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  1. Its substantially more expensive but its also the easiest since you are in about an 8 story parking garage. Don't need to worry about the elements and the distance between your car and the entrance is much shorter than every port I've been too plus no congested curb-side scene. Elevators on every floor. Just don't forget what floor you are like I did last cruise
  2. quite frankly the Hefty Jumbo zip/lock bags work better than anything I've tried over about 25 cruises and I'm a wrinkle ****. About 3-4 T-Shirts and 2-3 polo shirt per bag-don't over stuff. Smaller bags can be used for just about every thing else including socks, underwear, ties, belts, toiletries and its so much easier to unpack because everything is organized and visible. I've tried a bunch of the more expensive options that everybody raves about and I get better results from the Hefty bags
  3. I was able to stream long youtube documentaries/movies but it was generally late at night. It will be more difficult on mid-days at sea including ESPN. Probably dies down at dinner time. Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Miss St has historically been a Thanksgiving Nite game I believe
  4. If game is on ESPN you should be able to get it through ESPN website if you have a cable, internet or dish provider.
  5. If you are Platinum Plus you can be off shorty after about 7:00 am. I stepped off at about 7:10 this morning on Carnival Dream
  6. Wow this is like "deja vu- all over again" I just got off the Dream this morning when you were getting on Stayed in Hotel across from Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge (the Renaissance which was great) on Friday And also was in a Lido Deck Interior It's funny because I had been following some of your post on the New Orleans thread concerning Hotwire Deals Have fun-I'm now in Dry Dock after being "overserved" all week
  7. just went through Platinum line an hour ago. Just remember if you see a long line -that's the wrong line;p I saw a long line of people waiting outside in the muggy New Orleans weather and said that ain't it. Carnival personnel are pretty good at directions
  8. They won't know where it was poured or by whom since people bring drinks in and out of every venue on the cruise ship-I've never been charged when bringing a glass from my room. Remember to bring your own bottle opener.:cool:
  9. twin brother is arriving in New Orleans about 4-5 hours before his appointment time. Can he check his luggage with Porters outside and then kill time in the adjacent Shopping Mall. I realize he is supposed to wait to check-in inside the terminal I've read in New Orleans there are two lines-one for drop-off and another for Parking. Correct?
  10. I've added a 2nd passenger 4-5 days before the cruise. Capacity during Fall/Winter would likely only become an possible concern during Christmas or Thanksgiving when a bunch of kids were 3rd or 4th passengers
  11. Man looks like there was a big slump in Shipboard romances between 2011 and 2018. Great thread though-I had to read every post to make sure my name didn't come up:cool:
  12. When I go solo I do try to squeeze in a Lido Interior Room if it's available for a reasonable price. That way even without a Balcony you are steps away from the outside. Those forward interiors close to Carnival Secret Decks also are an option
  13. Since you're young and active-I say skip the Balcony and save your money. Even when I take someone with me I don't spend much time out there. Hit the pool and party during afternoon , take a nap and then hit the clubs and chase girls at nite. When you find someone you don't want to share with everyone else-THEN get the Balcony
  14. EXACTLY!!! I call it POWER-Napping. :cool: The best part of the day is the late afternoon on the Lido. Watching all those people dressed up for Dinner when we've barely gotten back on the ship and its still day time--not I. Just need a little bit of time to recover. If I can get in an hour nap and I can go all night after Dinner
  15. It may not show up on deck plan since at least when I went on Breeze 3 years ago it was just in temporary quarters and only set up on days at sea
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