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  1. @chengkp75 looking at the news coverage today the plan to get attention worked. So can’t blame them. But it not all ships traffic is equal. Even though some cargo traffic is questionable, do we really need all year round products that have to get shipped around the world when they are not in season here? In general it serves a purpose for prosperity world wide. At least in theory. In contrast to that hardly any of the >800 cruise ships and their itineraries have any value. And with nearly 30 or so cruises in 11 years I am part of the problem. I like to pretend it has at least some cultural value but with the restricted port times that is just a lie. And with ships that have a ho-kart track oder laser tag on board no more needs to be said. Not even talking about the $299 med cruises or 3 day Caribbean booze cruises.
  2. Isn’t it think global act local? But your points are a good one and what I would take away from this. Should we allow, and with enlargement and new builds of cruise terminals support, a growth of an industry that still has no short term plan for a nearly zero emission business. It always ticked me off that cruise lines proudly talk about their low whatever fuels in special areas and no one is questioning them why not use the environmental best fuel all of the time. If it is not possible due to demand or cost that would be another indicator for a not sustainable industry that has to be stopped or at least severely limited.
  3. Were any of the passengers and crew harmed, attacked or in any danger. Was property destroyed or the integrity of the ship damaged? As far as I know not at all and there have been no attempts to do so. If that is correct true judgement of the master can’t have been so terribly wrong. Some make it sounds like a group of terrorists attaches explosives to the ship and it was just a minute from sinking 😂
  4. I doubt that. Its probably impossible to avoid. I am traveling at the moment so I haven’t had the time to review all pictures and videos but from what I could see so far. The activists had professional equipment and probably had planned that for weeks. And a group of 50+ people with the skills and physical capabilities showed are not getting stopped by a fence or two. Mans after they blocked the ship it was the job of law enforcement and considering that there was no danger for well being of anyone they just followed their usual protocol.
  5. I am still surprised that the tug boats couldn't help to either bring the ship to a complete stop or at least push/pull it far enough away from the pier to get more time to slow it down.
  6. From the way the scanning process when leaving the ship works it shouldn't be a problem. Cruise lines can more easily spot when a minor tries to go ashore without an adult family member. But it would be really challenging tagging the adults cards appropriately especially with a bigger family group.
  7. The key is being confident and happy traveling solo. Enjoy the ports, drinks, listening to music, watching the sea go by. The studio cabin isn't to bad but to small to use it for anything else than taking a shower and sleeping. The lounge is okay if you like specialty coffee but otherwise rather useless the times a was on ships with studio lounges. No outside view so no reason to stay there while being on a ship.
  8. I chose itinerary first and price/value second. I only had one issue when the assistant maitre d didn't want to let me dine in Le Bistro on NCL because I was wearing a crewneck sweater with t-shirt below, so no collared shirt. I wasn't in the mood to fix it then so I just changed into a running shirt with collar to make him happy. But I discussed that later with the HD and never had an issue again. Other than that no issue with NCL, MSC, Costa, RCI, Celebrity. So one incident with an over eager staff member in more than 25 cruises isn't to bad. It is pretty easy, it is their ship and policies. If we disagree on something I will obey, check with someone in charge if it is the fleet/ship wide policy and if we can't come together I will adjust for that cruise and add that to my decision for the next travels.
  9. Quality fabric and manufacturing, most of the time dark colours and most important proper fit depending on the body type works not just with jeans to look like you made an effort. I just think of celebrity's evening chic, as I travel with hand luggage only including the upcoming 21 day trip on Meraviglia. So no space in my luggage to care about what exactly the cruise line or other guests expect. It has to be multi functional.
  10. It is still calories in vs calories out, whatever you call your diet. The biggest problem is that macro and micro tracking gets so much more difficult when not buying and cooking yourself. That is where most people mess up. Especially with high caloric drinks. So I either don't drink or make sure to only eat nutrient rich less, processed food to make up for it. Use a food tracker to guesstimate your calories and macros every day and try to ramp up the metabolism as much as possible.
  11. There might be different expectations of service but not a different expectation to get the contract fulfilled and the product you paid for. If you think europeans (political, geographical, cultural?) would just accept that, you better cruise out of italy or france, watch and enjoy the show. But if most bartenders are rude to you, we all know where the problem was. That is virtually impossible. On no cruise, american style, european style, departing from all different regions I was able to experience that. Unless of course you p* o* one of them, in the beginning as they talk about guests and the word spreads quick. Good and bad equally. And of course people they know for a while, have cruised with them before, doing a b2b and have been pleasant get a bit more attention. That is even more so an american cruise lines. If I come back there I don't have to wait forever if the bar is busy but get taken care of in between as they know my to go drink anyway.
  12. Done Haven once, regular NCL penthouses twice. On a good itinerary maybe 250€ per night solo absolute maximum. The haven back then was 138€ per night, which was a good value but no way more than double than that. So not even worth looking nowadays. But MSC Yacht Club 205€ per night solo next year so will try that out. I am always surprised what people are willing to pay for some things.
  13. The most disgusting thing is actually seeing young filipino women getting hugged and touched by old obese western guests. How many young female crew member do you think actually dream of getting touched in such a way by a random stranger? To many guests actually see friendliness and politeness of service staff as an invitation for crossing all borders of acceptable behaviour.
  14. Actually that the officers on the ship have no influence and can't do anything is wrong. It might be that NCL nowadays just doesn't care anymore but for example on MSC the beverage manager was able to contact the shoreside to relay the complains of the guests and got part of the menu reincluded in an old package. So confronting highly paid people on board with concerns about policies implement by their employer, who they represent at those meetings is completely in line and when you deal with a good customer oriented company would even be beneficial for everyone. I see a similar thing going on at the Hotel and Captains Q&A were critical questions about sanitation, environmental efforts and similar get just PR blabla and evasive answers.
  15. I didn’t read the post but I was on board. The medical evac patient died as we were informed at the b2b party. Was a bit surreal along the line: btw because people asked the person evacuated died. And now enjoy the music and drinks. Fire on the promenade deck near or in the life boat was extinguished really quick and no damage visible after they reopened the promenade deck. Yeah we had a complete stop after leaving Semarang and the azipods were turned sideways without us moving a bit. Tug came and gave us a very minimal push if at all. But as a common theme no communication on this cruise about what exactly happened. Worst thing though the first time ever that I experienced that no individual guests were allowed into tenders for nearly two hours as shore excursions had absolute priority. Maybe Haven got escorted but platinum up were only announced and afaik strictly enforced after nearly two hours. Made us miss a couple of spots in Bali on our tour. Absolute no go and will absolutely remember that for other more unique itineraries like the spirit to South Africa.
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