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  1. There was a lot of sea glass when we went. My daughter and I put our snorkel mask on, laid at the waters edge and collected tons of it.
  2. Thanks for enjoying the review. WOW...when you say "river" you meant it. I can see that happening since the entire street is slopped down to this area. That's crazy! Awww, that's so cool. I've always wanted one of those birds. I had considered that too but super expensive of course and I haven't checked out the flights there yet. That's one thing that holds me back as well (the super long flights to be able to go to Hawaii or Alaska). Yea, ours wasn't too bad but Kendra's room looked terrible and old. It served our purpose of a stay for one night though. Thanks and glad you liked it. Aww thanks so much for the comments. I appreciate it and glad you decided to comment. Thanks so much Robin and same to you with what you are dealing with. Glad to see you are happy about cruising the Vista again with your son. Quality family time is the greatest. Oh gosh, I hadn't thought about the pricing from CA. Hopefully some day you'll get to try it. It's amazing. I hope you have a wonderul cruise in 2021. It sounds like a great place to eat. We considered it but ran out of time. Yea, it was the "happening" place to be with a lot of people watching going on there. Yes, I have mushroom coral in my tank, along with other corals and anemones. It's pretty cool to see the multiply. One day you have 2 before you know it there's 10. LOL So was this just like a ship that took people out for excursions while in Barbados? It looks like a ferry of some type. What's the name of it (like which of the 5 ships was it in the bay)? That's so cool to see it before and now after. We did see that some of the times when passing it. haha, don't you look it when they start to recognize you. The workers amaze me. So many people each day and cruise and it seems like they've known you forever after the second day. I'm definitely going to be checking out those ships for the future. You are welcome. I couldn't live without my cameras. Thanks so much and have a great time on the Magic. They were so pretty and it had been raining and I was afraid I wouldn't get good pictures of them. But, the sun finally came out by the time we got there. Thanks for the comments Heather. I appreciate it. Oh how cool that your brother is a glass artist. He will love this. I've been on some NCL ships that have things like this on them as well. They are so pretty. I will have to look that person up. Never heard of them. This site does not allow messages being sent between members. I see someone else pointed you in the direction of the camera info. Have a great cruise on this itinerary in a few weeks. I love going to these islands. You are welcome and thanks for commenting. I have been looking at the Escape and Gem (since I have cruised so many of the NCL ships...managing to do so without repeating them, except the Epic, and my goal once was to cruise them all) and I have never been on the Gem or Escape. So those are probably my biggest contenders so far. It was happening very late at night and he is unfamiliar with emergency vets. We only had text service so I couldn't look at up to tell him to take him to plus he had work at 4am in the morning and just got off vacation a few weeks ago and couldn't miss. He wouldn't have known what to do and knew we were supposed to be there within the hour (but our flight got delayed and he didn't know). We are very lucky he made it. It was touch and go for a few days. I mean even the er vet didn't do anything for him other than hydrate him and give him something to calm his stomach.
  3. Is there anyone on here named Michelle that requested to be friends on my SM? It says they love cruising but I have no idea who it is...
  4. Thanks so much! It won't prevent me from cruising for now. Do you have an African Gray (according to your picture)? I would love to have one of those. I'm told they have a huge vocabulary. We had a umbrella cockatoo and he was very talkative and loved to dance (Kendra had one too for a long time). Maybe some day we'll get another.
