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  1. You may have hid signatures at one time. I did. Some of them just took up to much space and I like things neat and tidy..LOL I’m not sure how to unhide (is that a word), but I’m sure somebody here does.
  2. Since I don’t cruise anymore to just get on a cruise ship, I am more selective of my itineraries. Living on the West Coast, I don’t really have any interest in the Caribbean. My last cruise was the Carnival Splendor Repo to Singapore last year, followed by a B2B on the Voyager. I’ve had 6 cancelled this year on various lines, and my next is the Ovation B2B out of Singapore next Apr/May. The TP ends in my home port. I’m a homebody at heart, so I haven’t really missed it, and I have been able to save lots of money, to finally get some home stuff done. I will be slightly disappointed if the Ovation cruises don’t go, because I love Singapore, and the rest is all new ports. So, in the future, I still hope to go to New Zealand , and South America. 40 years of cruising, and I feel fortunate to have seen the places I have. If it isn’t in the cards in the future, I’m Ok with that also.
  3. Remember, the OBC you might receive from your TA, comes out of their commission. I have a friend that is a TA, and I get nothing, which is fine with me. Sometimes I book with her and sometimes I book on my own. She works in a 2 person office (owner and her), so they don’t have bookings like the big box or extra large travel agencies online. Those have taken the business away from the small brick and mortar. Lots of people want a deal, no matter how small. Personally I would rather support small business. Just not having to sit on the phone getting changes done on a reservation, is worth it to me to use her.
  4. Hey, I said I believed you. Obviously, there was a special circumstance on your cruise.
  5. I don’t think you’re making it up, but as you stated, it was probably a fluke. I know at Diamond events, if there are many high tier quests, they will set up an area, with pre poured glasses of wine (White, Red and Sparkling). They may have thought you were a Diamond or above guest, and just didn’t bother to check. Also, Royal should be able to find your past cruises. They have mine, all the way back to my first in 1996.
  6. We got $200 OBC for the change. Did you not get that?
  7. I just realized you were doing a belated review. It brings back memories. It was nice meeting you and LaLa up in Viking Crown Lounge, or what ever it’s called now. The TA was really spectacular, and sorry you missed it. For those doing the B2B, we all gathered in Safari Lounge which they also used for the Diamond and above events, and were able to log out and log back in with new cards. Unfortunately, we were stuck there for about 2 hours, while they either did an inspection or deep cleaning. But every morning, they did a full blown breakfast, not just continental. I spotted my friends in one of your dining pictures too. They like the MDR, but I just usually grab something at Windjammer. This B2B was one I wouldn’t mind repeating. I have the Ovation booked after you next year...Singapore to Yokohama, end of Apr, and then Yokohama home to Seattle. These are the last 2 booked I had existing....6 were cancelled. Great pictures, by the way! Debbie
  8. I’ve never bothered to call. My last couple of cruises, I had 2 bottles of water in my cabin when I arrived, so maybe that was the Diamond gift.
  9. Also, not everybody will get Covid, even if exposed. I swear some people think if they step on a cruise ship, they are immediately misted with the Coronavirus. I try to stay positive and look at my martini glass half full.
  10. It’s a glitch...a few people in my roll call had it happen also.
  11. You just made a thread in the last couple of days saying you only were seeing cruises to Mexico, so you were on the website. They know when you are looking. Also, if you are already booked on a cruise, it could be an upsell call.
  12. I wouldn’t rely on any tests...to many cases of false positives. I guess it might be worth it to those that don’t have to fly to a port and get a hotel the night before, and the cruise line will reimburse 100% if you test positive. For me, nope, cruising isn’t that important to me.
  13. Oh that $250 will be long gone if I take cash...between Amazon and yarn buying, it will be dunzo rapido. 😂 I have to take the $500 cash back.
  14. I’m waiting until the last minute (final payment is 23rd), and I will cancel. My solo refundable deposit was only $250, so I’m going to call and just have them apply it to the Apr/2021 Ovation balance. It’s not much, but at least a little less on final payment next year (if it goes). However, I did make the deposit on my CC for my daughter and grandson ($500), so I will take that as a refund. Wish I could move that over, but the booking was under her name (different cabin). Personally, I’m not going to sink any more money into cruises at this time.
  15. Thousands of people will never get this virus, just like thousands have never had the flu (knock on wood), or any other major illnesses. As a healthy individual who isn’t overweight, doesn’t smoke, moderate drinker, and does very little public socializing, I don’t worry to much about getting sick. Will I get the vaccine? Probably after it’s been out a while and there is proof it works. I’ve been cruising for 40 years, so if I can’t cruise, it’s really not a big deal to me.
  16. You do know that there are many strains of the flu? Every year, the medical community tries to cover strains they think might be prevalent. However, the flu shot cannot cover all strains. So people can still get the flu, after they have had a flu shot.
  17. When I first started cruising in 1980 with friends, it was definitely for the party factor and new Caribbean places. Into the 90’s and 2000’s, it was introducing my daughters to cruising, but still sticking pretty close to home (Caribbean and Mexico)....after I retired in 2010 and started cruising solo, I was all about longer cruises to different continents. I love the fact that I can jump on a ship for 20-30 days, see so many new countries and only have to unpack once.
  18. Seriously, which one do you believe, especially if you are asymptomatic. At least if you have symptoms, you could probably lean towards positive. 😉
  19. My daughter had a friend, went to one clinic and tested positive and another clinic and tested negative (2 different labs). Went back a week later and same results from each clinic...things that make you go hmmmmmm. Also a poster on Carnival board had 2 fellow employees who were supposed to go to Walgreens/CVS for testing and didn’t show up....both received a call they were positive. I think I would definitely get 2 tests from different places, just to verify.
  20. I think most people are OK with funny, if they know the poster is kidding. You are right with an emoji. It’s hard to know, just from a typed message if a person is serious or not. I’ve been around long on these boards, to know some people are dead serious with some of their questions.
  21. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Island_Escape A little history
  22. I was also on one of the Sept/2017 sailing on Explorer. I loved being able to leave and come back to my home town. The pic I found was Sept 15 2017. I would do that again.
  23. It won’t happen...Chengkp75 is always great explaining, so I finally took a screenshot of one of his posts. I don’t think anyone would want this.
  24. Viking Serenade was my first Royal ship, along with my 2 daughters. We only did the 4 night in Apr/1996.
  25. I also have purely selfish reasons for wanting a ship on the west coast. Since I’m a solo cruiser, we get double points on our cruises. Once we hit 340 points (days), solo supplement becomes 150% instead of 200%.....I would definitely sail Royal on Hawaii or Pacific Coast cruises.Those double days add up on longer cruises. And flights are a lot quicker and cheaper from Seattle. Even better if they sail some from San Diego, I have a place to stay there, so no hotel. I don’t really have interest in Mexico or Caribbean, but since I’m here on the West Coast, I would definitely choose Mexico first, if Royal brought a ship here. I was just on the Voyager in November, and rumors were going around then about her coming to West Coast. Would love to see her here. She’s a beautiful ship, and I would sail her in a heartbeat, just for the ship itself.
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