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  1. I am eager to hear how everything is going as well. Hopefully, they having a wonderful time.
  2. So as things apparently change from week to week, we will assess the situation as the time gets closer. We have had both shots and will get the third in a few months. As much as we miss cruising on Regent, if masking is required, we will wait it out until that is not the case. Shelia, I love your thinking and wish you and your DH a wonderful cruise in December.
  3. So here we go again! We are over 65 although in good health. My DH does have DB2 which is well under control. We are booked on a February Caribbean cruise with the final payment due in October. After having one cruise canceled and one we canceled in 2020, we are so eager to sail again. If we pay make the final payment in October and this recommendation is still around in February ( and we cancel) what happens? Do we get a cruise credit for a future cruise? Any thoughts appreciated.
  4. Golfguyhhi, Yes, interested in the answer to this question as well. Thank you for asking it.
  5. Thank you BettyDol, It seems to be how the majority feels, that is spending a few days prior to the cruise is more desirable for many good reasons. Now we have twelve plus months to plan a few days in Barcelona with many good suggestions from the folks on CC.
  6. CruisetheCs, I will look into that company, thank you. We are not going until October of 2022 so hoping by then most places and tour companies will be back in business.
  7. Thank you so much for all the advice. I think the decision has been made to stay a few days prior to the cruise. Mj_holiday, I like the way you think about the laundry. We would definitely be doing that. Wendy, that is a great point about being rested and ready for port excursions. Bellagio, thanks for making me feel young in my 70s and I hope to be like you when I am in my eighties and still cruising even if it isn't internationally. Again, I appreciate all the thoughtful advice. Happy sailing y'all!
  8. Thank you Bellaggio. I think that is very good advice. Since we are not spring chickens ( upper 70s). We would also appreciate time to bounce back from jet lag before boarding our cruise. Are you guys still taking international trips?
  9. Lew, you have certainly given us something to think about. Hoping to talk my DH into a few extra days.
  10. Thank you Wendy. Just reading your response is getting me very excited for a chance to see Barcelona and all it has to offer.
  11. Thank you for the input Mudhen, Gipilon and annapolitan. Yes, wishiweretravelling we are on the Splendor in October so look forward to maybe meeting you. Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. Now we get to plan and anticipate for a year plus. Glad we have another cruise booked in February to tie us over.
  12. We are on a Cruise in October 2022 that leaves from and returns to Barcelona. Since we have never been to Barcelona, we would like to spend a couple of days there to see the highlights. I know this is a personal decision but wonder if we should do this before we leave for the cruise or spend the time there when we return. Would love any input and/ or suggestions.
  13. Mikenbob, Wow, so you decided to cancel your Splendor trip in September? We canceled prior to final payment because we didn’t want to be on the first ship going. Looking forward to 2022 with two booked cruises on the Splendor.
  14. We also canceled the Med. cruise on September 11,2021 for the same reasons that doowwopbob did. We are now booked for a Caribbean cruise on the Splendor in February and a Spain cruise in October. We are feeling positive that both be going without restrictions, fingers crossed.
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