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  1. 35 minutes ago, payitforward said:


    They keep changing the price on the cabanas for my June cruise.  Originally $599, Black Friday $494, ever since Black Friday $881.  In April of 2018 I only paid $179.  Oh, and apparently after May 2019 they no longer include the scuba gear and floating mats.  Who in their right mind would pay upwards of $600 for a cabana for a day.  I'm sure there are people that would, but ouch.  And the cabanas aren't changing location from where they were in April.  Only thing that has changed is no scuba gear or floating mats and a lot of the new stuff is supposed to be open.

  2. I've noticed the cabana prices keep changing.  When I originally booked it was $599, then for Black Friday went to $494.  Now it is showing at $999.  The last cruise I went on in April I only paid $299. I've also noticed they no longer offer the snorkle equipment OR the floating mat.  Hmmmmmm.......

  3. Also note that with the changes coming to CocoCay there are changes with the cabana amenities.  They have told me for my June 2019 cruise that the cabanas won't come with the floating mats or the snorkel gear anymore, unless you are in a suite and then you will receive coupons you can redeem for the mats and snorkel stuff.  Also they said they won't have the special buffet just for the cabana area either.  They will have the drink area but you'll have to go outside the cabana area to get to the Chill Grill for food.

  4. We were there in April and had 10 people. We asked nicely and they went ahead and let us have the 2 extra people in the cabana. Not sure with all the changes if i will be enforced or if we just ended up with a nice lady but she actually asked us if we were going to have more people join us later, after we already had the 10 people.

  5. I have booked rooms for our cruise June 30-July7th, 2019. I'm a little concerned about the rooms the TA put my daughter and her friend in. The rest of us have balcony rooms and are on deck 8 near aft elevator, which is perfect for me.


    We did an interior room for my daughter and friend. They are in 8549. I'm concerned with the motion that far forward. It will be both of their birthdays while we are on this cruise and I would hate for them to both get sea sick due to cabin location. The cost to move them more mid ship is outrageous but I can always monitor price and if it drops move them but would prefer not to as this has already cost a pretty penny already.

    Is staying in the forward part of the ship really as bad as everyone tells me it is?

  6. I haven't seen any Royal rewards on there since the morning of June 1st which is, of course, the day I booked my cruise. I had 1,000 points to go to be able to redeem for obc. Since getting those 1,000 points there have been no Royal rewards. I will be so mad if they don't come back in my 30 day window of opportunity.

  7. I noticed the Chill Island cabanas are remaining in the same place they currently are (which matched what the attendant there told us in April, that that section wasn't changing). In the description though it no longer shows that it includes a seperate/private buffet.

  8. In the process of making my final cabin selections for everyone going in my group. My brother currently has a girlfriend that he wants to bring. They have been steady for a while but since the cruise I am booking is a year away there is always the slight possibility they will break up before then. My travel agent is telling me there is no way to change out a passenger after the deposit is made but I always thought you could change 1 of the passengers. Does anyone know about this?

  9. I know I've been posting a lot today. Can you tell I'm *this* close to booking another cruise....lol. Can get a good deal on a ov balcony on Harmony. Unfortunately I would have to pay an additional $150 per person to get mid ship on deck 8. The closest I can get is cabin # 8278. Do you think that's close enough to the mid-ship portion of the ship?




    Biggest concern being seasickness. My husband gets psychologically sea sick. When he's not thinking about it he's not sick. When he remembers he's on a boat he gets sick. If he thinks we are mid-ship (which usually we are) he's fine.

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