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  1. So I looked up pricing for a cruise July 2019 yesterday and went home and discussed with the family who gave the go ahead.


    Today I go online and each room category is anywhere from $250-$300 more per person then it was yesterday.

    The sale didn't change. Is this typical? Should I wait until tomorrow to see if there is a different type of sale? I know sales don't typically change the price too much but a $250-$300 per person hike in price for a cruise more than a year away on the same sale it was yesterday seems a bit excessive.


    So now only half the family wants to go at that price. I've never seen this happen before on the same promo so I was a bit in shock.

  2. My daughter's 21st birthday falls on June 30, 2019. We were thinking of taking her and a friend on a cruise. Can't decide on ship or dates.


    First question: Allure, Symphony, or Harmony? Are there major differences between them?


    2nd Question: Go during her birthday or go on a mid May or early June cruise? (mainly thinking of weather/cost) Will probably do an eastern Caribbean itinerary. She would still be able to drink in port.....

    Differences in pricing as follows (total for all of us-1 interior room and 1 balcony room):

    May 18th Symphony-$4465

    May 19th Harmony - $3902

    May 19th Allure - $2910

    June 9th Harmony-$4426

    June 29th Symphony - $5386


    June 30th Harmony - $4866

    July 7th Allure - $4196

    What would you do?

  3. We were in a cabana in April. We had 2 nice lounge chairs on the cabana deck then 4 regular lounge chairs in front of the cabana. 3 large bottled waters in a cooler. There was a bar and an upgraded buffet in that area. The bar wasn't able to do all the fruity drinks (Rum Runner, CocoLoco) so might have to go outside the cabana area to get that. We had 2 floating mats and then they give you 2 tickets for snorkeling gear. You also get golf cart service around the island. We never had a server or attendant bring drinks, we always had to walk up to the bar. We got ours on sale and it was worth every penny. Not sure if I would pay full price though. The roped off beach and swim area were nice and we were always in the shade when under the cabana.

  4. When we went in April we had a cabana and only people in the cabana could use the roped off areas. Suite guests used the upgraded buffet in this area but weren't allowed to use the beach/water in that area. We had a regular room but rented a cabana. Friends of our had a suite but didn't rent a cabana and they weren't allowed to use the beach or swim in that area.

  5. So, trying to narrow down our next cruise on either Harmony, Allure, or Symphony. Currently it is my husband and I and my brother in law and wife. My husband and I are contemplating getting either ov balcony, junior suite, or grand suite. The other 2 do not want to pay that much for a suite. (on Symphony it's $1177pp for the balcony, $2035pp for the jr. suite, and $3085pp for the grand suite.

    We know that non suite can't "piggyback" on suite perks. All 4 of us are sticking together for meals and activities and such. So, I wouldn't be able to use the Coastal Kitchen since they can't come in. Same with the suite lounge and the suite deck. Plus reserved suite seating at shows wouldn't benefit us since they can't sit with us. Also they wouldn't get the priority boarding/disembark and we are all traveling together.

    So basically I'm coming to the conclusion that it would just be better for us to stick with a non suite option when traveling with others in a non suite, or am I missing something?

  6. Ok, sorry it took so long to get back on here. Just wanted to make sure all 14 of us got our refunds before I reported back. I'm a little confused on their reasoning but something like on the island they have to charge the $2 to be able to ring up the drinks for inventory purposes although the $2 per drink charges were not supposed to actually be billed to us even though they were. Once I scanned in my statement and showed them that I was actually charged that $2 per drink they apologized and refunded all of us the amount charged at CocoCay. (the lady did state that this seemed to be an issue on our ship and sailing as I wasn't the first to call) I also suggested they supply the bartender in the cabana area with fruit juice so people can get CoCo Loco's in the future. Apparently it was only our day on the island that he didn't have fruit juice so I guess no one else needs to worry about this. So......if you see $2 charges while on CocoCay it is to ring up the drink but shouldn't be on your statement. If it shows up on your statement they will refund it.

  7. Nope, none of them could explain it, just said it was an extra service charge while we were on the island. We purposefully went to each bar on the island to get the same drinks just to see if maybe the cabana bar guy had it wrong but they all charged the $2 per drink at each bar. there were a couple others we spoke to on our cruise that mentioned they had $2 charges too, even though they had the package but I don't know what they were drinking.

    I figured I'll scan in all the receipts showing the $2 charges and the statement and send to RC customer service and ask them. Just was curious if anyone else had this happen.

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