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  1. We were on the Golden Princess and had an inside accessible cabin. A few days in we noticed a leak from the bathroom - not due to an overflow. The engineer was called to investigate, the carpet pulled back and a blower was put in (in our absence but with our permission). When we returned and had a look, we called the steward again and advised him this looked like an ongoing problem. End result we insisted they fix the leak and replace the carpet whilst we were in the cabin as the next passengers might not be so accommodating. The grout in the bathroom long two walls was removed and replaced and the damaged carpet removed and replaced. They did a fab job. We didn't like the cabin so only there to sleep. It was E716, a huge cabin which was originally a interior mini suite and it felt like a dungeon! The Head Engineer couldn't thank us enough for accommodating them. No on board credit etc, but it wasn't our motivation.
  2. We did likewise on the Majestic over Christmas and New Year - 40 passengers out of 4000 did this. First leg was Auckland to Sydney clockwise including Hobart and Sydney, and second was Sydney Sydney, going to Milford Sounds first. There is something magical about Milford Sounds at dawn. Our second leg was touch and go if we were going to get in to Milford and the fog horn was being sounded every two minutes (I think) all night and at dawn, but then the clouds opened and in we went. Fantastic dizzley day with a little of water falls and the sound was amazing. Do it again in a heart beat if we could!
  3. When on the Majestic Princess arriving in Hobart on 26th December, Immigration was done on the pier. Somewhat slow for able-bodied but very speedy for us in wheelchair. One bonus! Our friend was on the pier in the queue outside the building. We called to him from our cabin on deck B to wait on the 'other' side. In casually made our way done, whizzed thru and we walked passed our friend being processed. We waved!! 😁 Our friend was about to shout at us then remembered he was facing an Immigration Officer 😉
  4. You could take the Sky Bus if you are travelling with others. Taxi companies do have maxi Taxis but beware they are expensive unfortunately. Our services are not like Australia. Hopefully others will be more helpful than me.
  5. Is Kmart open in Sylvia Park yet? Wasn't last time I was there. Due to open at some point.
  6. I noticed there are no 4 day cruises Auckland to Sydney. So much more pleasant cruising than flying. Plus not as many Auckland departures.
  7. Sailaway - Wake View Bar Favourite Restaurants - a must do is La Mer and Harmony. Harmony is good with more than 4, so you can share dishes. Alfredos is great for a light lunch or dinner (lunch on sea days can be busy) or a late dessert! Vines - for pre-dinner drinks and tapas Crooners - after dinner drinks, pre or post show.
  8. Daily activities and formal nights can vary even on same itinerary. Formals tend to be first and 2nd last sea days. Will be detailed on your first Patter
  9. Deck 6 right hand side of tte Concerto Dining. Current Head Waiter Nathan is amazing.
  10. What information are you looking for. Activities can vary from cruise to cruise on the same ship.
  11. Ship: Majestic Princess Class Deck: Dolphin Cabin #D 303 Catetgory: Balcony Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Starboard Forward (by forward elevators) Connects With Cabin # N/A Accessible: YES Quiet: OK. Could hear noisy people at times Balcony Size: Narrow. Could get my powerchair onto deck at ramp but but turning around difficult Privacy Issues: none Wind: No Soot: Quite dirty Problems: None Storage lacking in bathroom which is the same throughout Majestic
  12. Ship: Majestic Princess Class Deck: Baja Cabin #B433 Category : Club Class Mini Suite Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Starboard Midship Connects With Cabin # N/A Accessible: YES Quiet: Yes Balcony Size: Large angle balcony, on the aft side of the Sea Walk bump out, so sheltered Privacy Issues: none - could not be seem from the Sea Walk Wind: No Soot: No Problems: None Great cabin with heaps of storage and slightly larger accessible cabin (few inches, but makes a huge difference). Storage lacking in bathroom which is the same throughout Majestic NOTE: Bathroom photos show personal shower toilet lifter. Nice size shower seat is not shown unfortunately
  13. On our the second leg back in Milford Sound on the 2 Jan we had to put up with the fog horn all night) wasn't too bad sleep through it). The sea fog and low cloud cleared at the last moment allowing the Majestic Princess in! Truly magnificent. We have got in 5 out of 5. It is the luck of the draw.
  14. 23 December cruising Milford Sound on Majestic Princess watching Sol3mio. Bliss. We actually sat next to Dame Malvina Major. Lovely lady enjoying her first cruise.
  15. Hi all Just returned from a b2b on the Majestic Princess which finished in Sydney. Booked a disembarkation transfer from ship to airport whilst on board stipulated wheelchair access required. On disembarkation the buses were not accessible, but no problem. Princess staff organised a maxi taxi which they pre paid. Easy pesy! Paid $24 each cost Princess $70.00
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