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  1. Here in Australia vets are going to donate the use of dog & cat respirators, as our snake & tick season is coming to an end...whoever would have thought. Weddings have a limit of 5 & funerals 10. The government aren't planning on total lockdown yet.
  2. Hello from Australia. We have a total travel ban, state boarders are closed, all national & state parks are closed to camping. Council & private caravan parks are closed. Our government put all of this in place because of the upcoming Easter school holidays which is the start of camping season here & so many people travel interstate then So many people have lost jobs. People are lining up outside social security department at 3am just to try & get help. We can't see our family but we love FaceTime with our grandchildren, makes our day. We did have 2 ncl cruises booked for the Med & Baltic waiting for cancellation. Stay safe & happy wherever you are.
  3. Yep it's all a bit of a mystery at the moment as to where we are going. Good luck with your trip.
  4. We are meant to sail out Civitavecchia May 18th, not sure that's going to happen now, in fact I doubt it can. All our well layed plans are up in the air, we fly from Australia. It's like we are doing a mystery tour now as we have no idea what's going on.
  5. Yes we sail May 18th, have to fly from Australia for the pleasure, hoping for the best.
  6. How in the world will the Mediterranean season start next month with these kind of restrictions? We are meant to cruise the Med in May on Getaway.
  7. How in the world will the Mediterranean season start next month with these kind of restrictions? We are meant cruise the Med in May on Getaway.
  8. I'm with you, we fly into Rome for two night's before doing a 10 night Mediterranean cruise with ncl. I really can't see how the cruises can go ahead. We fly from Australia, so I hope we know sooner rather then later.
  9. Thank you for your post. We are supposed to cruise out of Rome in May also out of Copenhagen late May...hoping for the best but who knows.
  10. The only cases here in Australia are those that came off the Diamond Princess & a few that have now recoverd that came in from China before the boarder was closed to them.
  11. RCL have already added the north of Italy to their list for barring you going on the ship. We cruise out of Rome on Getaway in May, I'm not confident this cruise will go ahead sadly.
  12. Loved your review over here in Australia. I would read your blog any day so keep us posted😊
  13. Loving your review thank's. I hope I have your attitude as I get older.
  14. We are in Australia & our insurance seems to be the same as uk, we can't just decide it's unsafe to travel. We have a Europe trip booked for may/June, with 19 nights of ncl cruising, just hoping the virus settles before then as $14.000 down the drain is hard to take.
  15. Loving your review thank's. So just wondering when you get you main meal is there no veg or salad added to your dish. Getting a dish which is just a protein & no greenery is strange to us in oz🤔
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