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  1. Thanks! He was just going to do an interior guarantee, so location isn't a concern. There does look to be a good number of rooms left so maybe I will tell him to wait. I've been monitoring prices since we purchased in case he wanted to come. Of course this week when he finally decides is the highest price it's been since December.
  2. I currently have someone that now wants to join our cruise. Final payment is due April 1st. I noticed this morning our cruise raised in price by about $400 between last week and this week. I know final payment is due 90 days before which is April 1st. Do prices typically drop after that point? Just trying to figure out if I tell him to grab it now or advise he wait until after the final payment date in hopes it goes back down.
  3. Ugh! Wish ours on Harmony June 30th would drop. It just keeps switching from $52 to $56.
  4. Make sure you read the description. Last April we rented a Cabana and got the floating mats, snorkel gear, an buffet in the cabana area. This year we are renting a cabana in July and the description does not include the floating mats, snorkel gear, or the buffet. It states there will be snacks in the area but you have to walk to Chill Grill to get meals. I also asked customer service about the mats and snorkel stuff and they stated that won't be available in cabanas after May unless you are in a suite (which I am not). Not sure if we will know until May how the Perfect Day will actually affect cabanas.
  5. My family and I are going on a Royal Caribbean cruise to St. THomas in July. I was looking for excursions that include sightseeing, shopping, and Maegans Bay. I was wondering if there were any recommendations and if any of them take payment when you arrive. There are 12 of us going and it's hard to tell who will actually want to go when we get there. We recently went to Nassau and were able to reserve a spot for $20 and then pay in cash for everyone who showed up when we got there. There were 2 people who decided not to go so we didn't have to pay for them and they just had a couple walking by who wanted a tour join us. We will also be traveling with my husbands elderly parents who are 75. Not in wheelchairs but slow going and can't walk for long stretches of time.
  6. I have the same itinerary on Harmony in June. It says my formal nights are Day 2 and Day 5.
  7. Thank you everyone for your help! Looks like I will go the "switch onboard" option if it comes down to it.
  8. Unfortunately they want it to be moving me to the friends room and the brother to my husbands room as my friend and my husband/I both have balcony rooms but the brother has an interior room. My husband already has the Key and a beverage package as well and wants to keep them but neither my friend nor the brother want the Key or the beverage package. (Starting to see my predicament....lol)
  9. My family/friends and I currently have 6 rooms booked for an upcoming cruise on HOTS. 2 of these rooms are now solo cruisers (1 room the girlfriend is no longer in the picture and the 2nd room the husband can no longer go). Obviously the simple solution would be to combine the 2 solo cruisers which isn't feasible since that would be extremely awkward since they barely know each other. SO, the solo cruisers are asking if my husband and I can split up, having my husband room with his brother and I with my best friend. Although not ideal it is under consideration to save the 2 solo cruisers money (they would only lose the $500 deposit as the final payment isn't due until April). Only problem is I already have beverage package, The Key, and a cabana booked under my name as well as all the dinner and show reservations linking our entire group. If I move myself to my friend's room will I lose all of that and then have to repurchase with current pricing and rereserve all the dinner and show reservations?
  10. I was wondering what the requirements are for the different activities on Harmony and if there are suggestions if you can't take anything. For example, on the zipline do you need closed toed shoes, can you have your seapass card in a lanyard, are you allowed a fanny pack........that kind of stuff. Looking for zipline, flowrider, iceskating, rock wall and another activities that may have "guidelines" that I would rather know before I wait in a line.
  11. What happens if all the emails go to the travel agent? I called Royal wondering why I wasn't getting any emails this go around and they stated they have the travel agents email address tied to the reservation and not mine. Is there anyway to find out if I receive a RoyalUp email without calling the travel agent every day?
  12. Yup! I wasn't able to access it yesterday or today.
  13. Grease is listed on my June 30th sailing on Harmony.
  14. Harmony for July has increased the price as well. Must have just happened in the past couple hours because I was on Cruise Planner around 9am this morning and it was still $19.99. Glad I already bought it when it was the lower price.
  15. Harmony in July keeps switching between $52 and $56. Hopefully it will drop lower than that the closer we get.
  16. I just noticed mine has updated the conditions too for June 2019 on Harmony.
  17. I thought about that as well, but it's usually more expensive when you are onboard.
  18. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! That's why I like this board. I didn't even think of that. You, my friend, are a genius...lol. I'll tell him to make his ghost under 21. Thanks!
  19. So, my brother would like to join us on an upcoming cruise. Unfortunately he won't have a roommate. I advised him to go ahead and book a "ghost" roommate since it is several hundred dollars cheaper for him to just pay for 2 people rather then 1 person in a room. I know that if there is a no show there is no penalty (or at least that's how it use to be). So, if he is interested in getting a drink package....or The Key, what would be the best way to advise him since both people in the room have to purchase. How does that work if both people get a drink package but then 1 is a no show?
  20. No. If you purchase OBC with Royal Caribbean it will NOT show on cruise planner, it will not show up until you board.
  21. That's what we thought after we realized about purchased obc but she actually was able to use the OBC she received from the TA in Cruise Planner. That was only $25 though. Wonder why obc from different sources can only be used certain ways. You would think all obc should be able to be used the same way.
  22. Thought I would share this just in case anyone needed to know, or maybe I was the only one who didn't know this. If you purchase obc before the cruise you can't use it in Cruise Planner, you can only use it on the ship. I purchased some obc for my daughter for her upcoming cruise in July so she could purchase a drink package or excursion or something. I thought it worked like the obc you get when you book a cruise and she would be able to use it on Cruise Planner. She kept logging in and it never showed up. Just got off the phone with Royal Caribbean and they said if you purchase obc it won't show up in Cruise Planner, you can't use it until you get on the ship.
  23. The prices for chill island cabanas keep changing. Black Friday it was $494, then it went to $881, and now it's showing at $930. (That is for a 7 day cruise on Harmony June 30th). They are not over the water.
  24. The ones they have there now will be in what is going to be called the Chill Island area (which are the ones pictured above). The location isn't changing for those. The only thing changing is they are now called Chill Island cabanas. The cabanas in Oasis Lagoon I think are the ones by the new pool and the cabanas that include water park admission will be for 8. I know before the change the Chill Island ones had their own buffet. Currently the description for sailings after May show Chill Island cabanas say you can go to Chill Grill and the pool cabanas mention Snack Shack. No mention of having their own buffet anymore so I am assuming once the "new" Cococay opens there will be no more special buffet and you will have to walk to one of these other places. All assumption of course, but that's how I'm reading into it.
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