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  1. When we were here in 2016, they actually had a truck blocking one of the exit doors.
  2. Yea, except they always have those other 2 places (which you used to be able to get out of them before they remolded the port) blocked off and the last 2 times I have been there they actually had security standing there to keep people from using those exits. I think it's just crap they make us walk by all the shops. UGH! Oh dang, I didn't realize there was a way to go without having to go around the pool. But I'm looking back at my pictures and now see there is a walkway there by the dolphin area. I'm glad you mentioned this!
  3. Thanks so much Heather. Aww thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it but I could never take money from others like that. I really appreciate the support and it brings tears to my eyes knowing how caring this community can be. We will get past this some day. I'm just an emotional wreck these days. Thank you so much. Yea same here...the medical profession is just not what it used to be when I was growing up that's for sure. Doctors are afraid to do anything for fear of being sued, prescribing medications, pushing things off on someone with a lessor degree...I just wish I would have demanded that my surgeon see me last time when I made the emergency appointment instead of settling for the PA. I know my body better than anyone else and know when something is not right. There's just so many people out there that will lie to get things they want that doctors can no longer tell if someone is telling the truth or fibbing. It's sad. I know I struggle with the same thing with a few of my patients that like to "cry wolf" and you just never know if they are telling the truth. But, we were taught in nursing school, always trust the patient and always believe their pain level...it is what they say it is! Better to be safe than sorry. Oh believe me, I started a notebook with daily journals of visits, medications ordered, bills, phone calls and mail. I have EVERYTHING documented. hehe Thanks so much. Thanks for your prayers and hubs and Sakari are doing well. It's hard for them to learn to cope without me on a lot of things but they are a really big help. I'm very stubborn and like to try to do everything for myself. I hate to be dependent on someone else and I try my best to still contribute to the household but only in "spurts" and I don't over do it. My other 3 kids have been coming by and helping me out as well. I can tell they are very worried about me. Thanks so much Ellen. I appreciate it. I'm hoping so too. Thanks Thanks so much. Oh my, I'm really hoping I'm not out for a year but you never know. I'm going to go stir crazy! Pshhh, my doctors are still saying I'll start to apply pressure and walk in 2 weeks. 🤣 No way would they say I would be out for a year. It's so weird that my son in law and neighbors doctors (both went to 2 other hospitals and doctors) wouldn't even allow them to put pressure on their foot until the 4-5 month mark but mine is insisting on 2 month mark...and mine is so much worse. For those that like the gory stuff.... Here's a pic from Saturday (healing and drying up somewhat nicely I guess) then 4 days later, the infection and puss settles in (or should I say out) and you can tell that whole area turned red.
  4. You book directly with LFK on their website. They will pick you up at the port and take you there.
  5. As others have mentioned, Chankanaab and Money Bar are the "from shore" type of snorkeling places. But, if you want to get out to the reef, you'll need to go by boat. We've been to just about every beach club there and recently took a boat excursion (not with the cruise line) to Palancar and Columbia Reef and had an amazing time! The reef was awesome and then they take you to the starfish area where you will see hundreds along with the El Cielo sandbar where they let you get out and spend some time in the shallow waters, they make homemade salsa, gauc and serve drinks and it is so good. You can get out my review and pictures HERE if you are interested.
  6. While snorkeling from the beach isn't the greatest in CM, I have found that it is somewhat decent from Blue Kay. It is an easy beach entrance (as you stated you needed) and you can swim (and even walk for the most part) out to the rocks and snorkel. There's plenty enough to see (no huge reefs or anything but plenty of coral, fish and the last time we were there everywhere we looked were stingrays). CLICK HERE and you'll see my snorkeling pictures from the day we were there last. Pages 3-6 HERE'S another time we were there. Page 5-6 I hope that helps.
