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  1. Lol...personally, I don’t know why they even bothered changing it once.
  2. They only changed the clocks one hour ahead before Mazatlan. They did not change it for PV, which is Central Time, and 2 hours ahead of California, so your logic of convenience for excursions goes out the window. So the only port, out of 3, that we actually matched times was Mazatlan. My Fitbit, IPhone and IPad, are still sitting 2 hours ahead of ship time (Pacific), because I’m to lazy to correct them. Since I am staying on to do the TP to Singapore, I will really need to pay attention to the ship clocks.
  3. I’m on the Splendor now, and the ship clocks absolutely changed, as did the HUB app, the night before Mazatlan. Leaving Puerto Vallarta tonight we got the letter to set back an hour, which will put us back on PDT. Now maybe this hasn’t happened for all cruises, but it sure did for mine.
  4. I thought with ES, you lose $50 per person booked in each cabin. Since you said you only have 1 person booked in each of the 2 cabins, I thought you would only lose $100 ($50 each), and the remainder of deposits would be held for future cruise.
  5. Just be aware that once you are in port, your cell phones, fitbits, and other electronic devices may automatically switch to Cabo time. Today the only thing I wanted to do was head over to Gordo Lele’s for a couple of tacos. If you want to get away from the touristy spots, google him and head to his place. 2 Carne Asada tacos and a beer....about $4.30
  6. Had I not just done a Baltics and TA with similar ports last year on Royal, I would have booked these 2. But settled for last Med and TA coming back westbound on the Legend in Oct/2020. These unique itineraries sell quickly.
  7. Cabo is mountain time, one hour ahead of Calif. I’m on the Splendor right now and we get to Cabo tomorrow. I will let you know if we stay on Calif. time.
  8. I didn’t see any Brandy, but the vodka prices range $22-23 for a liter bottle. The Ciroq is $35, but they have 2 for $62. If I go in again, I will double check on the brandy again.
  9. I’m boarding the Splendor tomorrow for her last Mexico sailing, and then the TP to Singapore. This is the first time Carnival has done some of these ports on a TP. The Legend is doing a couple of unique itineraries next year. The eastern TA will visit Iceland and Greenland, and then a Norway cruise follows. I usually cruise Royal for the more unique itineraries.
  10. I flew out of SeaTac last Sunday, and having TSA Precheck made it a lot easier. The regular security line was about an hour or so to get through, and this was about 0930. It was definitely busy. You will have plenty of time to get there for a 12:20 flight, but if you don’t have Precheck, you may be waiting a while in line.
  11. Some people have paid as low as $42 a day. Keep and eye on the prices, and if it goes down, just cancel your existing and buy it at the lower price.
  12. People are affected by noise differently. There could also be the possibility of vacuuming and cleaning really early in the morning or at night. This might or might not affect sleep. If anybody is affected by seasickness, I wouldn’t suggest all the way forward, so I would also choose aft.
  13. October 2019 Toy Story 4 Godzilla: King of the Monsters Aladdin (2019) Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man Far From Home Shazam! Captain Marvel A Dog’s Journey Bohemian Rhapsody The Upside Yesterday (2019) Men in Black: International X-Men: Dark Phoenix Detective Pikachu Halloween Night IT Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Dracula Untold
  14. First choice is Dirty Gin martini, but may rotate Cosmo’s and Lemon Drops in, if it’s a long cruise.
  15. I am also on this sailing and the following 24 night to Singapore on Oct. 5
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