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  1. Just got my RoyalUp email for  7 dayJune 30th sailing on Harmony.  We are currently in an oceanview balcony room on deck 8 (8278).  Current offer is $300pp for Junior Suite, $700 pp for Grand Suite, $1100pp for Owners Suite.  They have other offers such as spacious balcony room and ultra spacious balcony room but I didn't even see those rooms on our cruise so I'm just going to ignore them.  Would you upgrade at these prices?

  2. I was going to purchase for 2 people going with me that are in a separate room.  I put both people in the cart, selected to "pay by guest" since I was going to use 2 different credit cards.  I paid for the one person, when I went to pay for the other one they had already sold out, so I guess the one I purchased was the last one.  So now I have 1 person in a room that has a key and 1 person that doesn't.  That was several weeks ago for a June 30th sailing on Harmony.  I called to see if there was any way to add the key for the 1 person that doesn't have it since that's kinda awkward for 1 to get the perks but the other not to and they wouldn't allow it.  For a week or so The Key just said "check on board".  Now The Key isn't even listed.  I know it's been sold out but I find it odd that they removed it completely instead of just leaving the "check on board".  I guess this was kind of a long way for me to say that I can see how only 1 person in a room can end up with the Key.  At least in this type of situation. 

  3. 1 hour ago, A&L_Ont said:


    Just a heads up, some cabanas are for 8 people but there is at least one for 6.  That is Thrill Water Park.

    True!  I was just responding back to someone who stated they reserved a cabana in Chill Island section, which is 8. 


    I also had to talk with Royal rep today on a different matter but asked about the letters.  She told me the letters don't mean anything or indicate any specific cabana, she stated if it was going to reference a specific cabana it would have had a number that corresponds to the number on the cabana and that I should go to customer service when I get on the boat and pick my cabana.  Not sure how accurate that is or if we will know exactly until it all opens up in May.  Just thought I would share.

  4. 2 hours ago, BGY1962 said:

    We are on the Mariner in June and received reservation for Chill Island Cabana C.  Does anyone know if we have to add others to the reservation since we are sharing with two other cabins?  


    Once you get to the Cabana area the attendant will have wristbands for however many you are allowed.  I believe with the Perfect Day change over it is 8 people.  I know last year as long as people either gave my name (as the reservation was under me) or cabana # they were given a wristband until I reached the max number of people allowed.

  5. I was told they didn't.  I have a group of 13 traveling in June and they said basically all cabanas are about the same size.  I'm in Chill Island and they said I would get 8 wristbands with our cabana.  Now I just have to find others that might be willing to give/sell me a couple of their wristbands so I can get my whole group in.

  6. 2 hours ago, Vlgg731 said:

    We are assigned to A on Allure of the Seas for December 22nd sailing.  Look forward to hearing Panzafit finds out about their cabana location.  I was surprised when I just checked  our reservation there was an assignment.  Please let us know how you like the cabana.

    I will let you know.  December 22nd is my wedding anniversary. 🙂

  7. My family and I are a group of 12 visiting St.Thomas in July.  We are docking at Crown Bay and would like to do a little shopping at Charlotte Amalie, see Mountaintop, and do a few hours as a beach day at Maegens or Sapphire (suggestions which beach?).  When I calculated the cost for a taxi to go to these places it was about the same cost as an excursion.  I looked up private companies (Godfrey, Sunny Liston, and Jeep Buddys) but they all state the latest they leave is noon and we don't dock until noon.  We are there from 12-8.  Would it just be better to book the excursion through Royal Caribbean or does someone know if there's a private company that will do a later tour?  Being there from 12-8 should we plan to do beach first then shopping and then maybe Mountaintop around sunset?

  8. That's what I asked, why did they cancel it.  I told her that I wanted to upgrade my husbands drink package but I was going to use 2 different cards for payment.  She said they couldn't do that. So I said, ok, I'll just keep it how it is then. Her response was, I already cancelled it.  I asked to speak to her supervisor and he said there was nothing they could do.  I called back twice more thinking I might get a different answer about being able to use the gift card and my credit card but kept getting the same answer, can't use multiple forms of payment.  They said if I wanted to pay my package with one card and his with one card they could do that but not two cards for 1 package.  Also kept getting the "nothing they can do" about the cancelled package. I finally ended up just going online and getting him the drink package and just paid with my regular card.  Guess I'll save the gift cards for cruise clothes. Seeing how I have about $600 worth of gift cards looks like I'll be set.

  9. Ugh!  I called today and they are telling me you can't use 2 separate payments for 1 item.  Of course they cancelled the package I had that I received Black Friday pricing so now not only can I not use the gift cards I have but I have to pay current pricing.  They are sorry, but there's nothing they can do. 

  10. I know you can use gift cards to purchase obc, but can you use gift cards to pay for a portion of a drink package and then use credit card to pay whatever the gift card doesn't cover.  For example, if I call to order the package and if drink package was $800 for 2 people.  Could I use $100 Visa gift card and then pay $700 on my regular credit card?

  11. We are 90 days before our cruise.  Yay!!!  That means we can complete online check in which I have already done for my room.  I logged online as my daughter to check in as her but her check in is grayed out and says "only guests 21 and over can access check in".  She turns 21 the day we board the cruise.  Does that mean she's just going to have to do full check in at the port instead of online?

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