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  1. ...Still better than waking up and going to work in the morning-seriously I've never had a bad day at sea in 25 cruises
  2. What no Circus Wheel, Water Slide, Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars, Bowling Alleys, Ice Skating Rinks or Water Shows AND NO KIDS? Sign me up-I think Carnival and RCCL are going in the wrong direction at least for me when they can't even find a place for dedicated disco dance club on their huge new ships because they got all this other crap that I could care less about.
  3. "Wing-man" aka "Side-Show Bob"* *The name given to the Host formerly known as Host Randy. I know you're still lurking out there somewhere
  4. I've added someone as late as 5 days before cruise but NOTE if its during spring break and there are a bunch of 3rd and 4th passengers the ship could hit the 'lifeboat limit' and then you might have a problem that late
  5. At a resort like Paradise Beach there will be 20-30 taxis waiting to pick up guests and you recognize about 50 people from your ship leaving at an appropriate time.
  6. I wish I was 21 again-just trying to figure it out😎 He'll have a blast-plenty of kids his age
  7. No but what a great cruise ship for shorter cruisers-have fun
  8. In the western Caribbean I prefer Cozumel and Roatan--I usually don't do much in Belize. The beaches on Roatan are extremely underrated.
  9. Its substantially more expensive but its also the easiest since you are in about an 8 story parking garage. Don't need to worry about the elements and the distance between your car and the entrance is much shorter than every port I've been too plus no congested curb-side scene. Elevators on every floor. Just don't forget what floor you are like I did last cruise
  10. quite frankly the Hefty Jumbo zip/lock bags work better than anything I've tried over about 25 cruises and I'm a wrinkle ****. About 3-4 T-Shirts and 2-3 polo shirt per bag-don't over stuff. Smaller bags can be used for just about every thing else including socks, underwear, ties, belts, toiletries and its so much easier to unpack because everything is organized and visible. I've tried a bunch of the more expensive options that everybody raves about and I get better results from the Hefty bags
  11. I was able to stream long youtube documentaries/movies but it was generally late at night. It will be more difficult on mid-days at sea including ESPN. Probably dies down at dinner time. Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Miss St has historically been a Thanksgiving Nite game I believe
  12. If game is on ESPN you should be able to get it through ESPN website if you have a cable, internet or dish provider.
  13. If you are Platinum Plus you can be off shorty after about 7:00 am. I stepped off at about 7:10 this morning on Carnival Dream
  14. Wow this is like "deja vu- all over again" I just got off the Dream this morning when you were getting on Stayed in Hotel across from Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge (the Renaissance which was great) on Friday And also was in a Lido Deck Interior It's funny because I had been following some of your post on the New Orleans thread concerning Hotwire Deals Have fun-I'm now in Dry Dock after being "overserved" all week
  15. just went through Platinum line an hour ago. Just remember if you see a long line -that's the wrong line;p I saw a long line of people waiting outside in the muggy New Orleans weather and said that ain't it. Carnival personnel are pretty good at directions
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