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  1. Thanks Thanks for the info. We have decided not to go here after all. I actually just bought myself another one today (the TG6). I needed another back up camera. One of my other camera's stopped working on the last cruise (one I've had for quite some time and a much older model). Then Sakari's camera got a crack in the screen a few years back when she took it to camp with her. That leaves me with only the TG4. I don't feel comfortable enough to vacation with only 1 camera for myself. πŸ˜„ We also bought a gopro during Black Friday sales, but it's not the "good one" (we got the Hero 7 white). I'm not too sure I like it too much and there's really not many features to it. Then the fact that the screen is so small...I don't think that would work out too good with my old eyes. LOL My camera is used...right out of the box. So, shooting under water...There's several underwater settings: regular underwater settings, underwater landscape, underwater action, and macro. Then they have a HDR setting as well. I usually use the action feature, because let's think about it, you're usually capturing things that are moving from fish to soft corals and sponges. If I'm trying to capture something up close, I'll sometimes try to macro setting and sometimes I'll just get close and crop the picture. If I'm going deeper, I will play around with the exposure composition under the underwater setting too. Although you mentioned you would only be using it to snorkel, there are times that you could add some exposure to it if it's a little cloudy outside or maybe something up under a rock. There's also some settings you can hit that will do the adjustment for you if it's sunny or cloudy and so on. They also have some flash settings in there. I "normally" don't try to use the flash because it captures every particle in the water and makes for a bad pic. The only attachment I have for my camera is a fish eye lens.
  2. I've only had to use a wheelchair once at the airport and we had someone push me to the waiting area and then they left (we had some time before our flight left). My husband pushed me around the airport shopping, getting something to eat, bathroom breaks and even went into the bar there. I can't imagine staff sitting there waiting with you for the entire time before getting on another plane. I mean you go to the restroom, you go to get food, restroom again, waiting in the lounge before boarding. Do they really sit there with you the entire time, especially if you are traveling with a spouse that can push it? Seems like a waste of staff resources to just be hanging out with a passenger everywhere they go? I do know they push you down the gangway from the waiting area to boarding the plane.
  3. That website has been in the making for maybe 5 years. I'd work on it for awhile, really hard, then stop and forget about it for another year. πŸ˜† I finally decided it was time to finish it and publish it so it could help others. I'm sure there's some mistakes here and there, but hopefully if there is, someone will let me know. I hope everything works out for what's best for you and your family. Happy cruising beshears! :)
  4. Which is the Hilton Marina? (What hotel section). I don't see it under my FLL. However, my guess is the following....$8pp to the port everglades port and they quoted us $20pp to take us to Miami. I only remember once we inquired about a shuttle to Miami cruise port (because it was offered) only to find out it was quite expensive and we ended up just taking Uber/Lyft.
  5. It looks like Lyft XL is around $70. We have 3 people, 3 luggage and the wheelchair. When I try to get an estimate on Uber, it tells me "not available for this route". :/ That's weird.
  6. You are welcome. I hope you find something that suits your needs. Have a great trip. We love OSJ.
  7. Well we've done a boat ride to Passion Island and also El Cielo so it sounds like something I could be interested in sometime in the future. I will definitely have to check this out.
  8. Hmm, well if that's the case, the excursion company has not mentioned it to us. I do know that sometimes they give you the option to drive them yourself while following a tour guide in another jeep ahead of you or them riding with you and you driving or just them driving. But, I think it depends on if you request to drive it yourself and probably it depends on how many people you have with you.
  9. No, I'm not old enough for any of those insurances. I have NO insurance. My employer doesn't offer it. As I stated I hurt my leg and had surgery several months back. My doctor has signed a release statement that I am good to travel and everything else with no limitations. HOWEVER, I'm only looking for coverage that will cover anything IF something was to happen. Falling and breaking my leg with plates and screws put in without insurance has shown me just how expensive the unexpected can be. I just want to be covered IF something was to happen and I got hurt. I'm not looking to get hurt and I know it doesn't cover anything unless you had an injury or sickness arise. As another mentioned, some won't cover you UNLESS you have a primary insurance to pay out first and they pay out as secondary. So, I have to have coverage that pays as a primary. I have to wonder why it is suggested to only call tripinsurancestore.com? Are you saying the other places that people have suggested and used on here are not valid? Or that other agents online are not legit? Just wondering why.
  10. Coat base mileage whatever is how they come up with the total fare and just a breakdown. So here I put in cost from Fort Lauderdale to Miami cruise port. You can see the cars in the area ready to pick people up and how far away they are from that area. At the bottom is the TOTAL price you will pay. That’s it. If you need more seats or a luxury vehicle, you will see the tab right below the map that says "Economy, Extra Seats, Lux"...just tap that and it will show you the TOTAL price for those vehicles.
  11. Thanks GeezerCouple, I never thought of doing that (and didn't know that you could). I will give that a shot. Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate it.
  12. Thanks leg. Yea, it's been a bad couple of months for me. With this excursion, there's really no "set stops" and we can go and do what we want...other than where they decide to take us for lunch. Their website had listed 2 different places: 1 at a resort with a pool (which I inquired about the location and they said it was Playa Uvas) and another on the "Wild Side", which I seen pictures and figured out which place it was but can't remember now because I didn't put much thought into it when they told me they would be taking us to Uvas. They give suggestions on places to go, but you don't have to follow the suggestions or can add to it. Since we haven't been over to that side or down that far (as Punta Sur), we figured we'd just go with the flow and go to all of those places. I'm thinking we will spend a majority of our time at Punta Sur and also Uvas (since my little one will enjoy both and we have not been to either). But, I did want to see the unspoiled beauty of the Wild Side (even if we can't swim no biggie) and see the blow holes (fingers crossed they are "blowing" that day. I have never heard of the Pearl Farm. But, I guess if it's too far to do on a cruise day, I probably won't ever get to go to it. Our land vacations usually consists of going to Aruba for a few weeks.
  13. Yea, we are not going to do anything strenuous this time around and getting in the water if it's in a cove area with calm water will be strenuous enough for us. My hubby and daughter will be helping me out a lot so they'll have to stick by me this trip. The older kids and grandkids aren't coming this time. This isn't a self-drive, so we won't have to worry about that. It IS a private tour with just us and a tour guide. So, no worries about insurance or liability or anything. ;)
  14. Hey beshears, I know trying something new can sometimes be frightening. I feel the same way too. I know I've spoke with you on other occasions, which is why I decided to post on here when I seen you asking, and just wanted to help you out. Have you checked out my new cruise website? There is a contact page on there. If you want, you can contact me. I have some info for you.
  15. Actually they do. There's a button on there for extreme sports and you can do a drop down and even pick scuba diving. ;)
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