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  1. If you mean beer on Quantum recently we had Odouls up on deck & Heineken Zero in the pub
  2. Nearly £50 each a day sounds a lot IMO,our recent 12 night cruise had a total price over £1100 in total which we thought way too much,we did hope that the price would drop during the last couple of weeks but it didn't happen,in the end we bought drinks as & when we wanted & ended up with bills of around $200 each so it worked out well,having a shore day every other day helped!
  3. As it was we were well supplied with bottled water on all our excursions(booked independently) & also on some shore excursions we were actually handed a bottle of water as we left the ship so there wasn't really anything that I missed out on as far as I could see as none of the other items mentioned are of interest to me.
  4. I understand why they do it but it can be a real pain,when we boarded Quantum in October my Wife asked about buying the Deluxe Package for herself as I don't drink but besides being quoted a 'silly' price they insisted that I buy the refreshment package which was a waste as I don't drink coffee or soda so we just bought drinks as & when we wanted.
  5. Quite a commonly discussed thread & yes everybody is different,we recently did Quantum's 12 night repo cruise for which we were quoted £38pppn +18% for the deluxe drink package making over £1100(the on board price was higher) which seemed way too much,certainly more than we would normally spend in a 2 week period. Every other day was a shore day which of course limited drinking time on board,we ended up buying drinks as & when we wanted & both ended up with bills around $200 so well worth it for us. There were many on board who seemed determined to prove how worthwhile the package was,discussing the pros & cons with one lady for half an hour saw her polishing off 2 Pina Coladas & a Scotch,wouldn't like to see her bar bill at home if that was normal!
  6. Having previously said that we were looking at over £1100 for our 12 night cruise which we decided was too much when we got on board we tried again,my Wife drinks,I don't,she was quoted £700 for her drink package,I was quoted somehwat less for a refreshment package but given that I don't drink coffee or soda it was still paying for something I wouldn't use. Between making drinks in our cabin,the drinks included at Windjammer & buying drinks from the bar as & when we wanted it worked out far cheaper for us not to have one.
  7. Must admit that I hadn't noticed that ,must look out for it next time!
  8. As has been said the answer depends on a number of things,mainly I guess the price you get it for & how much you drink. On our recent 12 night cruise the drink package was available at £38 pppn +18% which was a total of over £1100 which for us seemed an awful lot,not as young as we used to be we certainly don't drink as much as we used to but certainly don't go without either. In the end we bought drinks as & when we wanted & ended up with bills totalling around $200 each,one big factor in that was probably that every other day was a shore day with less time to drink on board.
  9. Same happened to us but with a bit of a twist,we actually recieved an email from RCI confirming our cancellation of the reservation times & listing them all,when I emailed them & asked what it was all about their reply was that they had no record of our making the reservations in the first place which seemed strange!
  10. The pub changes were announced somewhere around summer 2019,we were on Quantum's repo cruise from China to Singapore on there the pub is now called The Harp & Horn(the signs by the lifts still said Michaels at that time),at no time did we ever see a menu in there but on the last day saw somebody eating Nacho's!
  11. My recent experience of ATMs on travels in Europe has been that they haven't charged a fee for using them but have given a much worse exchange rate than I get in the UK so you end up paying more anyway.
  12. I've bought alcohol free wine for cooking but never tasted it so can't really comment on that but when leaving a car show last summer we were given bottles of Alcohol Free Gin & Pink Grapefruit,don't know where the Gin was,you certainly couldn't smell it & the only thing I could taste was the Grapefruit,glad it was free unlike some I've seen over Christmas which were marked as Alcohol Free Spirit reduced to £25 a bottle,at that sort of price(more than a decent bottle of whiskey) there is no chance of me trying them!
  13. What is or isn't a good beer is of course a matter of opinion & of late I have tasted a number of NA beers which IMO taste great,like I say there are pale ales,stouts & ciders which taste every bit as good as their alcoholic counterparts IMO,not really a lager drinker in the old days,more real ale but I really don't mind Heineken Zero,Beck's is the most commonly found NA found in the UK at present,was never keen on origional Becks but I put up with it! Trouble is once they know it isn't going to get them drunk most people right it off IME!
  14. As one warned off alcohol on docs orders but still craving the taste of beer when I go out/away it has been heartwarming to see the variety of different beers that have appeared(although few seem to be advertised with the exception on Heineken & they tend to concentrate on the calorie count!),lagers,stouts,wheat beers,citrus beers,etc,not to mention various ciders(including flavoured varieties),what has been less heartwarming has been the prices charged at some establishments,sometimes twice the price of a premium lager,not a lot of encouragement for drivers to choose the NA option!
  15. My Wife loves her coffee so she makes sure she always takes a jar of her favourite with her so she can make one using the kettle in the cabin whenever,tea bags of varying flavours you can take from the Windjammer buffet,you can also help yourself to coffee,tea & various soft drinks there. Money grabbing,I've gotten used now to the number of wallet opening opportunities there are both before you sail & on board,it can be quite mind blowing & some people certainly seem happy to spend,spend,spend,the open sales in the Royal Esplanade can be quite funny with people literally fighting over things! The tip subject is a bit of a hot potato,depending on the length of your cruise it certainly can add up to what seems a significant sum on top of what you are already paying,suggesting removing them can lay you open to some pretty strong responses on here so be careful what you say but do what you are comfy with yourself! I still remember paying the balance on our first cruise & my Wife saying 'well that's evrything paid for',we've learned a lot since then!
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