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  1. Loving your review thank's. I hope I have your attitude as I get older.
  2. We are in Australia & our insurance seems to be the same as uk, we can't just decide it's unsafe to travel. We have a Europe trip booked for may/June, with 19 nights of ncl cruising, just hoping the virus settles before then as $14.000 down the drain is hard to take.
  3. Loving your review thank's. So just wondering when you get you main meal is there no veg or salad added to your dish. Getting a dish which is just a protein & no greenery is strange to us in oz🤔
  4. How do you find out what cabins are still available. We have less then a 100 days now for our Europe trip.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I won't hold my breath for an upgrade.
  6. Hi everyone, do you only get the chance of a upgrade email if you book direct with ncl? We are in Australia & used a travel agent.
  7. Really enjoying your review. We are cruising on both Getaway & Escape in May. It was good to see the icons on the menu for the gluten free options.
  8. Oh dear, your still trying to push your point at a time like this, very sad.
  9. What I meant was there is risk in all kinds of tour's or thing's we do. I do grasp full well that it was a volcano this time.
  10. No more risky then taking a helicopter tour or white water rafting. We did this tour on a land based trip to NZ. It was exceptional & very well run.
  11. Great info thank you. I'm really happy to see so many gluten free options on the menu, eases my mind for our cruises next year.
  12. Hi, would it be possible to show the bottom of the menu's please, i need a gluten free menu so trying to figure out what the symbol stand for. We cruise next year on Getaway & Escape.
  13. Great info, thank's for your replys. We are flying in from Australia & never cruised Europe before, so any extra information helps. We've never tried to tender from a large ship before, so it needs lot's of planning. 😊
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