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  1. Just got back from our cruise. We were a party of 14 and all had the deluxe drink package. On cococay we split up. Some in cabana and some jyst regular spots. ALL of us were charged $2 per drink even though we all had the package. Even in the cabana area had to pay $2 for each beer. I was a bit surprised since I was expecting the package to cover it. I would have thought it was a oversight other then it happened to all 14 of us at all the bars on the island. Anyone else experience that? (I also found it odd the cabana cove bar couldn't make me a Coco Loco drink)

  2. I put my request in last August for my upcoming April cruise. So, that SHOULD mean that it would be honored since my request was put in before. I checked on Wed. the request was still there with "pending" as it has been. So Thursday there's a new website. On the old website the "bring a friend" tab has disappeared. So I called Royal Caribbean and guess what.....they have no record of it and they can't make new requests. I asked if I could send them an email with the screen shot that showed I had requests in in pending form. Sure, I could, but it won't change anything, is what I was told.

  3. So along with all of the other issues I also see that my "bring a friend" referral request that I made last August is no longer showing up either. It has been in "pending" since August (it was still there last Wed.) and seeing how our cruise is in 2 weeks was hoping it was about to move to "accepted". The Bring A Friend tab no longer shows up even using the "old" website. How convenient......for them. Guess I won't be getting a referral credit even though it was requested 7 months ago.

  4. The one thing that irks me (other than the things already mentioned) is my cruise is in 24 days. There was an excursion sale yesterday for my cruise. Because I wasn't able to get into Cruise Planner I wasn't able to take advantage of the sale. Since I'm so close to cruise date I don't think there will be another sale before I leave. They shouldn't send emails advertising specific sales when their website isn't working since there is no way for me to take advantage of it. And I know you will say I could call. I did. I was on hold for 45 minutes and then got disconnected.

    Also, it would have been nice if Crown & Anchor members would have received an email beforehand stating that this change was being made so we could go ahead and print luggage tags and set sail passes BEFORE the website changed.

    Ugh!!! Frustrated!

  5. Thanks! I just estimated travel time. I know I can make it to Jupiter in about 6 hours without stopping so thought Ft. Pierce would be about 5.5. Plus I'm hoping to not have a lot of traffic since I'm traveling on Easter day in the afternoon/evening. 2.5 hours the next day isn't too bad. I figured we should get the bulk of the driving done the day before but still have a decent nights sleep. I was thinking of leaving Ft. Pierce around 9am. Will this prevent me from running into rush hour stand still traffic?

    Oh yes, reservations always...lol. I don't do anything without a reservation. I am one of those people that don't really have much luck so I always take precautions.

  6. We are traveling from Tallahassee to Miami for a cruise that leaves the day after Easter. We are thinking of stopping in Ft. Pierce and staying the night since it will be a long drive and we can't leave until mid afternoon on Easter (gotta do the Easter stuff first). We will be taking the Turnpike. I was thinking of either the Sleep Inn, Holiday Inn Express West or the Hampton Inn. Would anyone recommend one over the other or have any other suggestions? We just noticed there are not a lot of hotels off the turnpike and Ft. Pierce seemed like not only a good driving distance (5.5 hours) but the hotels seemed cheaper.

  7. No, she cannot sit on the side and “dip her toes in”. She can bring a small tub (such as the Duck sold at Target) and put it next to her chair. Royal is very family friendly. Other than Disney it is the only line that has splash zones for the diapered set but only has them on the newer ships. If a toddler in diapers doesn’t see the pool, how can it be upset that it can’t go in?


    Why can't she sit on the side of the pool with her? They won't be in the pool. Also, I've already been told she can't bring a small tub to the deck as it's a safety hazard.

  8. Out of all of the cruises I have been on in Feb-July I have never been to CocoCay once. I am one of the people that jokingly think CocoCay is just a myth. I have been on 8 cruises which were supposed to stop at CocoCay. I guess that makes me 0/8. Trying one more time the first week of April with Enchantment. I just wish that CocoCay was our first stop that way if we have to miss it then we could split Nassau into part beach day part walk around day. I actually wouldn't have even booked another cruise going to CocoCay other then the fact it's a group of us going and I didn't get to pick the cruise. I'm really, really, really, really hoping we get to stop there this time.

  9. Yikes! Ok, I will have to break the bad news to her then. We are going for my friends 40th birthday celebration (who is also the sister of the person coming with the 1 year old) so she "has" to come on the cruise to celebrate her sisters birthday and wasn't going to leave the 1 year old for a week with anyone, but also just wanted to hang out on the ship instead of going into port. Hopefully Royal can figure out a way to make the ships a little more "friendly family" in respects to babies in the future. At least her baby is only 1 so maybe can just sit on the side with her and dip toes in to keep her satisfied. I couldn't image having a 2/3 year old and having to tell them they can't go in the pool. Thanks everyone for the responses!!

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