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  1. Empress was the only ship that was able to clear Hamilton/St. George, as that was quite a bit smaller than Vision.
  2. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24621-royal-caribbean-adds-second-ship-to-north-american-start-from-bermuda.html
  3. “The remaining ship to join Carnival Corporation's fleet in 2021 is widely expected to be Holland America's Rotterdam, although the company did not elaborate on delivery dates or ships in its earnings press release. Other ships previously scheduled to join the company's global fleet in 2021 included the AIDAcosma, Seabourn Venture and Costa Toscana, plus the Discovery Princess, which have all been delayed thus far.” https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24181-carnival-to-delay-most-remaining-2021-ship-deliveries.html
  4. 17 have been announced if you include Fascination and Sea Princess. So it’s just two ships unknown, probably Pacific Princess (Island/Coral are due to receive Medallion) and either as you said vita/aura.
  5. Because new builds are signed under contract, also why they are dumping older ships in the mean time to make capacity room. Four Fantasy Ships: ~~ 8,200 capacity (Rough estimate) Mardi Gras/Celebration: ~~ 10,400 capacity But they still receiving investments so they are good for now.
  6. Yes that is her new name: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ship-operations/chinese-start-buys-sea-princess-vships-leisure-manage-ship
  7. Sun Princess was sold to Peace Boat and is now Pacific World, and her sister Sea Princess was sold to another upcoming Chinese cruise line and has been renamed Charming.
  8. They won’t say anything until it’s official, like everything else in the cruise world, it’s all under contract. But it makes sense for it to be Infinity and Constellation, the pair have been floating around in Greek waters for a while. While the other two are sitting in US waters.
  9. Which I posted it in the Pullmantur forum, someone responded with two of the four are fairly updated and two are not, I’m curious which of the two aren’t.
  10. Gives them time to reorganize until then, the article is an interesting read.
  11. After Apex, there’s 3 more one of which is Beyond; which two haven’t had major work done? I thought all 4 were pretty up to date and pretty popular with Celebrity.
  12. https://www.cruises-info.com/2020/11/pullmantur-cruises-update-2-millenium.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR1qp-Wo48C0gJ3P76UmcJFooxX9mZVDBkj_3n-f6wXMkVXwLLWoxEMgma4 The highlight of the article: “In this way, it will continue in line with the commitment acquired to obtain two Millennium class vessels at Pullmantur’s disposal under the terms derived from the business plan.”
  13. Crown is just moving to a different home port hence redeployment. Definitely not being sold or scrapped.
  14. It would just be called Carnivale, like how the current or soon to be Mardi Gras isnt called Carnival Mardi Gras and I don’t think it’s known as it.
  15. They won’t scrap the entire Fantasy class, Arnold said they are still popular and still money makers, of course it’s a matter of opinion. Fantasy and Inspiration are basically confirmed, Ecstasy is retuning to Freeport, Imagination is still holding on the other side of the canal, Fascination is heading to Cadiz so that’s an interesting one. But all 13 ships were accounted for if you count Atlantica, Mediterranea, Aria and Dawn in the mix, if they aren’t counted then I’d imagine Princess will lose most likely Sun and Pacific though I do suspect they will save and sell Pacific to Oceania
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