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  1. Thank you Flossie. We will probably go with the included excursion. We are already spending enough $$$.
  2. Has anyone ever done this excursion in Rhodes? If so can you comment on it? Is it worth the extra price? There is also another excursion called Rhodes Culinary Delights which also involves food. That one is not extra cost and maybe just as good. RHO-1GT COOKING LESSON & LUNCH AT FAMILY TAVERNA Duration: 5.00 Hrs Tour Price: $149.00 Retail Price: $299.00 Date: October 01, 2020 10:00 AM Cherish a lively morning with a Greek family and your Chef Instructor from the Culinary Arts Kitchen, learning the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and savoring a magnificent luncheon. After joining your Chef Instructor, walk along the waterfront into the heart of Rhodes’ Old Town to the Hatzikelis Taverna, situated among splendid Greek ruins. You’ll meet your friendly hosts and learn how the restaurant sources fish and produce for their always-fresh seasonal menu. Tour the family kitchen and sip a glass of ouzo while you watch whole fish being cooked over an open flame or shrimp and lobster being cleaned. In a private area, join in the preparation of traditional Greek classics like tzatziki, stuffed eggplant or a Greek salad and relax with some local wine as the chefs create the delectable dish you’ll enjoy during lunch. Revel in the exquisite meal and the accompanying Greek wine, all of which have been carefully curated by your Chef Instructor and the chefs of Hatzikelis. Following your meal, you’ll have time on your own to absorb the enthralling ambiance of this UNESCO World Heritage site. ·Visit a family taverna in Rhodes’ alluring Old Town with your Chef Instructor, ·Understand how the restaurant sources fish and produce to enhance their delicious and healthy menu. ·Tour the family kitchen as you sip a glass of ouzo and observe food preparation and cooking techniques. ·Assist in the creation of Greek favorites such as tzatziki, Greek salad or stuffed eggplant. ·Enjoy a splendid curated luncheon accompanied by Greek wine. ·Remain in Rhodes’ Old Town to soak in the remarkable atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site, if you wish. ·Wear casual, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes. ·Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  3. So glad I came across your post. I had already picked this as my first choice excursion for our September Greek island cruise on the Splendor. Sure hope it will be available when I go to select in about a week. Is any other excursion on Rhodes that might be a good second choice Flossie? Thank you
  4. Thank you Deep Freeze. I am thinking that might be a better plan.
  5. I will be booking our excursions for our September cruise on the Splendor in just a little under two weeks time. Since I had a lot of difficulty booking our last excursions ( on line at the stroke of midnight + one minute)for our April cruise, I am now anticipating this frustration again. What time ( EST) can Regent be contacted by phone for excursion reservations? Maybe I should just save myself the anxiety and call first thing in the morning. I am an early to bed and early to rise person so staying up until midnight and then being frustrated by the web site doesn't sit well.
  6. Thank you for this information cAPS lOCK oN. By the way an unusual user name.
  7. We are able to reserve our excursions in three weeks from yesterday for our September cruise on the Splendor. I am wondering how I obtain the PDF for the shore excursions. I am one of those that needs time to look them all over before making the decisions. Thank you
  8. Can someone please tell me how Regent handles cancellation fees if you book your flights ( using deviation) through them. If we have to cancel, I understand that doing so 151 days prior to departure you would suffer a $100 pp penalty. How about the airline is there a penalty attached there too? Our balance is do in April for a September sailing. Just wondering about the airline situation if it is booked now?
  9. I know that seas can vary day to day, month to month etc. I was just wondering if anyone has ever taken a British Isles cruise in early September and what was the weather like and the seas at this time of year?
  10. We will be taking a seven night Explorer cruise in the Spring. I was wondering how many speciality dinning reservations we are going to be able to make on line. We need to reserve in January so I want to be prepared. Love all the help we get from so many RSSC seasoned travelers.
  11. We have never taken out travel insurance however with age creeping up and the cost of our next cruise ( Explorer in April), I am thinking we might want to look into it. Has anybody ever used the insurance offered on the Chase CC? They sent me the offered benefits but you almost need a law degree to understand it AND it is over 40 pages long. I do not think they offer medical ( free) in the event you get ill either prior to traveling or while traveling. Our health is fine now but you never know what might happen and I doubt Medicare would be accepted in Europe 😫. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. I have more than enjoyed reading this thread and following along with your trip TC. We are newbies when it comes to sailing on Regent having been on the Explorer last year for the first time. We were not new to cruising having sailed on Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ( also a couple of river cruises on Scenic). However, we were so impressed with everything about Regent that we booked a cruise for April ,2020 on the Explorer while on board and then another after getting home on the Splendor in Sept. , 2020. TC I gained so much information from your previous posts and had wondered over the past few months where you disappeared to. It saddens to hear the reasons for you leaving and find it hard to understand why people would be so negative when you are just trying to help and share. Thank you for all you do to inform and update others about the Regent experience. Wishing you calm seas and fair winds!!
  13. Hi gr'aunt, I certainly understand about the amount of time one can spend getting everything in order for a trip. If you are taking the Explorer cruise Barcelona to Lisbon on April 27, 2020 there is a roll call. We are coming in a few days early to see a bit of Barcelona since we have never been to Spain before. We can't wait to be back on the Explorer it is such a lovely ship. Will soon be counting down the days.
  14. Too late to edit ( I Guess). I meant to say, " We also have another cruise booked for September 2020." Also meant to say, " You will love Regent." Typing too fast.
  15. Hi Gr"aunt, I have been perusing this topic and came across your post asking for help on flights for a cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon in April 2020. We are booked on that same cruise. This will only be our second cruise on Regent and we also have another booked for the September 2020. You will Regent and we are very excited with the itinerary. Maybe we will meet on the ship :).
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