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  1. That’s probably why I could no longer bid after a certain date. They had enough bids about 10 days prior.
  2. I would contact them directly. There’s an email address in the original email. They’ll respond within a day.
  3. It actually worked. Glitch and all, we got Aqua Class on a minimum bit and it’s been great. There were still cabins available on the lower levels a week prior. That’s when we noticed cabins disappearing and figured we didn’t get the upgrade. Then a charge cane through and I knew it happened. We checked the celebrity site and saw the cabin number before we received the official email. So it can work.
  4. We went days with this problem. Then one week before the cruise, we received the upgrade on a minimum bid. I don’t know why some could still bid or adjust and we couldn’t but it worked out in the end. We got an accessible room and love the huge cabin. We did try to switch cabins but I’m glad we couldn’t. Don’t switch if they give you one. It was a favorite during our cabin crawl. I’m sure you loved your Royal Suite. Thanks for letting everyone know that I wasn’t the only one they had this same problem.
  5. Well we received an email today. We got the upgrade! Ended up with an accessible cabin. 9232. It looks huge. I’m glad I didn’t amend my bid via email. First time in Aqua.
  6. I completely agree. Who knows. Maybe it was a complete mistake for Celebrity to offer it to me and once they figured it out, they removed the capability of me offering any other bids. I'm not sure. One more week!
  7. That is possible. We booked through Expedia CruiseCenter on a group rate. We didn't receive the email you did. It did allow me to submit a bid. And I did get an email this morning from Celebrity MoveUp saying that she sees a bid placed. She suggested I check my browser and to try Google Chrome. I did. Still same result. I give up. If I get it, great. If not, we'll be just fine. Thanks for everyone's assistance in trying to help.
  8. Yep. I’ve tried all options. My confirmation email which worked until 4 days ago and signing in to go to the link on the website. That used to work too. I guess this hasn’t happened to others before. I’ll wait out their response. I thought it meant we received the upgrade but our record shows the same cabin. Still 5 days left for them to decide. 🤞🏼
  9. I did use the confirmation email. No option to cancel or amend. I’m still waiting to hear from celebrity but I’m sure the holiday and the hurricane are keeping them busy.
  10. This is what I see when I click open the original email. I don't even have the option to bid on another room at this point. I removed my name from the page, but this is completely strange. I can't even click on Continue in the corner. I was getting all sorts of options only 4 days ago. I'm just glad I was able to bid something. Maybe they figured out I wasn't eligible. :).
  11. I did use the confirmation email to go to the page. I see the bid, but it doesn’t allow me to amend anywhere. I think I even went to a page through the website and the word ‘continue’ was grayed out. This is what I currently see. I blocked the bid and reservation info in the picture. I have an email to the ‘move up’ group to find out what might be happening. But it’s a holiday, and I may not hear anything until Tuesday.
  12. We'll be on the Sept 9th cruise and have been following it on a tracker. My husband noticed that after leaving Naples today, it circled back and was almost at a stop before heading back out for Barcelona. The seas seem fine. Anyone know what happened? Hopefully not a medical emergency.
  13. I placed a bid for Aqua Class about 5 days ago for Sept 9th. Yesterday, I noticed that when I click the original link to place a bid, the page now says I'm no longer eligible. Also when clicking the link to modify the bid (say I wanted to increase it or cancel), it just says pending and states I can amend up to 48 hrs prior to sailing. However, I can't click on anything that allows a change. I know I can contact them directly to see if they could assist, but I was only checking status which still says Pending. Has anyone had this occur once they placed a bid and if so, did you get the upgrade? I figure they may have received more than enough bids at this time anyway, but maybe I'm too far down on the list to even stand a chance. I'm happy with the room we have. And if we didn't get the upgrade, has anyone asked for one at check in and was able to pay extra to get it at that time?
  14. Ship: Edge Length of Cruise: 11 nights Cruise sail date: Sept 9, 2019 Date received e-mail offer: Aug 20, 2019 Date made bid: Aug 26, 2019 Captains club tier: Select Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Infinite Verandah Requested Cabin Category: Aqua Class Bid: $350 per person (minimum) Current Status: Pending and just attempted to check current minimums. It said I wasn't eligible for an upgrade. Notification Date: Accepted/Rejected:
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