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  1. The RED LINE on the back wall of the Inside Cabin there is no door there. As noted that small "o" is an inside corridor passageway - - - Your cabin door opens into that corridor - - - How that inside corridor is shared with the Studio cabins can't answer that - - - No photo images are shown - perhaps one of our members may have it. The next door cabin 10445 has three photos all of the inside of that cabin Cabin 10437 has a YouTube video and is a Handicap cabin with access space to the inside corridor and the main passageways on either side of the ESCAPE.
  2. Interesting article (LINK) while waiting for your cruise ship to come in: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/10-things-didnt-know-building-103638505.html About a third of page down remember to CLICK on STORY CONTINUES for more - - -
  3. A different kind of DOS cabin 15500 deck 15 top of the ship (stair access only - 18 of them) Haven cabin - accessible by key card elevator to deck 14 then those stairs - 1 deck above the the previous posters GV. For Alaska cruising don't have to leave the cabin - the view comes to you whether you are viewing from inside the cabin or out or even in the hot tub. The JEWEL class ships and even the DAWN class have suites - something for everyone.
  4. Your airline or method of travel to Hawaii may require more finicky ID than that of NCL and the POA. Still yet the Passport is the GOLD (Platinum - whatever) standard !
  5. It will only be a matter of time before a vaccine is available and perhaps included in part of the cruise fare. Guests will be only those folks who have been vaccinated and tested -Negative- at every stage of getting on board and then maintaining that during the cruise. Getting to Hawaii is or has been made easier with the 3 day -Negative- testing before flying to the island of Oahu - I don't know the current status of Kauai Maui and the Big Island. My reading of the news is the outer islands are somewhat in the NIMBY status not wanting any contact with any
  6. Good idea not having to carry a bag full of lens - and - at the moment of that photo opt you have the wrong lens and struggle to change missing the target. The 18-400 certainly will cover all the bases - beware of the Pinocchio principle when the 400 is extended banging into things - LOL !
  7. I am not familiar with the fogging chemical - BUT - I would suspect that it to be a rapidly evaporating mist that is unlikely to do any damage to photo gear - EXCEPT - to the clarity of the lens. This sort a like salt water spray ! Always an excellent idea to have a lens protector UV factored. I don't think that the chemical mist is going to be sticky a short time later - maybe just instantly when applied. Keeping you gear sealed away from fog mist would no doubt be a good idea. What I do on shore excursions or events of that nature is commandeer a hand tow
  8. When sailing the Pacific (non-IP) Ocean side of Vancouver Island - it doesn't make an hootenanny which side - you are so far out to sea that binoculars or telephoto lens is required and then the passage is usually during nightfall - enjoy the distant lights and stars that can be seen and even a perchance sighting of the northern lights. While your port/starboard side cabin may be the best for viewing one or another visited places remember to scout out the ship for even better opportunities if the weather takes a turn or maybe you want to get a second glance
  9. NOTE dates on the "Breaking News" document - perhaps OLD news ? Extension Dates April 9 2020 - July 16 2020 - September 30 - something NEW for October/November ? In any event you ain't sailing until the CDC issues a Health Travel release of sorts !
  10. Ordinarily the bidding for upgrade program starts somewhere around the 80 days before sailing. You receive an email invitation - log on to your NCL account - look to see what is available/offered and bid away. Now at any anytime you can call NCL and broker barter* an upgrade - * booking thru a TA Travel Agent you would use that method for communicating your offer/interest - If you are booking through a TA (not a Big Box retailer) hopefully the TA will have connections to make the deal even better or easier to negotiate. Depending on what you have booke
  11. Perfectly -VALID- POINT- however as the previous post by Silver Sweethearts residing in Maui has noted - there is more here than the simple lets go forward with this - CDC - State of Hawaii rules regulations etc. As for NCL I am sure that NCL wants to get cruising back in business forthwith - An airline company does not make money with planes grounded - The same for cruise ships sitting idle at anchor at a pier ! Positive steps must be taken before the -Negative- guests can cruise. At least -Negative- airline passengers can fly to Hawaii and not suffer the
  12. The Holland-America line has had this design long before NCL. Thinking of the HAL WESTERDAM for one example. There is one cruise line that has exposed elevators in the side of some of it ships - Celebrity ? Like BirdTravels has posted makes for larger footprint balcony class/category. At least the cookie cutter shop did not design all cabins alike (one size fits all). The placement of the life boats may also play a part in the design.
  13. There is a lot more here than meets the eye: Planned date of travel ? Cabin accommodations same like for like ? Same promotion on both cruises ? 7 day cruises ? Extra port PEI is worth it compared to a day at SEA ? The BREAKAWAY out of New York departure furthest point out is Halifax - probably more port excursion time The GEM out of Boston furthest point of travel is PEI - may offer less port time Both ships port call at Bar Harbor (tender port) and Halifax Ship guest capacity a factor i.e. BREAKAWAY just under 4000 - GEM ar
  14. LINK to Marine Traffic showing Regatta position: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-123.858/centery:46.183/zoom:15 Google (Satellite) Map showing Astoria {Map can be zoomed in-out}: https://www.google.com/maps/@46.1886057,-123.8594944,1384m/data=!3m1!1e3 That normal tie up is where the West Mooring Basin office is (lumber facility) the black dock is the one we used (NCL SUN) my last visit. There is a pedestrian passage way to the city from that point.
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