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  1. The chat feature actually made this Gen X's vacation MORE relaxing. Post it notes and white boards always made me and the kids feel tied to a schedule (if you say you will be at trivia, you need to be there). Chat means that if the pool was too crowded you can go elsewhere to read a book or, alternatively, your lounge chair was too comfy - just let everyone know you're going to skip trivia today - without going back to your cabin, hoping people see it or call in to check stateroom phone messages, etc. And checking the app allowed me to catch NINE false charges on my sea pass account (and I didn't have to scroll through 13 screens of the TV to do so) - so keeping my phone handy for that was also beneficial. Plus I have all my music on my phone. That phone was being used - with our without chat.
  2. WOW! Original poster here. I can't believe this happens so often. I knew about the towel charge issue, which is why we were careful to only take out towels on one card, so there was less of a possibility of it getting goofed up and charged. But, it's clearly random because my son didn't even check out any towels. I was glad I was awake at 4:00am and checked my phone. I called customer service immediately and the charge was removed in 10 minutes. I did notice the details of this cruise disappeared from the app sometime on debarkation day though, so it's hard to keep up. I was prepared for lots of grief about the charges, but they were good about all of them. Still - waiting in line at customer service for RCCL errors was not something I cared to do while aboard.
  3. Back from a great cruise on Allure on March 24th. Basically, the only downside was having to watch my SeaPass card like a hawk. I had no fewer than 9 erroneous charges on my account. 1. Three different days I was charged for someone else's drinks in the dining room (a $10.XX charge and a $15.XX charge each of those three nights) (6 different charges) 2. My son and I were each charged for something at the Dog House - this one was an employee error. We got dogs and sodas (from the gun; we had soda packages) and the worker said he had to run our card. I thought it was weird but since he didn't ask us to sign something, I figured all was fine - until two charges showed up about a half an hour later; for two different amounts no less even though our orders were exactly the same. (2 more charge) 3. Finally, a $50 missing towel charge on my son's account at 4:00am on debarkation day (after the paper bill was received) when he NEVER checked out a towel under his name the entire cruise. I had not signed a slip for any of these charges. Thankfully, checking your account is very easy with the Royal App and I was able to get them reversed as they came up, but what a hassle! Keep an eye out!
  4. The new feature has nothing to do with the messaging system. It's basically a user friendly search feature that searches the app for information. For example - you can ask: "When can I play trivia today" or "when does the Windjammer serve lunch" or "which days can I see Ocean Aria" or "what time is All Aboard for San Juan" and the feature will search the app for the answer. It doesn't provide any information not already contained in the app, it's just easier than clicking all around through the activities, etc for your answer.
  5. Unfortunately, you can't create a group text. It's individual messages to individual people.
  6. Just to follow up - everything was fine on the ship. Once onboard, you could search by name and invite everyone in your party (no matter their cabin) to chat. As far as the app goes - it is a great first step, but could use a few more features; most notably - an auditory or vibration alert that you have a message. If you aren't looking at your phone all the time (and who is during a cruise), you don't know that people are trying to communicate with you. The app developers were onboard Allure the week we sailed and we had a nice conversation with a couple of them while eating lunch at Park Cafe (they asked for, and we passed on, our thoughts on the app and they shared with us a new feature they are working on).
  7. Darn it. I guess if the connections don't appear when we are connected to ship wifi, we'll figure it out with some help onbard.
  8. Now I’m wondering if this more of a true “chat” vs “text” where you don’t text with an individual, you have a chat conversation among all connected reservation numbers. If that is the case, then I think I’m good because I’m connected to the first passenger name of each cabin. If everyone in each cabin can read all the messages in the chat and post in the chat, then that works.
  9. That was super unhelpful, but thanks for taking the time to respond! Happy cruising!
  10. We sail on allure Sunday March 24th. Our family is in three cabins. We’d like to text onboard. I’ve added the other reservation numbers, but the app only shows me connected to one person in each of the other two cabins. My teenage kids are in my cabin; they made accounts and can see our reservations, but I’m not connected to them. I’m also not connected to the other adults (Passenger 2) of the other two cabins. Does this update itself when we are onboard and connected to WiFi? If not, how do I find the rest of our party?
  11. I know I've read in the past that some ships interpret the coffee card as one shot = one punch, and some are one drink = one punch. What's the recent interpretation on Allure?
  12. Hi Everyone, Bit of a long shot, but my husband remembered reading somewhere (probably not here) about a man/company that offers private hikes of El Yunque and the "uniqueness" of his hikes are that local friendly trail dogs (strays, I'm assuming) come along for the journey. Of course, now he can neither remember where he read about it, nor can he find it in an internet search. Anyone familiar with this?
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