  5. Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed it. It was good. You got to pick 2 items to go in it and I remember picking pineapple but can't remember the other. I think it's so neat to watch how they do it. I've always said they need to drag me off the ship but I never dreamed that it was about to happen. 😄 I'm sure Kolin will still watch Loki in the future (unless he goes with us, which he has been talking about) and just be more careful. I hate the thought of sending him somewhere that he doesn't know them. ugh NCL just don't like to go to the Caribbean during the summer months. That's what turned me to other cruise lines. They say it's not profitable enough during the summer months and usually only has 1 ship that is in the Caribbean. I don't know what they are thinking because the other cruise lines have ships in the Caribbean with no issues and full. The one ship they have, I have already done before and it's not going anywhere I want to go. The only other ones are starting from the north US and only going to the Bahamas and I really don't care for the Bahama ports. I'm considering Bermuda but they are so darn expensive. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much!! I appreciate it. I have been considering that and that is about my only option for summer months. I would love to go back there but they are just so darn expensive later in the summer months. Ugh Yea, that's what I've heard (although I have already sailed the Epic twice now and "try" not to repeat ships if I can help it). But, you never know (and I need a cruise for the summer). Yea, I've heard about the cockroaches being so big. Yikes! Thank goodness they like the outside. lol Aww, such kind words. I hope some of them are able to help you plan an enjoyable vacation. Thanks so much for the thoughts and you are right, no one ever knows. I just have to take it one day at a time and enjoy each minute. I love the mushroom coral too. I have some in my tank and it just keeps multiplying. My clown fish host it (they think it's an anemone lol). I'm surprised they haven't died from the clown fish (Bobo & Gizmo) aggravating it all the time. LOL How cool about the ship and your booze cruise. I would love to see what it looked like prior to the sinking. That is so neat! Trust me...we weren't trying to be the last...it just happened and it was hilarious! 🙂 Loki is back to his normal happy spunky self. I don't know what we would have done if we had lost him. Sakari would be devastated! So sorry to hear about your cat. That has to be so hard to happen during a cruise. Thanks for the thoughts to the juju. I could really use it. Glad you enjoyed the review. I'm hoping to have many more in the future fingers crossed.
  6. Our Uber arrived first and off we went. Like always, something always happens to Kendra and the first to arrive couldn't fit everyone. But she eventually made it. Check in was simple and fairly quick at the Southwest counter. Since Kendra arrived so much later than us, we went ahead and got in the security line while she was in the line checking in her luggage. THE LINES WERE FOREVER LONG!!! It took forever. I kept reporting to her as we moved along and told her "You better hurry up. The lines are extremely long and they are taking forever!!!" Then I seen her, Billy and the kids, roll right up to security and immediately go in. UGH! Just like that. We still waited in line a good 20 more minutes and they were already in and on the tram and shopping on the other side. Go figure.... I guess it pays to be handicapped sometimes. We were all on the same flight this time. I immediately notice this in my seat....737 MAX 8!!! Yikes! But we were actually on the 737-800 thank goodness! Whew Goodbye Puerto Rico....until we meet again! We love you! As we were in the air...my son, Kolin, texted me to say that Sakari's husky, Loki, was sick and throwing up all of a sudden. He had gotten into some poison...weed kill. Oh no! We were in full panic mode all the way home. Loki is Sakari's best friend, it's all she talks about, it's all she draws most days, Loki is life! Our flight was delayed about 1 hour and this only increased tension and worry. Kolin kept me updated along the way and sent pictures. He was starting to have blood in his vomit. 😞 When our plane landed, we ran to get our luggage and then ran to the shuttle stop, passing Kendra along the way and almost everything is a blur. We raced to Kolins house, grabbed Loki (he was so weak he couldn't even walk or stand when we came in and let's be honest, he's a husky and they get excited easily) and immediately drove him to the vet hospital. He received IV fluids and several medications and we elected to take him home to monitor him. He was so bad for 2 days...I honestly didn't think he was going to make it. Sakari swears one day when I was napping that he quit breathing and I woke up to her screaming and crying and shaking him and him not moving. I personally think that his breathing was so shallow that she just couldn't see it but daddy told her that she "saved his life". He finally pulled through it but it was so touch and go for a while. I don't know what would have happened if she has lost him. We would all be lost and we've had enough loss to last us for a long time in this family. After about a full week...he was back to his normal self. Now who am I supposed to have dog sit when we vacation? I'm sure Sakari don't trust Kolin with Loki and Kolin don't want the responsibility now. Ugh! But....that's the end of my review. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Up next....probably NCL. I have 2 cruise coupons that have to be used up before Feb 20, 2020....only 9 months from now and I have no idea what I'm going to use them on. I haven't sailed with them in some time because I got tired of the same old ports and find a better port selection on Carnival and RC. But, I guess I'll have to start looking again just to use these coupons up. I looks like no summer Aruba land vacation for us this year darn it. HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE!
