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  1. We got off the Divina on February 10th. (GREAT TIME) BUT.....I am on a scooter. For those that are in a wheel chair, scooter, rollator, or even a cane...you are going to have a very difficult time, if not impossible, if someone is not with you. This is the first time I have been on a ship that does not have automatic opening doors..ANYWHERE. They are all big, heavy, wooden doors that you manually have to open. If I wasn't with my husband, I would have to wait for the kindness of strangers to help me. Does the Meraviglia have automatic doors or do I have to go through this again? Thank You!!!
  2. Thank you for your review!! I was on the same cruise and wanted to share a picture of Guadeloupe. I don’t even understand why they go here. This is the PORT!!!!
  3. I have yet to find a Miami hotel with free shuttle service. Uber is your friend
  4. Trying to figure out why you intelligent, experienced men, are wasting your time.
  5. Thank you so much everyone. Now I have a general idea. 😎
  6. Hahaha No such luck. The lady that is taking care of our dog is a heavy smoker. Thought I would bring her back a carton depending how much they are.
  7. Milk...😂😂😂😂 just kidding. Cigarettes
  8. champagne123


    Can anyone tell me if they sell cartons on the Divina? If so, approximate cost? Thank you!
  9. This weekend...a snowstorm An ice storm and Three separate women marches in the city. Good luck if you have to get to the cruise port. Leave early!!!
  10. Good advice. I will make sure I have my paperwork work with me to show which plan we have 🍸🍹🍺
  11. Although I would never advise it, we had a 9:45 flight once without a problem. I think you will be fine OP.
  12. We have never had a bad meal in any MDR on any cruise line. If we choose to go to a specialty restaurant for a fee, it is for the experience....and we usually only go once per cruise.
  13. Carnival Cruise Line used to have the naughty deck. Maybe your friend was confused. They did away with it though
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