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  1. Ship - Carnival Dream Deck - 6 - upper deck Stateroom # - 6330 Stateroom Category – 8B Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – NO This cabin overlooks the midship hot tub down on deck 5. Although it is supposed to close at 9pm, there were people in the hot tub yelling and screaming at 3am. It is also above the Alchemy Bar and you hear noise from that well into the late night Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - NO Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – The balcony looks directly down onto the hot tub on Deck 5. There is absolutely no privacy. You have to keep your curtains closed at all times because they can see into the cabin. Totally unusable balcony as you are on display for all to see if you sit out there. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - normal Was wind a problem? - Yes. During the nights while the ship was sailing the divider between 6330 and 6334 would bang back and forth, even though it was locked. Thankfully, a resourceful neighbor used bungee cords and the wooden coat hangers and a chair to pull the divider taut to stop the banging. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - Yes, terribly inconsiderate drunks on the hall who usually came in between 4 and 5 am and were loud and slammed doors. Drapery hooks are broken off and the drapes sag and let light in like a cheap motel. The drain in the shower is super slow. If you keep the water on the entire time during a shower, the bathroom floods. The shower head would not stay on the pole so we had to wedge it between the soap and shampoo dispensers, otherwise you had to hold it the entire time. Any other comments? - DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS CABIN. GOOD REASON NOT TO BOOK A TBA IN CASE YOU END UP WITH THIS TRAVESTY. #worstcabinever
  2. Sorry to hear that. My hubby had a major hemmorage on the Warfarin, even though the INR was where they wanted it, so no more of that for him!
  3. Thank you for your response! It has gotten so that whenever I post anything about being GF on any online forum, except for my Celiac forums, I get attacked. We have also taken to getting a table for 2 because we prefer not to spend every dinner fending off snide comments about what I eat. Believe me, if I did not have to eat GF, Dairy Free and Yeast free I would not choose to do so. We were super lucky on the Vista because our Maitre'd had a child with severe food allergies and several of the hostesses were fully up to speed. While fad diets made more GF products available commercially, they also were a double edge sword, and led some people to think we actually chose this. Getting diagnosed 12 years ago brought the answers to lifelong health problems and for me was the beginning of a life that I could enjoy. I am sick of people telling me that I have to stay home. I did that for many, many years because I would either vomit or get diarrhea all the time, not knowing it was Celiac disease. You couldn't take me anywhere. I have found that the cruise lines do a decent job with GF. Princess goes above and beyond for us, but Carnival is usually OK unless we have a smarta$$ waiter who thinks he knows it all. I am glad that you are concerned about your residents. When my Mother was in a rehab facility after a hip replacement we ended up having to bring in all her meals. They offered cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and dinner, bread and butter and cake. I met with the staff, but the kitchen was not equipped to provide GF meals. She also had Celiac disease, but was not diagnosed until after I was, which meant she was 80. The last time my husband, who also has it, was in the hospital he returned all his meals uneaten the first couple of days. An enterprising chef came to his room to ask him what was wrong with the food. They had a good discussion and the chef cooked him eggs every morning in a separate pan, made him a salad with chicken breast or tuna for lunch with oil and vinegar dressing and cooked him plain meat and vegetables for dinner. I occasionally brought him a GF dessert or snack from home. He said he spent lots of time that week education the "supposed" medical professionals about Celiac disease and what is and is not GF. Thankfully, holidays at home are easy since my oldest son, husband, daughter in law and both grandchildren are Celiacs. Our youngest son has NCGS and gets just as sick as the rest of us if fed gluten.
  4. Switch to Xarelto or Eliquis and then you don't have to mess with INR testing and you can eat whatever you want. Hubby much prefered the Xarelto to the Warfarin.
  5. No, just someone who does not want to get sick on a cruise! I have had my fair share of it from the waiter not giving me the correct meal causing me to be stuck in my cabin for 4 days with diarrhea. I wish you could experience Celiac disease for a week to see what we go through. Straws at many places are not gluten free and cause issues as well as those environmentally friendly take away cartons that are made with wheat. For celiacs the safest is a wrapped plastic straw or styrofoam, or I will concede a metal straw, but only if I see it go in the dishwasher. Disney has been proactive about this. Nobody gave a fig about the fall out for some of us with the rush to be environmentally friendly.
  6. Just what I want, butter on the Lido that everyone has been digging in. The edible straws are horrible and disintegrated before I got halfway through my drink. As for washable items, I have had to send glasses back because they had grease or lipstick on them. I don't trust them to wash everything properly. I am bringing my own paper straws. I had to hunt far and wide to find some that were gluten free as many are made with wheat paste. Environmentally friendly does not necessarily equal sanitary!
  7. Doing away with individual pats of butter, straws, individual bottles of toiletries is all part of the court settlement they came up with in that environmental case in federal court. They got hauled into court and reamed out for not knowing exactly how many individual water bottles were used. They tried to tell the court that with 120,000 employees on multiple ships and in multiple countries that training everyone would take time. The court was having none of it. The current judge is retiring, but another like minded, anti cruise, pro environment judge, is taking over the case. It is going to get worse folks with more and more items taken away to satisfy the court.
  8. Galveston is the closest cruise port for those living in places like Chicago and Milwaukee. For those from the west coast, it is a shorter flight than flying all the way to Florida to take a Western Caribbean cruise. The terminals also have their act together making it super easy to board. People complain about the distance from the airports to the pier, but Port Canaveral is just about as far from the airport in Orlando. For those of us within an easy drive of Galveston it is a no-brainer. Saving $500-$600 on flights for the two of us every cruise allows us to go 3 or 4 times a year, every year.
  9. We use Himalayan Pink Salt at home, so that is what we choose on board. It is really not that expensive. I just bought 5 pounds of it for $8.99 last week.
  10. The good private tables for 2 are usually tucked along the backside of the staircases, around corners so that no one knows they are there, and along the balcony railing. On several occasions the Maitre'd has turned a table for 4 into a table for 2 for us. It seems to be easier for them to do at late seating, which doesn't seem to ever be full. We often sail on ships more than once, so I often send a request that includes a table number. We have some favorite tables on ships we sail on regularly.
  11. This seems like a very long time for them to be giving out the same gift. We got Lanyards on the Vista in January, Valor in May and Vista again in July. Looks like we will get them on the Dream at the end of October as well. We normally cruise January, May and again in the fall and for the past 3 years we have gotten a different gift each time. They must have gotten some deal on lanyards!
  12. I am talking about in the 1980's- early 90's. Were you sailing Carnival then? I have some 32 year old Caper Papers and there is no fee associated with hitting golf balls off the ship, nor the skeet shooting. It was also free on NCL in the old days.
  13. Xuantunich in Belize was one of the best ruins I have ever been to. Yes, it is all the way across the country and only 1 mile from the Guatemalan border, but it was so worth it.
  14. No, they didn't charge for the golf balls or skeet shooting. My husband did it on many, many cruises back in the old days. If there had been a charge, he would not have done it since he is so cheap!
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