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  1. The question is directed to bedding (mattress) protection for the ships bedding sheets padding etc. If NCL does not provide - then the guest would be requesting the bedding size to bring their own water moisture proof cover. Laundry of the bedding materials would not be a problem - just a bit of extra work for the cabin attendant. I am sure it is an issue that has happened before and NCL has an answer - contact NCL. I searched the LINK provided in post #2 and did not find an answer.
  2. What ship ? GEM or DAWN Itinerary ? You are leaving from Quebec City to Boston or New York ? Gem sails out of Boston to Quebec and back - this year clears CBI at Bar Harbor or Portland Dawn sails of of NYC clears CBI at Portland both of these according to the scheduled Fall Canada New England Itinerary Escape is in Canada but does not go to Quebec You can't be that far removed in the boondocks - there is always a regional jet taking you to a hub city Chicago Atlanta Detroit New York (3 airports) . Canadian cities Toronto and Montreal and then that puddle jumper into Quebec or Canada VIA Rail. Returning trip from Boston or NYC returning via a hub city. xxxxxxxxxx What regional airport are you planning on leaving from ? I worked for a major airline for 29 years - Can offer you some hints and ideas - planes trains automobiles and cruise ships are in my blood Have done the Boston Quebec B2B twice on the DAWN
  3. Map image LINK: https://www.google.com/maps/@46.7902782,-71.2817728,11278m/data=!3m1!1e3 The map can be zoomed in and out and panned right left. At the left edge of the map is the Quebec City Airport - pan right to title QUEBEC CITY - Airport to Pier is about 20 kilometers Look for highway 440 (blue marker) which goes over the St. Charles River - the embarking pier is on the St. Charles River just below that title. Note if arriving by train (VIA Rail) look for the little Blue Metro symbol (Gare du Palais) - it is a two block walk about 400 meters to the pier boarding point - look for a big white tent structure. The St. Charles River pier is not the ONLY cruise port pier. Two years ago we used the pier on the St. Lawrence River just down the hill from the Hotel Frontenac. Last year we were at the industrial pier as noted above which I understand is NCL latest assignment.
  4. Cagney's versus Moderno Do you want your steak on the platter or on a stick they slice it off of at tableside. Can't really compare the two - oranges and apples - differences of beef and how it is prepared and served. Try both and then you will know what you like best.
  5. NCL is pretty good at restoring points to old and existing accounts if you have some shred of cruise data about your last cruise. "BUT" recently they have taken a petty position of not wanting to be bothered to wit: Note: We can only credit your Latitudes Rewards account with missing points for cruises taken within the last 12 months. Never the less don't let NCL cop out on your earned rewards - maybe you saved your key card - an invoice - a statement - those have your rewards ID number on them somewhere substantiating your cruise presence. If you don't have that info maybe a traveling partner fellow guest does to pin the data down to a specific ship sailing and date. If you started a new rewards account number - research find the old account and merge the two ! One may not think much of the miniscule benefits of being Bronze or Silver but these add up and the perks of Platinum are not to be ignored - dinners wine laundry !
  6. When you board the STAR ask where the Dining Reservations desk is *** - normal in cruise it is staffed with one person but on embarkation day there maybe another location staffed with several crew members - find out where that is and head over there as soon as possible making all your reservations at that time. If you have made reservations previously this is the time to make adjustments and changes if necessary. Do not wait long - with all the guests boarding the good times will quickly be gone leaving only the 5:30pm and 9:00pm time left if that at all. Now that I have revealed the method to this dining reservation madness - you wait - you lose +++ and don't miss Cagney's this time whatever time is available ! *** The Dining Reservations Desk is in the Grand Atrium deck 7 - the alternate during embarkation maybe forward in or near the Sushi Bar Ginza restaurants (deck 7) look for signage !