  7. Here's how to get out...follow the red. They pretty much make you walk around all the shops selling stuff and the restaurants. 🙄
  8. 88 pounds of sand? What the heck were they going to do with that? That's a little excessive. I do collect sand as well and usually put a little in my dive socks and then when I get back to the room I put it in ziplock baggies. I put the sand in little glass miniature bottles with corks on them and write on the outside where they are from and I have a curio cabinet that has all of them in it.
  9. For Roatan you want to head to West Bay. The reef there is simply amazing! Harvest Cay doesn't really have anything (unless you were to book an excursion that takes you somewhere else) and the water isn't very clear and stirred up there as well.
  10. Well, we just recently went to CM last month and we ended up going to the waterpark they have there (I know not the true authentic type of thing to do) but it's become a fav of ours. We had so much fun that day. But, as far as beaches go, my favorite has always been Blue Kay. The beach is just beautiful, the water is awesome and I like that it's not deep in the area all the way out to the snorkeling. It's the only place I have found that had ok snorkeling with plenty to explore. Even though it's on the Malecon, it's so different than the other beach club places from the beach itself to the water. Now I will say this...it has been changing since the first time I was there. No one knew about the place and it was so awesome the first time I was there. The second time, it started getting more popular and they started charging a small amount (which included several drinks and rental of the chairs I believe) and they had the first full row in the main area full of chairs that are reserved for (I believe) the beach club next door which has possibly an excursion for cruisers??? that come there. It's still a beautiful place and plenty of space to spread out and the small fee doesn't compare to other places and at least you get something in return. Haha on the favorite review of Kendra trying to buy a monkey. LOL She did end up buying one a few months later (but drove to Texas to buy it) and "Myla" is now 2 years old. She's so loving and smart too! She's my "grandmonkey" (instead of granddaughter). She goes everywhere with Kendra, including 4 wheeling and camping. :)
  11. Just bring a small thing of baby shampoo and squirt in any mask then rinse and put on and you won't have any issues with fogging. Or...if you don't have any of that on you, spit in it and do the same. No fogging and you'll never have to remove any mask and clear it if you do that. ;)
  12. Yea, it just keeps getting worse too. On my camera, you put it on the diorama setting and it makes it look like a miniature setting. It's call tiltshift to photographers and before it was built into camera's like mine, photographers would buy a certain lens that would make their pictures appear like this. It distorts the depth of field and gives you a different perspective. I have always admired pictures done like this and was super excited when I discovered (years ago) that it was a built in feature on my camera. I use it a lot in my reviews. Glad you like it. Thanks for thinking of me. Actually, nothing is improving and only getting worse. 😞 Yep, I'm so glad my Olympus Tough does. It's one of my favorite settings...especially when I'm up on the ship looking far down. But it makes me wonder...is it actually NCL across the ships? Or is it just the Breakaway? I seem to read a lot about the Breakaway having this issue. Sorry to hear about your ankle. That's the same time that my son in law did his (January). He's FINALLY walking on it but it still swells a lot and hurts at times. I'm sure I'm in for a VERY long recovery with how my healing process is going at this time. I do try to get up and move around a lot and also exercise, even when laying down. Wait, does shivering count as exercise? LOL Just kidding but I do move my extremities a lot because I just can't stay still for long. But, I'm still having set backs...so it's getting harder to exercise the bad leg/foot now. It just never ends. 😞 I know it's been a minute since I've been on here and updated my leg/foot status and I have received several emails about it and people are concerned. I really love this caring community and the out pour of people that have reached out to me with thoughts and prayers, advice, or to just lend an ear for me to complain to. You guys are really the best! Well, I'm sorry to say that things have gotten even worse than before. When I last updated, I had went for an emergency appointment for the increased pain and the PA took me off the pain meds and gave me Tylenol and Gabapentin. I had discussed my concern about a possible infection (that could lead to sepsis) and she mentioned doing blood work, but never gave me an order for that. Forward to this week. Pain got so bad I just couldn't stand it anymore. Then on Wednesday morning, it was very apparent to me that (my bad side) incision had an infection. This is the side with the black skin where my bone was laying against without breaking the skin. I just knew it