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  1. We don't choose our cruise by the ship or the cruise line at the end of the day,merely by an itinerary that looks interesting at a time that is convenient,as such we have ended up on Britannia twice,first time was the school holiday cruise which was a bit of a nightmare,the other much quieter,we have enjoyed our time on board her.
  2. Given that RCI have dropped Halifax from the April 2020 Transatlantic cruise for fear of rough weather & her past history with Hurricanes I'm surprised that they let Anthem anywhere near such an event!
  3. I would have thought that having a big new ship entering service would be reason enough to ramp up the marketing,one thing is for sure is that following these forums will not give too many clues one way or another IMO,the views are so erratic. If you can cast your mind back to the announcement of Iona & her future sibling greeted by cries of 'we hate big ships,we won't go near them',along with Britannia being roundly criticised for the same reasons,now Britannia seems to have found a following that actually likes her & we are led to believe,Iona bookings are selling well,they don't really go together do they? I know that at the time that Iona was announced there was a feeling on these forums that P&O were aiming at the so called 'Benidorm' crowd to fill their new bigger ships,the main problem I see with that is P&O's continued Formal attire code which I can't see going down very well with that crowd,living in shorts is more their thing surely. As for the cost of cruises many people who are upset at RCI withdrawing Indy from the UK are even more upset as replacement cruises on RCI ships are apparently at very inflated prices. Nothing is that simple!
  4. From what I have read the banks have told them they need to come up with substantially more money to cover emergergencies to seal the deal,pretty sad really,we have used them quite a bit in the past & have plans for the future which,at the moment,only their flights cover,fingers crossed for them!
  5. Interesting because when we were in Toronto a few years back the only bacon we saw was very fatty,also crispy,which it seems to be normally described on cookery programmes which is something else I am not keen on. Even more interesting at the canteen where I worked some years ago they managed to cook the black pudding so that it was not so much crispy but likely to break your teeth,must have been an aquired skill!!!
  6. The obvious reason (well to me anyway!) I asked about whether or not anybody had really checked the list was on the thought that it could just be any list there to make people think that they had a list of those not tipping,looking closely I would wonder if you would find such regular cruisers as M.Mouse,W.Churchill,I.P.Freely,F.A.Sinatra,etc.
  7. Just curious,I have been told in the past that you can remove the tips up to the last day,I would have thought that passengers doing that would seriously mess up any system letting the crew know who has & who hasn't. Also I have seen posts about these lists seen on tours before,has anybody taken the time to really examine the list to check if it is a list of current passengers by any chance I wonder.
  8. Pretty much a mystery what we will have,we are sailing on Quantum on her repo cruise from Beijing to Singapore,previous cruises have already drawn some interesting reviews for what is apparently a rather different,shall we say,set of menus,any idea what Chinese bacon is like!?!?
  9. As a recently retired dinosaur I can't understand how people live with jobs with no contracta & zero hours but many of them keep coming back,can't imagine that is because they are happy with the situation but maybe that is just the changing world.
  10. Again,very much a matter of opinion,Canadian Bacon gets great reviews on TV but again tends to be what we in the UK would call streaky & usually,IME,crispy,we are regular visitors to the Netherlands & their bacon on breakfast buffets again tends to be the streaky kind but not normally,again IME,so crispy,as other Brits we much prefer Back Bacon with plenty of meat on it,on P&O's Britannia there seemed to be a variety of types which was nice,not sure what we are going to find on our upcoming first RCI cruise!
  11. We could find fried bread no problem on the buffet on P&O's Britannia,trouble was it was rock hard & shattered when you tried cutting it,not nice! I guess it is because of the nature of the programme but on the likes of Bizarre Foods the word blood seems to be heavily stressed IMO.
  12. Yes,again as we are all different it brings dread to many,for many others who have been brought up with it,it is just a normal food item,that is why when I watch.for example,Bizarre Foods on TV,because of the nature of the programme & some of the strange(that's my opinion as we are all different!) things that he eats I always smile when he seems to stress the word BLOOD when he describes it!
  13. I always think US based cooking programmes are going over the top to be sensational when I hear them refer to it as Blood pudding or sausage instead of just Black pudding!
  14. That I can imagine,the fact that we don't have great appetites any more & that we do like to try the buffet sometimes really makes me think that it isn't for us!
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