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  1. I did not have any concerns with getting back in time and there was plenty of time to shop before going back to the ship. I’m hi early not sure what ship others were on since I didn’t ask but did see some around the ship after that.
  2. Now I remember where I read about Carnival. Check this out (although not "official" yet). https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Carnival-CEO-talks-coronavirus-crisis-on-HBO-show
  3. Oh that's crazy that they are making people put down a cash deposit when you have the 125% certificate. If I took the cert, it would pay for the cruise I was looking at booking and I would have more left over. No way do I want to put out more cash when I have cash I already put out to book in the first place. I may have to rethink taking the 125%. :( I had to LOL at the whack-a-mole comment. Spot on. haha
  4. Well, we haven't talked anymore on the subject. We were thinking of Symphony OTS for the end of May but now I'm doubting that they will even be back on schedule again by then. I'm going to take a look at other cruises during the summer and see. I just don't know at this point now. It was supposed to be for April 12th. :( I was so bummed when they cancelled but knew it was coming. I heard a rumor the other day that Carnival was considering cancelling the rest of the year??? That can't be so is it? We booked our flight using points so as soon as we cancelled it just returned our points. So, we got lucky with that. Yea the foot and ankle is still not going well. :( I have yet to get a phone call from the foot specialist. I have a feeling I won't until all this blows over. I'm still in so much pain and still have so much swelling by mid day to evening. I look like I have elephant legs. Yea they have a stay at home order for the last 1+ weeks but it doesn't apply to our business and it's still booming. I'm kinda shocked with what all is going on at this time that people are still out spending a lot of money. But, I'm not complaining. Thanks so much for your thoughts and checking in on me. Take care! :) Thanks so much. I just feel like it's never going to end. :( I'm looking forward to that day as well. Sakari is so bummed about not getting to go and it was going to be her birthday. You take care too.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm going to save this post for future use for when I do have to do this.
  6. I logged into RC site and clicked on my booking and planning and it popped up. Now that I have already read it, it now appears at the top where it says "recently viewed", "Order history" then "300 USD CREDIT" then my "cart". I took a picture of it with my phone for reference, just in case it disappeared. I'll try to attach it using my phone.
  7. We were looking at that cruise too and another one. I hope you get to take your cruise graphicguy! Fingers crossed for the both of us. I didn't say anything about adding another 25% ?? I'm asking if we used the 125% certificate to pay for a different cruise, since ours was cancelled by RC, and then if they extended the time again (which is now mid-May at this point but IF they extend that date again and cancelled the cruise booked to replace our April 12th cruise) to a later date, then would they just reissue another 125% certificate?
  8. We have $300 in OBC from using our points. When I log into RC, my cancelled cruise comes up with a pop up box that says they will move it to your next cruise and there's a link to click on it. I don't have a booked cruise yet since they just decided to extend the cancellations yesterday. I hope that pop up box still comes up for me to move it to a new cruise once we book again.
  9. Our Oasis cruise was cancelled (April 12) and have been looking at other cruises and found one for May 30th. Those of you that don't think cruising will start up again any time in May or June, if we booked that May 30th cruise, wouldn't they just extend another 125% certificate and you'd rebook again? Just wondering.
  10. If I go with the 125% and rebook (already looking at another cruise) I should have some left over as well. I was concerned about the left over amount and if you just lost it. Are you confirming that you won't? The only reason I will have any left over is because the price of another cruise is a lot higher than the one we had booked so we are having to let "them pick" our room to even be able to go...therefore, in that case, we'll have some left over. Ahh, so you have to cruise the first one before getting the rest for another cruise? That's crappy. 😞
  11. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed the review and thanks for the kind words. Yea we were just talking about it last night and then my daughter (Kendra) got a notification about the cancellation. I knew it was coming but a girl can still dream right? 😄 I did read about the Diamond Princess. So sad how many people have died from those 2 cruises and the amount of people that test positive. Yikes. It has been a very long road and I'm still looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at this point. Yea Kendra got notifications from RC and our agent last night. We were so bummed but glad they are taking precautions and taking everything seriously. Safety first! Kendra already had another cruise picked out within 2 hours of the cancellation. LOL That's my girl! Amazing how we got a great deal for a Spring Break cruise (unheard of) and now with all the cancellations, to go later the price is outrageous. I know they are going to go even higher too because everyone is going to be rebooking and I'm sure they have jacked the prices up to compensate for the loss of $$ during this time. Just a crappy situation. 😞 So sorry to hear about your Key West trip. I have only been there once before, by cruise ship, back in the early 90's. I'm sure so many things have changed and I was hoping to some day go back and check it out. Hopefully you'll get to reschedule next year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  12. Aww thanks. You make me jealous now and wish I would have thought of something like this. LOL You rock and this thread is keeping all of us at home in good spirits. I hope you drag it out a little longer. :D
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