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  1. Exactly....this is very easy to do and much safer then hauling a wad of cash
  2. So what made the Choir of Man so "WOW" Im on in few weeks What was your second favorite entertainment option How was the live music on the ship
  3. Good news is ROA really isnt for kids. It has racey content so you should not have an issue getting a seat to one of the 4 showings
  4. No fee, no one can use his card - other then to get in your cabin until you go to customer service to get a new one. When you pay with room key it shows your picture. They wont know your room unless they followed him and he dropped outside the cabin when entering the cabin
  5. Yeah it is crazy how many Havens are available in August on the Escape and we are at the end of July.
  6. Also for an even better treat find the night they are in the Manhattan dining room and get a seat by the dance floor. That is even better than the showroom performance
  7. Only deal is anything goes dress wise in Manhattan room night 1
  8. THe Bliss casino is a nice set up with smoking enclosed
  9. Trust me it is not just the sight but the smell was awful. They emailed in advance and offered a full refund and even when we got off the ship and met their representative they said it is bad and we could cancel. If you dont wanna get in the water you will be ok as the place itself is wonderful but I have never seen anything like this. That pic above is accurate, its crazy crazy crazy amounts of seaweed.
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