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  1. Crown is just moving to a different home port hence redeployment. Definitely not being sold or scrapped.
  2. It would just be called Carnivale, like how the current or soon to be Mardi Gras isnt called Carnival Mardi Gras and I don’t think it’s known as it.
  3. They won’t scrap the entire Fantasy class, Arnold said they are still popular and still money makers, of course it’s a matter of opinion. Fantasy and Inspiration are basically confirmed, Ecstasy is retuning to Freeport, Imagination is still holding on the other side of the canal, Fascination is heading to Cadiz so that’s an interesting one. But all 13 ships were accounted for if you count Atlantica, Mediterranea, Aria and Dawn in the mix, if they aren’t counted then I’d imagine Princess will lose most likely Sun and Pacific though I do suspect they will save and sell Pacific to Oceania
  4. Inspiration will be following Fantasy to Izmir.
  5. Fascination was Malta bound but instead is heading to Cadiz where Radiance is.
  6. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23246-four-holland-america-line-ships-sold.html Maasdam, Veendam, Amsterdam and Rotterdam all sold but not for scrap.
  7. That’s a good question, they may bring the ship all the way to anchorage and then hop off, considering Monarch is anchored now, I couldn’t imagine the captain waiting until it’s time to beach it, or maybe?
  8. Fascination is bond for Malta so that will be interesting. Where did you see Imagination was sold, she’s still holding on the other side of the canal, so if she was sold she’s be sailing towards Inspiration in Curaçao by now. Ecstasy is sailing around Africa but I don’t believe was sold. Inspiration is either being stripped or is taking on whatever was taken off Fantasy so we shall see soon But you didn’t name Fantasy who is actually sailing towards Turkey? Also curious about neoRomantica.
  9. Correction, Star Flyer not Star Clipper.
  10. Well here’s Monarch’s most recent position, should pass by Star Clipper soon, Zenith off in the distance on the port side. Sovereign is still tied up in Malta.
  11. You are blaming them for something they have no control over, plus all the big companies are in the same situation as Carnival. Look at Pullmantur, the ships are basically sailing to the scrap yard or else where and they have yet to announce it and that brand falls under Royal Caribbean.
  12. That is correct, no second hand buyer really wants those ships, lack of balconies among other things. Plus the ship is hitting 30, about the end of its service life so internal maintenance costs probably exceed any profit the ship could make at reduced capacity
  13. Did they update the tracker for Inspiration, they will probably sail together.
  14. Paradise and Elation are the safest due to them having azipods instead fixed propellers like the other 6. They won’t pull that many ships from one brand, Diamond, Sapphire, Crown and Ruby are still fairly young and much bigger then the ships Carnival Corp is letting go, wouldn’t make any sense unless they are shuffled to a different brand in house. If anything they will lose Sun and probably Pacific and keep Sea for a bit. I also don’t understand why people think Princess would get rid of Diamond/Ruby which I get they received negative press but if any brand was going to
  15. 13 Ships in Total: Previously announced ships: Costa Atlantica, Mediterranea, Pacific Aria and Pacific Dawn Costa Victoria and Oceana, plus 3 unnamed and now 2-3 more have agreements reached.
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