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  1. Mine was cancelled today for mid April and was told FCC would be on 4/3
  2. Bliss was clean when I sailed her
  3. Maybe they will bring this back, just wishing
  4. Thanks for the review. Breakaway is a great ship
  5. Six was a fun show. You can learn some history
  6. BJ is crappy on the ship unless $50/hand. Less is continuous shuffle machines. 3 card likely will be $5 or $10 min . Slots mostly penny with ability to bet $10/$12 pull depending on slot. They do have some more traditional 3 reel at $1/$5 credit machines.
  7. Here is my story. Got my air at 72 days out for my April cruise Home Departure City: ATL (Atlanta) Arrival/Destination City: MCO (Orlando) Airline(s) used: Delta Number of Connections: 0 Outbound Flight Departure: 6:45 AM / 8:11 AM Return Departure City: MCO (Orlando) Destination: ATL (Atlanta) Airline used: Delta Number of Connections: 0 Inbound Flight Times: 1:22 PM / 2:56 PM Did you pay for a Deviation: NO Number of days Prior to Departure flights were ticketed: 72 days Now here is the kicker. When I got my email last night my return flight was for 8:59 PM / 10:34 PM. Well I am travelling with my 3 yr old grandson (4 total of us on 2 ressies). Delta flies every hour back and forth ATL -MCO. So I called this morning, they said they can't change it because it is the Free Air Promo. I said I get that but I get off the ship at 7am, airport by 8am on NCL shuttle, airline wont take my luggage until 4 hours before flight, so I sit at the airport for 12 hours with a 3 year old???. She said let me see what I can do. 5 mins later I had a reasonable flight time. Lucky me 🙂
  8. So other than the discount no other perks yet. Now if you played alot at Caesars properties they have "free cruise vouchers" as a promo fairly often. Typically that gets you a free inside cabin with one perk (free at sea offer) based on your land play. You still pay taxes and port fees and also a $20/day admin fee but still is better than a 20% discount. While you gamble on the ship, just like you do in Vegas, make sure they rate your table play properly and use your card in slots. Last night of the cruise ask the casino host if they can comp any of your charges (gift shop, specialty dining, photos, etc) They may credit you something. After your cruise, call CAS and see what your play has earned you going forward. Find a cruise you may want to take and ask what class of room you qualify for. You can see from my signature I cruise alot and I have gotten all of the NCL ones comped by CAS after my initial cruise from a land based offer. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
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