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  1. I do wonder what sort of life they have,are they enjoying the facilities usually only available to the cruising public or confined to crew quarters?
  2. Hope they stay safe & well,I wonder how many will be sick of cruising by the end of this!
  3. Very impressive,wonder how long it took them to get it right!
  4. So that's why everyone wants the toilet roll,great forward planning!
  5. This thread is in such bad taste,don't know how anyone can joke at a time like this....... blooming glad that they do though...it is a great boost!!!!
  6. Is she showing on any other cruise port schedules on the U.S. Western coast does anybody know?
  7. Quantum seems to be pretty much occupied in Asia for just over a year,I know she is moving out to Tokyo from Singapore at the end of March 2021,I haven't looked too much further than that as Royals plans for that period seem subject to alterations the moment
  8. Must admit I like Jane McDonald but only in small doses,come a long way from a singer on cruise ships!
  9. IME often difficult to tell when that is happening,so often a disaster happens & straight away there is 'an expert' on hand to tell us what happened which tend so often to not be the truth!
  10. Absolutely,OK we don't know what the coming months will bring but if I remember rightly HK is shown as an overnight stop on the Chine-Singapore cruise in October 2020 so they obviously aren't totally avoiding it,we were on the China-Singapore repo cruise in October 2019 which should have stayed in HK until 0200hrs to allow people to see the night markets & the light show but the decision was made to cut it short due to the troubles sadly.
  11. Sadly here in the UK the media have spent years blowing everything up out of all proportion that should anybody wish them to be believed by the vast majority of people it will take some doing IMO!
  12. Absolutely agree with that,we are due to fly out for a break for my Birthday in 2 weeks & are more concerned about missing out on the break than catching something!
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