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    From their website translatted by Google: HEALTH PROTOCOLS RELATED TO COVID-19 March 4, 2020 At Pullmantur Cruises we are constantly monitoring the development of Covid-19 in order to adjust the performance protocols: the safety of our passengers and crew members is always our top priority. Right now, all our efforts are focused on implementing and updating the different preventive measures adopted by the company. In this way, and following the guidelines and procedures established by our Group and medical team, we have reinforced the protocols carried out to this day. These are based on the indications issued by different organizations, among which are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization and other public health authorities. Thus, and following the guidelines and procedures established by our Group and medical team, until further notice and regardless of nationality, we are obliged to cancel the cruise / deny boarding to : 1. All those persons who have traveled in the last 15 days “from”, “to” or “through” China, Hong Kong, Macao, Iran, South Korea and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna . 2. All those who have been in contact with people who have traveled in the last 15 days “from”, “to” or “through” China, Hong Kong, Macao, Iran, South Korea and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. All those people who feel unwell or have flu symptoms. The days - counted as full days - will be calculated from the expected date of shipment. In addition, we will proceed to carry out medical checks before shipment to all those people who in the last 15 days : 1. Have traveled "from", "to" or "through" Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Italy (all regions except Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna). 2. Do not be sure if you were in contact with people who have traveled “from”, “to” or “through” China, Hong Kong, Macao, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Italy. Boarding will be denied to those who have a fever or have low blood oxygen levels during the medical check-up. On board we have rigorous medical protocols that we would activate in the event that any of our passengers or crew members were ill during the cruise. These include professional medical treatment, isolation of sick people, intensification of cleaning procedures, air filtration and disinfection. Denial of boarding / cancellation for any of the above reasons (health protocols related to coronavirus) We will proceed to reimburse the amount paid to Pullmantur Cruises to all those who cannot make their trip for any of the reasons stated above. To access your refund, you must present the corresponding supporting documents that will be validated by Pullmantur Cruises. Those who cancel their trip because they feel unwell or have flu symptoms should provide a medical certificate issued by a specialist. Those issued by a family or general practitioner will not be valid. We ask our clients to follow the guidelines set at all times by the competent health authorities in relation to COVID19 in their place of residence. We will also offer you a 50% bonus of your reservation (calculated on the cabin rate), provided that the hiring takes place before December 31, 2020. Both steps will be carried out following the usual procedures. Cancellation for reasons other than coronavirus related health protocols All those people who want to cancel their cruise for reasons other than those described above (health protocols related to the coronavirus) must pay the corresponding cancellation fees.
  2. The only restaurant available was the Oceanview Cafe and it opened at 11:15. Can't recall about the pools. Was it worth it? If there are any other hotels/resorts that have a day pass option I think that would be better, depending on the price and ease of access.
  3. Plato123


    As far as cuisine goes, it will be good and Spanish accented. I posted a menu in this forum from a January Caribbean cruise on the Monarch, and I expect it will be the same as a Med cruise because it was marked "Europe" on the back. The walls and doors are metal. Tips are up to you, and if service is good we normally tip our cabin attendant and maybe a good dining room waiter, but otherwise we don't.
