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  1. Or they’re just waiting for their leaders to show up...
  2. Given that the number of accessible staterooms (in any category) are extremely limited, they probably won't pull those from inventory regardless of capacity limitations.
  3. The last time we booked a cabin without a balcony was on the S.S. Fairsky (Sitmar Line - became the original Sky Princess), but that was because balcony cabins didn't exist back then.
  4. No one knows, but we've cancelled seven cruises through the end of 2020 so far, and none of the cabins we had booked have ever showed back up in inventory, so maybe they're pulling cancelled cabins out of the booking engine until they know what capacity they will be allowed to have.
  5. How does the cruise line repatriate anyone when the employee's home country refuses to allow anyone in or out (regardless of where they're coming from/going to, or why they want to enter/leave the country). It's impossible to be responsible for botching something when you are not at all involved in the decisions being made. Perhaps the title should have read "How does the Philippine's (or pick your country of choice) refusal to allow anyone to either enter or leave its borders affect a cruise line's ability to recruit and employ staff from that country?"
  6. The bogus premise was the title stating that the repatriation was botched.
  7. We have two Allure western Caribbean cruises booked for next year that have both Labadee and Coco Cay as port stops. If it wasn't for the fact that Jamaica is the stop between the two private islands, I'm not sure it would even qualify as a western, since the other stop is Nassau.
  8. It looks like they tightened the lift & shift rules. The "booked before 8/1" statement is gone, an it now says lift & shift is only for cruises cancelled by them after 5/20.
  9. We’re caught up on FCCs/Refunds through our July 12 cruise still waiting on one July and one September FCC. When RCL cancelled our May 17 cruise, we received the FCC/Refund email in about two weeks - after that one things really slowed down.
  10. Heard the CLIA announcement yesterday on CNBC, which is precisely why I posted what I posted. Since RCL has not done anything to update their travel advisory (other than to put a sentence at the top saying in effect they are trying to figure out what the CLIA decision means), I thought it was appropriate to post what I posted. Sorry I violated your position of superiority about everything.
  11. RCL's website now shows no cruises sailing out of U.S. Ports in either July or August. The earliest posted U.S. cruise is mid-September.
  12. Doubtful, but we have cruises booked every 60 days throughout 2021. Figure we can cancel them one at a time prior to final payment dates - sort of like maritime dominoes.😷
  13. Haven't been there in a while, but the hotel next to the Ryman used to be a great hotel - can't remember the brand though.
  14. Then he differs with both the governor, the mayors (both Orlando and Orange County), and the chief medical officer. As an Orlando area resident, I see the reports on local stations every day.
  15. Since you live in NY, and only get macro news, I can understand why you are mis-informed. Over the past few weeks, Florida significantly increased both the quantity and reach of its testing, going full bore into both the prison system and into the migrant agricultural community. That’s primarily where the Increase numbers are occurring. Major metros, tourist areas, beach communities, etc. are actually seeing decreases both in net new cases, and net new hospitalizations.
  16. Whether or not the balcony dividers on adjacent rooms can (or will) be opened depends on which ship, and sometimes on which captain.
  17. I wonder if what the TA is saying is that you have 60 days to transfer the booking to the TA. As far as I remember, an open booking window extends out a year from when you make it.
  18. I heard that Snake Plissken already put an offer in on this bridge
  19. The good news (if there is any) is that according to the post-cruise desk they're processing the paid-in-full refunds ahead of the FCCs.
  20. Had a nice conversation yesterday with the D+ desk, trying to figure out why our refund for an RCL cancelled cruise was short some $$. When the rep checked the reservation number, what she found was that Visa/Gift Card amounts had been miscoded in the reservation as cruise payments instead of OBC, and that because of that they were held back from the refund since they were "locked" to the cancelled cruise, and they needed to be applied as payments to a future cruise. When resolutions discovered that both the visa points and gift certificates had been applied to the cruise well after we had made full payment for the cruise, they initiated a refund request to the accounting department for the miscoded amounts, and moved them as OBC to one of our 2021 cruises. If anyone was shorted, and has used either Visa Points or gift certificates to add OBC to a cancelled cruise, this may be where those $$ ended up.
  21. Just got off the phone with D+ desk, and had to bring Post-Cruise desk into the conversation. Quick update; According to post cruise (which handles all of the FCCs), they're processing FCCs for the cruises that are for paid in full first, and then will begin processing the FCCs for the ones that only have deposits. And, they're doing them in order of sail date.
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