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  1. I too am looking for something at Isla Verde, and this looks like a great option for a half day. For the 4 hour AM, do you happen to know what hours? Our port stop at San Juan is from 7am to 2pm. Thanks!
  2. I booked the RC Essential Nassau excursion. Has anyone done this and have any feedback? It says it makes seven stops, but I wonder how long we get to spend at each stop - e.g. Queen's staircase (may take a bit for us to climb the 65 steps!), fort, market, etc. since it's only a 3.5 hour tour. TIA!
  3. So, I just read the tour description again, and it states "sea-taxi" will be used. I did a few look-ups and seems that there are "water taxis" (10 min) and "ferries" (45 min). Does anyone have experience with the RC excursion that goes to Nevis and can confirm ft it's one or the other? That's a big difference in timing! TIA
  4. I've read on this forum that if a price goes down for a booked excursion you can get a price adjustment (or cancel and re-book at lower price). However, when I login to RC's website, the excursions I booked no longer appear on the selections - I assume this is the default once you book one, it falls off assuming you wouldn't book again. For the folks who have done this - how are you able to see current pricing? Thx in advance
  5. Just booked one night at the Renaissance Ft Lauderdale Cruise Port before our sailing in August. Has anyone stayed here that can tell me if it's near grocery or pharmacy stores? Is the pool large and how are the crowds? Not many hotels with beds larger than a double! Thanks in advance!
  6. Oh, we're going on a ferry as part of a tour, so no catamarans thank goodness. If the ride is about 30 minutes(?), I think it's manageable. I'm really looking forward to Nevis now! Thanks.
  7. Thank you! We usually use Bonine as the others cause too much drowsiness. I am going to look into Motion Ease, though, thanks for sharing.
  8. We're thinking of doing the day tour to Nevis at our St. Kitts port stop. My son and I get seasick sometimes when the water is too choppy or wavy. Can anyone who's done this tell me if the ride is smooth or not? Thanks!
  9. I'll cross my fingers for you. Let us know what happens!
  10. Yes despite my frustration, I agree, safety first!
  11. That's not what I said but thanks.
  12. You're in luck, because I'm not asking you to. Just voicing my frustration with how RC is managing this issue and my own personal situation.
  13. Well, all the articles I am reading from 2017 state propulsion issues, and the client emails shown on those articles are almost identical, so not sure which issue you are referring to, but it's not the same as what I am seeing.
  14. There are articles dating back to 2017 on this exact issue, specific to Allure and specific to propulsion. The emails sent to clients back then are the same as now. I only learned of this through this forum, and if you google, they will pop up.
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