was going to give me issues. There was pus coming out of it and it was really red in the entire area and it looked pretty nasty. I immediately called the ortho doctor and they told me to get there right away. This time the actual surgeon took a look at me and whew...he was trying to push on the area to squeeze some out and move my foot back and forth. He's lucky I didn't have a leg/foot spasm and him end up with a swift kick in the gut. It hurt so bad!!! He was definitely concerned about the infection and also about me not having my foot in a flat position to be able to walk when it's time. Well, I could move it to that position prior to this infection but now it hurts to move it. He ordered blood work to test my white count (a high reading would mean inflammation), sedimentation rate (reveals inflammatory activity), and reactive protein test (which measures levels to see if there is inflammation). He changed my gauze dressing back to a non-stick dressing to keep from pulling the scabs off and creating irritation (which it's still sticking with the oozing and pus but better), and put me on 2 antibiotics (amoxicillin and cirpo) for the next week. He also put me back on my pain meds and took me off the acetaminophen (but I can still take the gabapentin). I am to follow up with him next week where he will see if there's any improvement and order another blood test to determine if the levels have changed. IF there is not improvement, he will try to IV antibiotics treatment, which would be more aggressive. He did mention admitting me...but then also said something about putting in an IV and doing the meds at home (which of course I can do on my own). He wants me to monitor my temp during the day and keep a record. Anything over 100.2, call him. Anything over 102, go directly to the ER and he is to be called and he will come in. IF that doesn't work....:( He will have to open me back up, put in a wound vac, and stated that I would remain open (all the way to the hardware) until they can clear this up. He really don't want to have to do this because having an open wound just makes you more susceptible to additional infections and I'm freaking out at this point. It really upsets me that I came in the prior week complaining of the increased pain (no reduction of swelling) and asked about a blood test back then to the PA and nothing was done. This could have possibly prevented it from getting this bad had I been placed on antibiotics at that time! Good news is...the other side is healing nicely and no pain. It's just a little dry and scaly but looking really good (and this is the side they will open up again in December...ugh). Other good news is...my blood thinners (which would cost $880 for a 30 day supply) has been decreased to only taking them 1x a day and the mg was upped. This resulted in my meds only costing $465 for the month (with a $79 off coupon the pharmacy was so gracious to get for me) and I was a bit relieved. Other bad news...my BWC was denied due to "too much conflict"...meaning my employer fought it saying I was done with work for the day versus my PROOF that I wasn't and still had 2 more patients to see and my proof included proof that my employer had been caught in several different lies during this process. So, I'll either have to lawyer up or try to apply for medical assistance for the crazy amount of hospital bills I have. I still don't have anyone to manage my blood thinners...so this is an ongoing issue as well. Other good news: I haven't had anymore blood in my urine since those 2 days and everything is cleared up...thank goodness. So...that's my update. Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it. I will keep everyone updated as much as I can.
  13. That's at the mall, not in San Nicolas (opposite direction). I hope you find your star. :)
  14. Thanks so much. April is during Spring Break and I'm wondering if that is the reason you got the same service/experience as we did cruising during the summer months. It's just weird because we have never experienced this with any other NCL ship we have been on. I'm really hoping it was just the time of year we went. Thanks so much. Thanks for the beautiful french angelfish. I just love them! Thank you. Thanks for all of your nice comments. As of now, Sakari is riding with a neighbor to school and daddy is picking her up after school. It's very time consuming but we felt so bad for her. So, this will have to work until they come up with something better. I do have several hobbies which include: scrapbooking every one of my cruises, shutterfly scrapbooking and printing off a book (both of these I am definitely far behind and need to get caught up...and actually did a shutterfly scrap book today) and my other passion is...I bet you can guess....photography. So, I guess the last hobby is out of the question at the moment since I can't get around or go outside. I'll have to put that passion on hold for now. I'm definitely hoping this next month provides some better outcomes. NM Nita is saying that hopefully soon I'll have better news about my leg. :) Thanks so much and hope you enjoy the review.
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