  4. We were provided information on procedures for the Extend Your Stay "Excursion" the day prior to arrival in Fort Lauderdale. We were given special baggage tags which we put on our bags and left outside our cabin the night before arrival. We could stay in our Cabin/Suite until 9am, one hour longer than normal. We decided to have breakfast on the buffet which was very busy, then returned to our cabin . We probably could have had breakfast in Luminae as we were in a suite, but chose the buffet instead. As a side note, I really enjoy the canned figs that are in the buffet as part of my breakfast, but it was not until disembarkation day that they were available, and I had asked earlier during the cruise and was told they did not have any. We left the cabin just before 9am and the 24 of us who were on this "excursion" reported to the Shore Excursions desk at 9:30 where we were given excursion stickers and small classic drink package stickers which we were told to affix to our visitors badges which we got later from Security. Interestingly, we were able to store our carry on items at the Shore Excursion desk for pick up when we finally got back on the ship. We were then escorted off the ship, picked up our luggage and went through Immigration, then dropped off our luggage in a secure area where it could be picked up anytime before 2:30 when we finally left the ship. Next we were escorted to Celebrity Security where we handed over our passports and exchanged them for Celebrity visitor badges, onto which we stuck our little Classic Beverage stickers. then re-boarded the ship at about 10:45. Cafe Al Bacio was open but not much else so we had some decent coffee. At 11:15 the Oceanview Buffet opened and we were able to get lunch and a glass of wine. Later we picked up our carry on bags at the Shore Excursions desk. We chose to leave the ship at 1:45, and dropped off our visitors badges and retrieved our passports then picked up our baggage in the secure area then got a taxi to the airport. We were able to get a taxi that was dropping of new arrivals at that time. It was fascination to watch as the ship went from almost a ghost town then rapidly filled as embarkation proceeded. From quiet to crazy. The cost (which seemed to vary among us on the excursion), the time wasted in the process and the limited facilities open need to be considered against the terrible waiting room at Fort Lauderdale Airport. For us, we had lots of onboard credits so it was worth it.
  5. Thanks again, I ordered All Good Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 from Amazon.ca. I compared price with Walmart.com (US) and Amazon.ca was cheaper and delivered, especially as I use Prime at the moment.
  6. You are right, I missed that. Any recommended local places to buy these as we seem to be in the same place? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, but I do not say any mention of Bio-degradable sunscreen in the article.
  8. In the important notes for an upcoming Cozumel excursion, There is this note: The National Marine Park of Cozumel forbids the use of chemical sun protection if entering the water. Only UV protective clothing (rash guard) or biodegradable sun protection are permitted in an effort to protect our oceans. Can anyone suggest some sun screens that would be permitted?
  9. I picked up the Spanish version while in Barcelona, but just found a downloadable English version of the current catalog on the Brazilian site. https://www.pullmantur.com.br/en/brochures
  10. Thank you, The information there looks good and we may yet join. We probably could benefit from seeing if someone wants to share a taxi to get to and from Smith's Cove in Georgetown or to El Pescador in Cozumel for great fish tacos and a nice beach.
  11. We will be on the Reflection Mardi Gras cruise, and were wondering how easy it will be to get from the ship to the French Quarter at various times o the day and night, as we are there for almost three days. We hope to use the street car and buses with a Jazzy Pass. Is there a shuttle from the ship to the Riverfront Streetcar line, or a nearby bus route that will be close to the ship? Also is the ship accessible 24 hours while in port?
  12. Here is a scan of the menu in the dining room. Each day there is a separate page for the daily specials. The New Years menu is also on the scan. I did not "knit" the pages together, so it overlaps a few places. BTW, most of the food was very good and interesting. . PullmanturMenu and NY2020.pdf
  13. What was the muster safety drill like? It was outside on Deck 7, and very old style, and long. Did you check out the library and if so, was there a good amount of English books or should we bring our own? Very limited selection and no English that I could see but I was not really looking, as we used it as a meeting place. Was there ice cream? Yes, in the dining room, but did not look for it in the buffet. What were the hot tubs like? HOT or not? Did not try Cleaned regularly? Do not know. Here is a video of our suite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbuHv11PHrM&feature=youtu.be
  14. I realize the ship is quite old but did you notice this and if so, how or where? The interior of the ship is dated but in good condition overall. Some areas seem to have been refurbished recently especially public area washrooms. What was the state of the carpets? The carpets were very good with no obvious wear except for what looked like a recent spill in the main reception area. Did you get to see any of the inside or outside regular cabins? Not on this cruise. What type of food did they serve in the buffet? Any pics? Food in the buffet was quite varied, and many Spanish dishes like seafood paella, but burgers and hot dogs were also available in the late afternoon. Good quality fruit and cheeses too, and the baked goods were exceptional. They have the best croissants we have had on any cruise. No pics of the buffet food, sorry. What were the specailty coffees like? There are a few but the only one I remember is cafe bonbon which my wife likes. The ship coffee is Juan Valdez, Colombian coffee and there are expresso machines in all bars on the ship. Thank you for any other comments and pics you can post of the ship I will post some pics later.
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