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  1. Thank you, The information there looks good and we may yet join. We probably could benefit from seeing if someone wants to share a taxi to get to and from Smith's Cove in Georgetown or to El Pescador in Cozumel for great fish tacos and a nice beach.
  2. We will be on the Reflection Mardi Gras cruise, and were wondering how easy it will be to get from the ship to the French Quarter at various times o the day and night, as we are there for almost three days. We hope to use the street car and buses with a Jazzy Pass. Is there a shuttle from the ship to the Riverfront Streetcar line, or a nearby bus route that will be close to the ship? Also is the ship accessible 24 hours while in port?
  3. Here is a scan of the menu in the dining room. Each day there is a separate page for the daily specials. The New Years menu is also on the scan. I did not "knit" the pages together, so it overlaps a few places. BTW, most of the food was very good and interesting. . PullmanturMenu and NY2020.pdf
  4. What was the muster safety drill like? It was outside on Deck 7, and very old style, and long. Did you check out the library and if so, was there a good amount of English books or should we bring our own? Very limited selection and no English that I could see but I was not really looking, as we used it as a meeting place. Was there ice cream? Yes, in the dining room, but did not look for it in the buffet. What were the hot tubs like? HOT or not? Did not try Cleaned regularly? Do not know. Here is a video of our suite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbuHv11PHrM&feature=youtu.be
  5. I realize the ship is quite old but did you notice this and if so, how or where? The interior of the ship is dated but in good condition overall. Some areas seem to have been refurbished recently especially public area washrooms. What was the state of the carpets? The carpets were very good with no obvious wear except for what looked like a recent spill in the main reception area. Did you get to see any of the inside or outside regular cabins? Not on this cruise. What type of food did they serve in the buffet? Any pics? Food in the buffet was quite varied, and many Spanish dishes like seafood paella, but burgers and hot dogs were also available in the late afternoon. Good quality fruit and cheeses too, and the baked goods were exceptional. They have the best croissants we have had on any cruise. No pics of the buffet food, sorry. What were the specailty coffees like? There are a few but the only one I remember is cafe bonbon which my wife likes. The ship coffee is Juan Valdez, Colombian coffee and there are expresso machines in all bars on the ship. Thank you for any other comments and pics you can post of the ship I will post some pics later.
  6. We just got off the New Years Southern Caribbean Monarch sailing. This was our second time on the Monarch on basically the same route out of Cartagena, Colombia, but this time instead of stopping in Caracas we overnighted in Curacao on New Years. As it was a number of special occasions for us we booked the Royal Suite. The suite was a memories of the 90s marble and wood trim super space with some quirks. The bedroom had a true king size bed and the bath room had a gigantic jacuzzi tub. The toilet was a very small cubicle (memories of the Edge Sky Suite we had) and the shower was not a lot larger than the toilet space. On a previous cruise on the Sovereign there were glasses on the shelves and it looked homier but the shelves were bare in the cabin. probably too much theft these days. I made a walk around video of the Suite that I will eventually put up on YouTube and post a link here for those interested. If we do travel on the Monarch again we will opt for the Suite beside ours as it has a much more efficient bath room with a lot of other space too. The balcony was big enough for a table and two chairs as well as two loungers, which were provided at our request. The balcony was next to the wing bridge and we had a nice chat with the Captain there one evening. One thing we talked about was that this cruise was our second New Years cruise, the first being 10 years earlier and the Captain was the same person, but the ship was different. We even gave him a copy of the New Years menu from 2010. The ship was full and with many large multi generation family groups, making it a little hectic. We will probably not do another New Years cruise in this part of the world The food was good and quite creative but service was a little rushed. We had the black wrist bands so we had a broader selection of drinks than the basic free package. The number of wines was limited but quite decent overall. All ports were 30 degrees or hotter which was hard to get used to again, but eventually we did, and we especially enjoyed our half day excursion touring around Aruba, which included an hour and a half at Eagle Beach which was great. The excursion was only $43 US per person. If you have any questions about the Monarch, just ask.
  7. We just got off the Monarch and after asking the Captain about this he said that the ship is "leased" to CVC Brasil for that market.He also indicated that Pullmantur plans to expand their fleet to seven over the next few years and expects that as new cruise facilities open up on the west side of the Panama Canal and other places , Pullmantur will be offering cruises on the west side of South America too.
  8. The Sovereign seems to be in South America but I can not find anywhere to be able to book a cruise on its South America sailings, nor any information on these sailings. Anyone know how or why?
  9. Does anyone know who the current Captain is on the Monarch?
  10. Good review. We were booked on this cruise but cancelled as we decided to do a trans Atlantic with Celebrity instead. Maybe next year. We have enjoyed all Pullmantur ships except Zenith which will be leaving their fleet soon. We are booked on a New Years cruise on the Monarch in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to that as it will be our 20th cruise as well as my wife's birthday and our wedding anniversary too. We will overnight in Willemstad on New Years. Our first cruise was ten years ago on the Pullmantur Pacific Dream, now the Horizon, and that was a New Years cruise too.
  11. We were recently in 2108 and the Reflection and noise was not an issue. However, the balcony, although roomy being on the edge of the hump, was mostly in shade due to the overhang from the deck above. Wish we had been in a Sky Suite one deck lower for that reason.
  12. We normally cruise on Celebrity and are now Elite Plus, but have seen an NCL Joy cruise that interests us. Also we normally get a Sky Suite on Celebrity with all perks. What would be a comparable cabin on NCL, and can anyone comment on how dining and drink packages compare? We liked Luminae on Celebrity and would there be anything like it on Joy?
  13. We recently tried the Daniel Boulud items on the Luminae dinner menu and thought they were great. I had the Moroccan tagine chicken twice and enjoyed the flavours. For dessert, the vacherin was also excellent when we first tried it early in the cruise, but near the end we tried it again and they served it without the meringue and without fresh berries as they had run out of fresh berries. It was not as good. I would have thought that when a chef puts his name on a menu, if the item could not be served as specified in the recipe it would not be served.
  14. We just did a TA on the Reflection and the internet speed varied a lot. When we did use Skype it was great but sometimes, especially in ports it slowed a lot. There was a note in each daily program stating the internet could be intermittent, but overall it was OK.
  15. That is true, but cold tomatoes do annoy me more than baseball caps. I should have prioritized my peeves. Thanks for the correction.
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