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  1. Ours are with Norwegian cruise line with Emirates flights plus hotels. We have to wait patiently i guess & hope for the best.
  2. For our May cruises we were told to expect to wait 90 to 120 days, that would make it Aug/September....waiting waiting
  3. It's good to see people out & about spending money in their own state. We are in north QLD at the moment & the caravan park is packed.
  4. Sorry but your making assumptions about me that aren't correct. I have great care & compassion for all the people that lost jobs in March & are still wondering when they will work again. My thinking is until community transfer of the virus stops down south we should keep our borders closed. We live in a very small coastal town with a largely elderly population, their health should come ahead of southerners wishing to go on holidays.
  5. We love the fact our border is still closed no chance of the virus traveling north then. As soon as they are open the southerners will invade everywhere as they always do leaving no room in camping/caravan parks as happens every year. If the virus count keeps going up I hope our premier keeps it closed a bit longer.
  6. Yes been fake for years. I guess it's a good thing as the last thing we need is a fire on a ship...Now that would be everyone's worst nightmare, I know it's mine.
  7. I know couldn't believe it when I saw that. Sunrise went on & on & on about, obviously they or ignorant to the ways of cruising as well. One of my favorite night's on the ship😁
  8. That was when the crew were seen partying with the passengers 😏
  9. We waited until ncl cancelled our cruise & could get a 125% fcc or 100% refund. Our travel insurance didn't cover pandemic either, but luckily for us the airline & ncl or refunding ours.
  10. Our cruises on ncl were for May & off course cancelled. Do you mean NCL are only giving a credit not a refund?
  11. Thank you, we will certainly enjoy seeing some of our own state for a change, we never had a chance of getting in anywhere before. It's certainly the best time of year to travel in QLD. We only found out we were free to travel Sunday night, so we prepared quickly 😄
  12. We were told 90 to 120 days for our refund, had a package booked with TA. We will be waiting until August/ September.
  13. We set off in our van this week after being set free to leisure travel in QLD. Not a cruise but my equal favorite thing to do. Loving QLD for Queenslanders usually all along the east coast everywhere is packed out by southerners, no need to even book ahead.
  14. We also have an inside cabin booked for February. That cruise will make us elite, but I'm not sure if there will be any cruises as early as Feb.
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