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  1. It's been several years since a 10-night itinerary had 3 gala nights. Almost certainly, there will only be 2. First is usually the first sea day, but if the itinerary starts with 2 sea days in a row my last experience is the gala night was the 2nd sea day. The 2nd gala night will be the last sea day, unless that's the final night of the cruise....in that case, look for a night preceding that where you leave port a bit earlier than the other nights. Sue/WDW1972
  2. Wow - my low opinion of Carnival just dropped....not sure if I'm more offended by the thought that Carnival would think I'm smuggling alcohol in my water bottle, or the realization that it must be common behavior by my fellow passengers. In any event, glad I swore off that line after my only Carnival cruise in the late 70's! Life's too short to put up with that sort of stuff....and the passengers who were the cause of them implementing such a thing! Sue/WDW1972
  3. I've done that HAL itinerary many times, over several years - and it's my favorite! I'm booked again for this November. I started cruising in my mid-30's and don't buy the whole "floating seniors home" nonsense. I've tried other lines, but HAL is my cruise line of choice, and now at age 60 I find myself being one of the "seniors" compared to many of the passengers. In the old days, when I was younger, I really enjoyed the older HAL passengers - they were interesting, well-traveled, and just great to be around. But, if you want to believe the old stereotypes that's fine...but it could possibly be your loss too 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  4. If your aim is to have daylight (rather than cruising in a walk-in closet), the obstructed views could work for you. I want a clear, unobstructed view so I won't book one. There shouldn't be any noise from the shops, or even the casino. The music venues are what cause noise if you're above one. Sue/WDW1972
  5. It's supposed to, but I've never pre-ordered. For me, it's just as easy to order from any beverage steward roaming through the Lido (or dining room) during lunch on embarkation day, and then I can specify which bottle I want and where to have it on that evening. The price charged is net of the discount, so no having to look for the discount to appear. Sue/WDW1972
  6. Perhaps you should ask this on the Princess board - why would anyone here have that? Sue/WDW1972
  7. Like Joanie, I knew early (in my 30's) that HAL was the line for me, and don't bother with the others. When I see the others in port, I see the obvious ways they're inferior - I'd never be in a port if my "home" wasn't a HAL ship. Now at age 60, I see no reason to venture out to the others, unless for some reason HAL was to change to the point it wasn't acceptable...so far it hasn't happened, but if so I would probably try Celebrity. HAL feels like home to me, and even my son (32 now) considers HAL his cruise line. I took him on a Disney cruise at age 13 and he asked if his future cruises could please be on HAL. As a 20-something he cruised Carnival with a bunch of friends. I thought he'd love it, but he hated it - hated the cruise line, hated the fellow passengers, hated the food....and my son can "party" with the best of them! He proposed on a HAL cruise (Eurodam), in the Pinnacle Grill...no doubt when he & his wife & son start cruising again it'll be on HAL. It's not just for old farts - it's for people who appreciate a nice experience compared to other lines. Sue/WDW1972
  8. That's correct. You might get that right away - never ordered either of those myself. They bring out their almond cookies around 3pm, and that's something they'll just reach into the jar with a napkin and hand to you - worth trying. Sue/WDW1972
  9. At Grand Dutch Cafe, you order at the counter. They'll give you a number, you go sit down, and they bring the food to you (by seeing the number sitting on your table). You can also get the food "to go" to take back to your stateroom. They're wonderful at Grand Dutch Cafe! Sue/WDW1972
  10. Don't think they will - unless you specifically ask perhaps. Those future cruise credits are good for a number of years (4 perhaps), so when you canceled your cruise that left the future cruise credits to be used on another booking. If you don't book anything by the expiration date of the future cruise credits, you'll see a credit posted to the credit card you used to purchase them. Sue/WDW1972
  11. I've done many solo HAL cruises and have never attended any of the singles/solos events - mainly because the time they're offered doesn't work for me, or I'm not interested (not going to come in off my chaise lounge for a big lunch in the dining room, for example). I guess I don't need those things to enjoy my cruises - meeting people randomly (or not) is better for me. Sue/WDW1972
  12. It's singles & solos. Marital status isn't a requirement. Sue/WDW1972
  13. Your reports are a favorite - always so upbeat, great photos, and you both seem to genuinely enjoy each moment of your voyages. Thank you for taking the time - I've really enjoyed it! Sue/WDW1972
  14. Absolutely not! The family Retreat cabanas on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam are a disgrace! They're barely bigger than a regular cabana, and contain 2 loungers and 2 small side chairs that are against the wall behind the 2 loungers. Your best bet is to book 2 separate cabanas - one for each couple, and let HAL know you're together so they can be next to each other. Sue/WDW1972
  15. The obvious solution is booking separate staterooms. My cruise buddy and I always book our own staterooms - neither of us are into the "roommate" thing. It's hard enough sharing when hubby cruises with me, so I'm certainly not going to share my bedroom/bathroom with a friend. It's tough on the budget, but worth it to me - I'd rather cruise well than cruise more often. Sue/WDW1972
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