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  1. Yes, I finally got a response from the assistant. 🙂
  2. Last time we were here, we rented a car and went everywhere on the island and just about every beach. The island was still devastated after the hurricane at the time. We are looking for something adventurous to do if there is anything like that. We were wanting to do a dune buggy tour, but it doesn't look like this is the right place for that. I came across a "self-drive boat tour and snorkel". They look like a lot of fun. It starts at Simpson Bay. Then goes around the west coast of the island and over to Creole Rock where you do some snorkeling. It's a 10' inflatable 3 person boat that you drive yourself (following a tour guide). Has anyone done this before?
  3. Awesome pics John! I'm glad you reminded me of the church. I will have to try to check it out this time if I get a chance. Yep, that last cruise was awesome and we had a fabulous time on the Horizon. I can't wait for our next on The Freedom of the Seas!
  4. Awesome! Glad you were able to contact them.
  5. I have had excellent communication with them over the last week or so. (I ask a lot of questions lol and they have answered almost immediately each time). I would try emailing them again if they didn't respond to the first. They seem to have excellent communication every time I've emailed.
  6. Did you get to stay at the beach after the tour? Did they take you back to the cruise port when you were ready? Did you stop at any other beaches for a while? I see pictures of the Shipwreck Bar on South Friars (which we have been to already) and also pictures of Reggae Beach bar at Cockleshell (which we had also been to previously) and wondered if they stopped there for a bit during the tour? We haven't been to Friars yet and are a little excited about seeing a different beach. How long do they allow you to stay there? Do they provide any drinks or lunch or anything during the tour? It looks like a lot of fun. One last question, I seen some people complain about the heat coming from the engine up in the passenger area and burning their arms. Did you experience this at all?
  7. I just emailed again....I'm getting nervous (especially since there will probably be 10 of us wanting this tour) and only a month away. Fingers and toes crossed.
  8. I can not get Javin to answer me at all. 😞 I have emailed him twice already. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. Well I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH! We are now booked with dive barbados blue and can't wait. They have a DSD right at the Marine Park in front of their place and it has 7 ship wrecks. So, hopefully we'll have a great experience. I'm looking forward to it! Sorry to here about the DH. I wish him a speedy recovery. Absolutely loved sailing out of San Juan on the Fascination. That's our next cruise...next month. Out of San Juan but this time on the Freedom of the Seas. I can't wait!!! Since we've swam with the turtles several times in Barbados, I figured there was something with diving in that area. Hopefully we'll see more turtles. Sakari loves them! Now to try to plan something in St Maarten and St Kitts. Thanks again!
  10. Woo hoo! I hope you love it as much as we did. She was beautiful. Happy cruising. I thought Lorelei was awesome! We had a great time and loved the ship!
  11. I've been trying to find a Dune buggy rental for one of our port days on our upcoming cruise. My only options are either here in Antigua or St Maarten. It looks like there used to be one called Antigua Buggys, but I believe they might have went out of business? Anyone know of another? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm looking for info on this place too. I can't believe no one has done this here??
  13. We are trying to find a Dune Buggy excursion in one of our ports on our upcoming cruise and St Maarten (and Antigua) are the only options to do this. We had a blast on our last tour (different port) and wondering if there's anything like this here? Let me know...
  14. Oh my gosh. I guess I didn't think Barbados would have good diving but I looked at that site and I'm definitely going to email them and look into it. I really appreciate this. BTW, did you see my last review on the Horizon? We went diving in Curacao and I had such an amazing experience with no anxiety or anything! It was AMAZING! (The dive itself and not necessarily the area or what we seen, but yet still good). 😄
  15. We are avid snorkelers (and like to scuba dive as well) but we have had some amazing times and seen some amazing things on even the not so amazing coral reefs snorkels we've had. I've snorkeled places that others have said it's not a place to snorkel and a sandy bottom and found things I've never seen before. So you just never know... I do very long reviews, which include our snorkeling and diving pictures, and have 3 underwater cameras and take my own pictures (check out some of my reviews in my signature line...although the last couple of cruises aren't on there because my signature line has run out of space) and I'm always complaining that I'm always behind the camera taking the pictures that people are gonna think I'm never really there because there's no pictures of me. That will be nice to have this time around. Awesome! :)
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