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  1. Just checked AI S again,Empress is off again this time she is nearing Malta
  2. Something & nothing really but just curious as to why set incorrect info for the destinations on AIS for their 'runabouts' & who decides that,any thoughts guys?
  3. Sailing close together this morning still with same destinations shown on AIS,little tinkers😎
  4. Majesty AIS shows destination as Sousaki
  5. Where does he sleep,......anywhere he likes😂
  6. Just been watching a video on Youtube of Carnival Immagination beaching in too small a spot with sounds of screeching metal & sights of metal buckling,not pretty!
  7. AIS shows Jewel Of The Seas anchored at Portland(UK not Oregan!) among a gaggle of other cruise ships at present
  8. Pretty clever but I wouldn't be so cruel as to inflict cricket on anybody!😂
  9. Same memories of cartoons in colour but also my Brother bought the first new car into the family in 1966,retracting seat belts were a new thing so wearing them & slamming on the brakes to see how well they worked seemed a fun thing to do!
  10. Maybe somebody decided to give her full throttle for one last big push,has been done before,one of P&O's old freighters hit her highest known speed on the rush to the beach,out in a blaze of glory!
  11. Here in the UK the type of music played on radio stations has changed so much in the last 20 years,they tend to play the same records every hour & usually all the same style of music(usually girl bands/boy bands or Rap),befrore I retired the radio station we had to listen to used to have an hour each day when they played the top ten of so many years ago,it was really eye opening some days to hear the variety of music they used to play,rock,pop,crooners,folk,you name it,very sad to hear. Another thing we have here in the UK is a generation of UK artists that have been pretty much wiped out of music history,anybody that was around at the end of the fifties or beginning of the sixties has been pretty much forgotten,even to the point where at the beginning of a documentary about Merseybeat Cilla Black said that before 1963 there had been no British music scene,I guess their main crime was being around before the media steamroller got under way!
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