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  1. Is the cruise fare shown in the brochure and online at the website the price you pay? Do some TA offer lower pricing? Does Viking or TA ever offer OBC? Thanks
  2. We have the late dinner seating, 8:30 on Apex. There are 4 main dining rooms to choose from. How and when can I select which room we want to eat in each night? Can we pre-select a table for 2? Thanks.
  3. I am considering a Viking Ocean cruise. Is there any advantage to booking direct with Viking as opposed to using a travel agent? Thanks.
  4. We are 1 of 4 couples scheduled to sail on Infinity for a Mediterranean cruise this May. All 4 couples have cancelled and will rebook using the future cruise credit offered by Celebrity.
  5. We’ve always used luggage valet on Caribbean cruises. Does Celebrity offer this on European cruises?
  6. Thank you. Great idea. We sail on Celebrity in December. I’ll be prepared with pricing etc. in order to book Azamara while we are on board.
  7. My issue was current offers only included 2019-2020 sailings (Double Upgrade), not anything for 2021 cruises. I see current offer expires soon. Maybe their next offer will start to include 2021 sailings.
  8. I want to book a 2021 Azamara cruise while I’m on a Celebrity cruise in December, but all Azamara offers are only for 2019 & 2020 cruises. Should I wait until next year when I will be on another Celebrity cruise to book an Azamara 2021 cruise? Or when offers for 2021 appear on Azamara website, book directly with Azamara?
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