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  1. I was on the 8/28 sailing, no masks required to be worn by cruisers during the sailing. Only when getting off ship in Alaska and when inside in Alaska (bus, restaurant, etc). To me the cruise felt completely normal other than the crew wearing masks.
  2. Anyone know where the testing site is now? Rumor was they were ditching the Marriot
  3. Sounds like A great cruise. Cant wait to check it out
  4. I heard the cast of Kinky Boots is slated to board the Encore on 8/21. Practice will run a week or two before live shows
  5. I had reservations but no more. Guess they got kicked off the ship
  6. Exactly....all shows will go on the first sailings in August
  7. So no more OBC for tier status earned?
  8. Just remember comped cruises are not 100% comped . You still pay $20/day admin fee , port taxes & fees, and grat on any "free" perks you select like dining and drink package. It still is a great deal but never close to free. Also you can gain status in CAS on board which gives you automatic OBC for that cruise and future cruises and if you ask near the end of the cruise how your play has been during the cruise they may comp you additional where you can go buy pictures or a watch or tshirts etc that CAS will comp for your play on board
  9. I thought sailings start today?
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