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  1. Thanks for all of the input. Good point about asking about something expensive in advance
  2. I get comps. I am just curious what kind of charges they have taken off for you in addition to your status comp. Spa visits? Jewelry? Excursion fees? etc I am trying to figure out where best to spend my money because I dont want to leave comps on the table
  3. Some people go to relax. Some people do want to lay and hear others talk, that's how you learn about people. Just sayin.....😁
  4. What kind of things do you get the Casino Host to comp for you at the end of your NCL cruise?
  5. I hated being told to be quiet. I wasn't talking that loud. Anywho the spa is great for a hour or two a couple days but the cruise has so much action its hard to just be bump on a log all day. Although that works for some people
  6. Guess not many gamblers are on Cruise Critic
  7. Except ROA is being replaced by SIX in November so times may be different slightly as ROA was a 2 hour show
  8. You can buy as many as you like but on future bookings it is applied per cabin not per person and there are limits determined by cabin type and current promos
  9. Not exactly. You buy two $500 certificates for $500 and they put $250 OBC on your account which if you dont buy anything else reduces your end of cruise total spend from $500 to $250. Then when you book a future cruise, depending on type of room or current promotions you can apply them to that purchase for face value $250each and promo and room type determines if you can use one or two per cabin
  10. No way......pre work will 100% be going on and will impact your cruise
  11. Great show but unless you want your kids to learn about oral sex I'd leave them out of this show
  12. If you are enjoying your cruise, go to the CruiseNext desk and buy 2 certificates for future cruises. You basically pay $125 for a $250 deposit voucher. They are good for 4 years and are transferable (meaning they are pretty easy to sell for what you paid $125) online.
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