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  1. Looking for a little info from anyone who has been on this cruise recently. Mainly wondering which night is the dress up night? Would also be interested in some of the activities they have on board during the sea day. Thanks!!
  2. Yes you do get a tracking number with the $500 one, I ordered my $500 gift card last Wednesday and I recevied it by UPS yesterday.
  3. Thank you for your input. If anyone is offering to pay for a drink in between their alloted ones it is not cheating the company and obviously at some point was allowed by carnival since their own bartenders would sell them and it would allow them to ring it up under the person who has the cheers package. I was asking IF that still applied, IF NOT we would forgo buying the dang package!
  4. Obviously you did not read my question at the beginning of this thread, not trying to "bypass" the cheers agreement......First line says:
  5. Big girl panties are on but thanks for the suggestion, I'm specifically refering to those comments that act like someone is just trying to get drunk just for asking about purchasing drinks in between the alloted 15. On port days where you spend a lot of time off the ship I can see 15 drinks being a lot however, on sea days I can see where 15 drinks isn't necessarily going to get someone drunk, they can still be functioning responsible adults.
  6. Thanks, cruise is paid in full already but I am using the gift cards for drink package and other item. Will still have a balance left and most likely won’t buy anything on board. I guess I will use the casino trick.
  7. Thanks to those who actually answered my question without comments like some😉
  8. I think you just call Carnival talk to a PVP.
  9. Thanks! We aren't trying to cheat the company. Just trying to decide to buy the cheers package for everyone or just buy drink for drink for those that drink more. Don't want anyone to expect to be able to purchase "for a friend" in between their drinks and find out once on board that it is not allowed anymore.
  10. It would only apply to those who have been given the offer. For example I just booked a 4 day cruise and was not given the VIFP offer even though I have been on multiple carnival cruises yet my daughter was offered the VIFP offer for the same cruise.
  11. Trying to decide if we want to buy the package or not. We have a few in our group who can surpass the 15 drink limit and not be completely intoxicated. In the past we have been able to purchase drinks in between our 15 drinks included. A friend that went on a cruise in January said they were not able to do this then. Has anyone been able to purchase drinks while having the cheers package recently?
  12. Thanks for the replies! I have a couple of gift cards that I got at a discounted price and wanted to use them but if I don't use the money up I didn't want it refunded by gift card because we don't sail that often.
  13. First let me say if this has already been asked I'm sorry for asking again, I did a search and couldn't find what I was looking for. I have sailed a few times with carnival and always used my credit card for my sail and sign account. My question is if I purchase gift cards and use them towards my sail and sign account if I don't use all the funds do they refund it back in cash or the form of a gift card? Or can I do the same as some people have mentioned with cruise cash and withdraw the funds at the casino?
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