  7. Early to rise and it was time for breakfast. I knew that I wanted to take them to the Carthage Express because I thought the kids would think it was neat. So off we went. It was just right around the corner. The kids got a kick out of their food being delivered on the train. I decided to get the breakfast burrito this time (hubby had it last time and it looked really good) because it also comes with potatoes. The hubby ended up with a Mallorca. We headed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage, checked out and headed out the door to wait for our uber to arrive.
  8. Back into the city area and headed for our ice cream place. After this, we headed back to the hotel, stopping at shops along the way, and then went to our rooms for the night. I do want to mention....we did go back to the hotel at some point to finish our "check-in" and grab our luggage and put in the room before heading back out. Brayden had to use the restroom really bad and when we ask for the key the mean guy at the desk said "we don't have a restroom". Um....say what? We used it earlier. He got a sassy attitude and said "yea well this GROUP OF PEOPLE used it earlier and now it doesn't work" ....um, "group" of people? As in us? It worked perfectly fine when we were here and now you are saying neither one works???? Get the flark outta here. What the heck was wrong with this guy??? Now the other staff members that came after him and the following day were nice. But this guy, they need to get rid of him and his lousy customer service attitude. Also, I want to mention Kendra's room. I swear I thought I took pictures, but I can't find them. Maybe it was on my phone I'm not sure. However, her room looked like "a prison" she said. There was no carpet or wooden floor like ours and it was dark and dingy looking. Not nice AT ALL. She, of course, was wishing she would have booked a nicer room like I did. But hey, it was some place to sleep for the night and we were leaving tomorrow.
  9. Then it was time to move along. The hubby put up a fight about going that way saying that we'd have to turn around and walk back or end up all the way down by the fort. Well, I knew better than that because we had done it before. I'm not sure why he didn't remember the opening to get back into town. Well....I won the battle and we kept going... Would ya lookie there...the gate....to get back in...without walking around. Hmmmmppppffff I don't think you could have walked all the way around anyhow because it looked like they were still repairing past the gate.
  10. The hubby stopped for some ice cream but we had decided earlier that we wanted to go to the ice cream store that we had passed along the way and get some rolled ice cream. So, I didn't want to eat it twice. We headed on down to the Raices statue. Last time we were here, this area and along the waterfront, was closed from the damage by the hurricane. Funny pics...staring each other down! LOL We hung out for a while along the waterfront and watched the pelicans diving for fish.
  11. We managed to circle around and back down to the other side by the cruise ship area. Last time we came down here, this was a park with stands for like outside concerts. They had made it into a kids playground now. We decided to have a snack...
  12. We started walking down the street (going toward the graveyard and fort). You could still see some of the hurricane damage in areas. Brayden found a rather huge bullfrog. Anything to scare Shawna
  13. We headed out of Pigeon Park and down the street and ended up along the other side of the coast. My kid has escaped... Ok, they're all down there now....all the adults RUN!!! Brayden caught a lizard Then Sakari caught a crab...but we weren't exactly near the water ....hmmm... Great views from up here
  14. Kendra and family finally made it and Kam just wasn't sure, at all, about these birds... She finally got used to them...and Shawna back there being calm...for the moment. Bill got into the action to show Kam it was ok to let them land on her....but she wasn't having it. Sakari found the white one... This is not the place for someone with a phobia of birds Before long, Shawna was screaming and running for a bench. "I don't like these. I have decided I don't like birds" They followed her and Billy decided to throw about a half a bag over that way....Oops LOL Kendra thought she'd pay Billy back for throwing food over by Shawna...only he buster her out coming up around the tree she was hiding behind
  15. PIGEON PARK OF COURSE!!! Sakari loves this place. An all white pigeon. This was definitely a weird one...red and the only one like that. Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye...the biggest cockroach (I think) ever. It was scurring across the sidewalk. The pictures don't do it justice AT ALL. Now you can kinda tell from the picture below...these bricks aren't small and look at the size of it. All these birds and then there's a cat.... And then this happened....Sakari the bird whisperer
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