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  1. They did say when guests have air booked through celebrity this may happen. But we don’t. I’m going with your other idea of the upgrade. Lol. Fingers crossed.
  2. We cruise in 26 days. March 1 for a b2b. Our edocs are still not available. I’ve called celebrity captains club several weeks ago and we keep in touch every few days. Still nothing. I guess my only option will be to get the luggage tags at the port. Captains club assures me all is fine but I’ve never heard of this happening. Anyone have this experience?
  3. I did exactly the same. We’re 38 days to sailing and my edocs are not ready and I can’t print my express pass. I’ve called celebrity and they are looking into it. They advised it should be resolved at about 30 days out. Hope this helps. This is the first time this has happened to us.
  4. Yes, she’s been back since the December 8th sailing. I’m not sure exactly how long she will be on the ship. I do know that she’s going to be part of the first ever all-female bridge and officer team on the March 8th cruise which we will be on. 😃 So perhaps she’s on until then?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Yes, we are a group of 4 on this cruise. From my post on Facebook looks like it’s really gaining interest. Looking forward to it. 😊
  6. I know what you mean, prices are so varied. I would suggest calling your travel agent or the big box TA and ask about group booking prices. We always do really well with that but not all categories are available with a group booking. We’ve saved thousands of dollars. I like booking a little further out to get select dining as I find getting closer to a sailing that gets booked up. Another suggestion is to book a lower cabin category that you’re comfortable with, continue watching prices and upgrade if prices drop or after final payment as usually they will drop then. There are usually many concierge cabins available after final payment and I find that some of the best cabins come available then as well. Good luck to you fellow Canadian! 😊
  7. Yes for sure. His name is Justin. Tell him Monica from Canada. Lol. I think he’ll remember us. No Ka Oi Oahu Private Island Tours Enjoy!
  8. We just did this cruise so I totally hear where you’re coming from. All the previous comments here share some really great advice. Where is your cruise coming from? We came from Sydney and Maui was our first port in USA so we had to go through immigration on the ship before we could get a tender to get off the ship. This process took a very long time. Our ship got in around 8am but we didn’t get off until 10am. If this is the case for you, I can give you some tips we learned to speed up the process. I really didn’t account for this delay, even with all my research I never knew this. I had made all arrangements months before the cruise to make sure we had everything covered. We had hired a private driver to take us on the road to Hana because we really wanted to do this and wanted to do the luau which we needed to be there by 5:45. We did it all! Road to Hana was rushed but we did it and it was amazing. I highly recommend it. Our driver said we did it opposite of how most people do it so it would be less busy. Honestly, if he wasn’t driving we could have never pulled it all off. Because he was from there, he knew the road really well. We saw many tourists struggling the narrow winding roads, an accident and car in the ditch along the way. So be prepared for anything. 😂 We had planned to go back to the ship to change and freshen up but there was no time. 😞 We weren’t happy about not feeling fresh for the luau but we had to let it go and just enjoy ourselves and it was fabulous. 🤙 Monica
  9. We went to the old Lahaina luau a few weeks ago while we were on the solstice sailing Sydney to Honolulu. I don’t recall what time our ship was leaving port but the location of the luau is not more then 10 minutes away by taxi. We were one of the first ones leaving the luau and plenty of taxis were lined up right outside. We were a group of 4 and the cost was only $10 USD total. If your ship leaves port at 11pm I would imagine the last tender would be about 10:00 or 10:15. If your ship leaves at 10, it’s cutting it a bit close but you could always leave a few minutes early. The luau is amazing, I would highly recommend it. FYI the sooner you book it the better location to the stage you’ll have. We booked very far in advance and had great seats. Enjoy! 😊
  10. Hello Marion! what sailing is this for? I’m new at this but what we did for our sailing for January 26 on Equinox is I called celebrity and asked how much to upgrade to a specific cabin. We were booked in a 1A and they offered us a C1 complimentary. Hope this helps! I guess it depends on how much you paid for your cabin to decide if it’s worthwhile bidding for an upgrade. Monica
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