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  1. I agree 100% - thanks for saying what I was thinking. Sue/WDW1972
  2. Thanks for sharing your voyage! Looking forward to future installments. Sue/WDW1972
  3. Yes, I was also in my 30's, but HAL was my 3rd line (after Carnival and NCL). Once I cruised HAL I never looked back - they were the line for me & my son (about 10 when we started). He grew up on HAL. When he was 13 I took him on his first Disney cruise. He asked if his future cruises could please be back on HAL. When he was early-mid 20's he cruised a Carnival ship with a bunch of friends. I expected him to love it (being one who likes to drink & have fun) but he HATED it. Said the passengers were trashy/drunks, the food sucked, etc. A couple/few years later he booked a HAL cruise and proposed in the Pinnacle Grill. He & his wife clearly love HAL, despite being very early 30's now. So, don't assume HAL is just for old farts. It's for people who appreciate that age can bring wisdom and interesting experiences...which enhances our travel. As a youngster I really enjoyed the older HAL passengers because they were so well-traveled, accomplished, and just nice people. Now I'm 60 (almost 61) so I'm fast becoming one of those old farts the ignorant stereotype the line to be 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  4. I think I bought around $30/share, and start the 13th cruise (w/OBC) since then in a couple months, so I'm not worried. I bought figuring I'd get my $3,000 investment back in OBC so even if the stock tanked I would break even. So far, I've done better than expected. In any event, my investment is chump change in the grand scheme of things. Sue/WDW1972
  5. It used to be 3 nights many years ago, but then HAL dropped it to 2 formal nights...then 2 gala nights. Same is true for the 11-night itineraries. Sue/WDW1972
  6. It's been many years since I sailed Veendam, and I've come to really like the venues and amenities on the newer HAL ships (Vista and after) so I couldn't justify booking well in advance. It's possible, since Tampa is 2 hours away and Port Everglades is 5+ hours away that I'd add one at the relatively last minute if the price was too attractive to pass up. I do enjoy sailing under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The itinerary does nothing for me, but I cruise for life on the ship. I just have to be sure not having BB King's, Billboard, Tamarind, etc won't make me regret it! Sue/WDW1972
  7. HAL's the only cruise line I book these days (tried others, came back to HAL to stay). I'm 60, but started with HAL in my mid-30's. Many of my cruises are solo, although sometimes another solo friend books a stateroom on the same cruise. I've always found HAL great, whether cruising with my husband, with a friend (in her own stateroom), or as a true solo not knowing anyone else on board. Nieuw Statendam in particular has many great dining options you don't see on the smaller ships, and it has the Music Walk with live music pretty much all night. The ship is beautiful, too. The "cons" would be the smaller staterooms as compared to the older HAL ships, and the lack of a wide promenade deck with lounge chairs. I expected to not like it, but I found the "pros" outweighed those cons for me, so I'll stick with it. I've got my 3rd on the Koningsdam coming up, and will do Nieuw Statendam for the 2nd time in 2020 - fully confident I'll have a great time as a solo. Sue/WDW1972
  8. Never - I can't imagine worrying about such things. I do keep my stateroom neat, out of consideration for my stewards (and not wanting to live like a slob). But wiping anything down or bringing cleaning stuff? No way. Sue/WDW1972
  9. I recently finished a blog by someone on that ship, who didn't have a connecting door, and they were shocked by how much the walls were "like paper". They heard their neighbor's tv, cough/clearing throat, etc. I would NEVER risk a stateroom with a connecting door, because you'll hear even more than normal. Good luck - if you can change the cabin assignment, do so. Sue/WDW1972
  10. The November cruise that's so cheap has a couple of reasons for that. First, November is still hot & it's not as desirable time to sail. Second, that cruise is probably past final payment, which is when you'll see the fares drop the most if the ship isn't all booked. On a March cruise, the most likely fare drop would come after final payment, which will be too late for anyone already booked (if the goal is to pay less). Check again after 9/30, when one of the current promos ends. Also check around Thanksgiving, when there may be a HAL "black Friday" sale - but be prepared to also give up any perks you currently have in order to get the lower fare. Sue/WDW1972
  11. It's been several years since a 10-night itinerary had 3 gala nights. Almost certainly, there will only be 2. First is usually the first sea day, but if the itinerary starts with 2 sea days in a row my last experience is the gala night was the 2nd sea day. The 2nd gala night will be the last sea day, unless that's the final night of the cruise....in that case, look for a night preceding that where you leave port a bit earlier than the other nights. Sue/WDW1972
  12. Wow - my low opinion of Carnival just dropped....not sure if I'm more offended by the thought that Carnival would think I'm smuggling alcohol in my water bottle, or the realization that it must be common behavior by my fellow passengers. In any event, glad I swore off that line after my only Carnival cruise in the late 70's! Life's too short to put up with that sort of stuff....and the passengers who were the cause of them implementing such a thing! Sue/WDW1972
  13. I've done that HAL itinerary many times, over several years - and it's my favorite! I'm booked again for this November. I started cruising in my mid-30's and don't buy the whole "floating seniors home" nonsense. I've tried other lines, but HAL is my cruise line of choice, and now at age 60 I find myself being one of the "seniors" compared to many of the passengers. In the old days, when I was younger, I really enjoyed the older HAL passengers - they were interesting, well-traveled, and just great to be around. But, if you want to believe the old stereotypes that's fine...but it could possibly be your loss too 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  14. If your aim is to have daylight (rather than cruising in a walk-in closet), the obstructed views could work for you. I want a clear, unobstructed view so I won't book one. There shouldn't be any noise from the shops, or even the casino. The music venues are what cause noise if you're above one. Sue/WDW1972
  15. It's supposed to, but I've never pre-ordered. For me, it's just as easy to order from any beverage steward roaming through the Lido (or dining room) during lunch on embarkation day, and then I can specify which bottle I want and where to have it on that evening. The price charged is net of the discount, so no having to look for the discount to appear. Sue/WDW1972
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