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  1. They keep changing the price on the cabanas for my June cruise. Originally $599, Black Friday $494, ever since Black Friday $881. In April of 2018 I only paid $179. Oh, and apparently after May 2019 they no longer include the scuba gear and floating mats. Who in their right mind would pay upwards of $600 for a cabana for a day. I'm sure there are people that would, but ouch. And the cabanas aren't changing location from where they were in April. Only thing that has changed is no scuba gear or floating mats and a lot of the new stuff is supposed to be open.
  2. I've noticed the cabana prices keep changing. When I originally booked it was $599, then for Black Friday went to $494. Now it is showing at $999. The last cruise I went on in April I only paid $299. I've also noticed they no longer offer the snorkle equipment OR the floating mat. Hmmmmmm.......
  3. My daughter and her currently named roomate will both be 21 on our upcoming cruise. I wanted to go ahead and get beverage package. If my daughter ends up changing her roommate to someone under 21 do they just automatically change that person to the refreshment package or would both people lose the beverage package and then have to rebook it?
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