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  1. That blog was very helpful for us in deciding if cruising with our little one was in fact a good idea. You can find plenty of others as well where the parents lived to tell about their experiences which were also very pleasant. So big thanks to Rimmit for putting all of that together.
  2. Unfortunaley the Adventure of the Seas is one of the Royal Ships without a nursery, so perhaps you can use that to convince her to not join you guys. Without a doubt she will need to get a balcony. Our plan is using that when our daughter is napping/sleeping to have some drinks and get caught up on some shows. If we just had an inside cabin, I’m not sure what we would do. Our mindset is that things even though it won’t be as fun with our little one as our cruises without, anytime we don’t have to go to work, cook, clean is a vacation in our books. Plus we took her to Hawaii for two weeks as an 8 month old and although she won’t remember a thing we have some amazing memories with her that we will never forget.
  3. This isn’t the cruise we are going on, but it was an example I dug up of the programs they offer for the Babies & Tots.
  4. We will be taking our 1 year old on a 12 day cruise on Adventure in two weeks, and so I should have a really good idea for you by the time it’s over. I did reach out to Royal about what they have since the ship doesn’t seem to have a dedicated Royal Tots & Babies room and they told me that they will have small interactive sessions throughout the day. I set a reminder to respond back to you after the trip. Let me know if you want me to look into anything specifically.
  5. Thanks for the great tips, we are on Adventure of Seas in May on a 12 day cruise and these will all be useful. Our daughter will be 13 months old at the time of sailing and is extreamly mobile for her age. I was curious if anyone brought them to a show and if so did you pack protective ear ware? I’m assuming she won’t get through the entire show, but she might enjoy a bit of them so we can sit near an exit. Also how was dinner in the main dining room or did you dine upstairs most nights?
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