have an enjoyable dining room experience on the Pacific Princess, will try to keep up with changes posted here.
  13. Have done 2 black card sailings with MSC now and while there are some nice perks, it's not as good as RCI D+. However, if RCI chips away at the C&A perks(like they have), then loyalty starts to erode. Like the 2 MSC sailings we have spent our money on and enjoyed both. We only have our wallets to speak with.
  14. We have talked about this with other D and D+ on recent past sailings. Everyone has opinions about what RCI will do as this monster THEY have created grows larger with each passing day. This change HAD to come. Fixed # of suite guests each cruise, growing # of D+ each cruise. They are not going to restrict the suite guests. More changes to come....the number of D and up on our last T/A was HALF the ships passengers...1000! Maxwell does make a good point, if you are unhappy about these and other changes, take your money elsewhere. We have recently made 2 MSC sailings and recently booked a 29 day Princess for Nov.19. I like RCI and have more sailings booked, but as the perks dwindle.......so do my bookings.
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