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  1. I’m with the rest of you. I just followed the link in the email and asked for a 100% refund on 2 Legend cruises in Oct. It will be interesting to see if we get a confirmation email. Final payment hadn’t been made, but, beside the deposit, I had put a couple of gift cards down on each, to pay down balance a bit. I did save the emails, notifying me of canceled cruises, so I will give it some time. I know they are slammed right now.
  2. It depends on why you are disappointed. Right now, travel agents are losing a lot of money, since nobody is cruising. Maybe you could voice to her what you are disappointed in, and what your expectations are. Maybe she can try and fix it.
  3. I said that about Carnival after my first sailing with them, but I came back 18 years later.
  4. I had 6 cruises booked this year, and 3 have been canceled by the cruise lines. If MSC doesn’t cancel 2 in Oct. that I had booked prior to 2 Carnival sailings I had (canceled), I will cancel them before final payment in July. That leaves me with 1 cruise on the Anthem, over Thanksgiving. Will wait to see what Royal decides to do. I have a B2B for Apr/May 2021 on the Ovation, and I sure hope it sails, but it is what it is.
  5. But have you gone to Gordo Lele’s in Cabo for his tacos yet? My very favorite place. Which week did you get this price? Might be time to book the Panorama.
  6. If you booked Early Saver rate, than it will cost you $50pp to change. If you didn’t book that rate, then you should be able to change with no issues.
  7. There is another thread going...Legend will not be doing Europe. It looks like a couple of threads were merged. Just got email this morning about the Legend.
  8. I got emails for last Med and TA on Legend. I have 2 prior cruises on MSC booked, so I will wait a bit to see if they cancel (before final payment). I may take a full refund on 1 Legend cruise and rebook the other. At least we have some time to decide.
  9. You might want to read up on the law. Would you rather have foreign companies come in and run the ferry systems, tour boat companies, dinner cruises, etc. It’s not all about cruise ships. Foreign airlines do not have flights from one US to another, without originating or terminating in a foreign city. Without the PVSA and Jones Act (for cargo), all other seafaring types of travel would not employ US workers, and would not have the stringent safety rules the US has in place. Chengkp75 has explained this a lot more eloquently then myself, but there are reasons this law is still in place and works.
  10. LOL....this is what happens when people are home. They lose track of what day it is.
  11. But only for new cruise booking, May- Sept 2020
  12. I have a couple of cruises booked on the Legend in Oct., and I’m not counting on those. The Legend has to get over there in June, and not sure that will be happening.
  13. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2743282-rc-cruises-extends-global-suspension-until-may-12th-for-now/
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