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  1. Hi, Now I know that I do not need to bring an extension cord. Thank you again Clubvoyages
  2. Phillyguy31 thank you very much for the information. It’s very appreciated Clubvoyages
  3. phillyguy31: We are in Mini suite do you know where are the 2 outlets?
  4. Hi, I think that there are only 2 electric plugs near the bed, am I right? I should need an extension cord for my curling iron? Thank you for your response
  5. Thank you fshagan, BirdTravels and casofilia
  6. Hi, Do you know how much it costs for Pepsi in can on the Gateway? I am wondering if it’s worth it to pay for the soda package if I take only 2 beverages a day.
  7. Hi, Thank you very much to all of you to answer my question. Very appreciated.
  8. Hi, I am wondering if we can drink water specially from the bathroom sink or anywhere on the ship?
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