  7. You did not indicate which NCL ship you are sailing on - - - If handicap cabins are not available - check for getting one of the inside cabins that is orientated side-ways you enter in the middle of the cabin instead on a end. These cabins are best suited for scooter wheelchair storage in the cabin and ease of access to the passageway outside your cabin door. Scooters don't need the 36inch wide door like wheelchairs. Tell us which ship to offer further hints and tips. If you can't get a cabin with good storage possibilities your cabin steward may have unused cabin maintenance areas for overnight storage. It is quite common that two wheelchairs scooters can not meet in a passageway - best to have a guide or scout to check before entering and to secure elevators for ease of movement. Sometimes it is good idea to board an elevator going up by going down and then up - game the system.
  8. Sorry you are not going to like this - but there were 9 other 2BR suites to pick from and you happened to pick the one under the Pool deck with the assigned smoking section (port side on the pool deck is the assigned smoking area on some ships). I doubt that NCL is going to move the assigned smoking section. Most ships sail with the suites sailing fully booked it is going to be difficult for the Hotel Director to do much. Smoking on your floor(deck) is of course not allowed but the smoke you are experiencing is coming from the open windows of the pool deck drifting down to your balcony. Knowing more about the location of the cabin you are booking is essential to satisfaction in cruising. Regretfully you are not going to have that experience with or on your first cruise. I wised up on my cruise with Carnival - never under a pool deck with musical chairs furniture maintenance going on at all hours. You should have reviewed the deck plan for a better selection LINK provided here: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Jewel Each NCL ship has a deck plan use the links provided to book your next cruise - LINK to that: https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship There were possible options for the 2BR suite both more expensive - the 2BR Haven suite and the Garden Villa. Shoulda coulda woulda - better booking location on your next cruise - research is cheap free and the results rewarding for your cruising peace of mind. Sorry this one isn't working well for you. Stay with us here at CC for more data and interesting discussion of cabin selection and bookings.
  9. Two rows on the left, one on the right, and only 16 rows. Fits the specs for a Saab 340 turbo prop airplane.
  10. When I read about the term "tossed the room" - if that is what is necessary to evict the bug(s) - This gives me the impression that the cabin was not restored back to its original order which I am sure it was. In the case of land based dwellings it is possible to seal the home in a cocoon and pressurized fumigate it the same could be done at sea but the guest occupants would be inconvenienced for the period of time it takes for the complete process and then any lingering after chemical effects. Then too having to do with a section of the ship several cabins in the proximity of the host bug cabin - what a mess !
  11. The OLD the NEW no difference in the floor plan bed position furniture and bathroom. Only the décor pictures on the wall carpet and color of the bed covers would change. The physical dimensions of the cabin remain unchanged. Browse around this LINK for more general details at this public sight: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Sun
  12. Not with the weather we are experiencing all over the country - - - !
  13. Logically it stands to reason that a ship is never sold out 100% - there are always some cabins held back in reserve for accidents maintenance (like the above post). These cabins are not likely to be suites or deluxe accommodations - more on the order of Inside and Ocean View with maybe a balcony here and there. When viewing the NCL website only a limited amount of cabins are shown in any category. The same with the TA websites. The BIG PICTURE of what is available and booked is no doubt a closely held proprietary business secret. Never the less it doesn't hurt to call NCL or your TA and pester them to see if anything else is available. Cancellations Upgrades and adjustments are made right up to sailing - changes after the Final Payment period occur also regardless of the financial penalty to the reservation holder - insurance mitigates that sometimes to nothing. Hang in there right up to sailing - check back frequently and often !
  14. , coffee only during meals - that should be corrected to coffee 24/7 in the buffet - meals not required and add: Coffee in your cabin anytime - need more pads filters pods ask your cabin attendant.
  15. The elevator stopping at your deck - that ding dong announcement maybe bothersome. The stairs of course don't go ding dong. 5103 also opens to a high traffic area "Guest Entrance" ! This Guest Entrance may be used for embarking and disembarking from the SUN. What is on either side of 5103 (blank white space) maybe quiet as a church house mouse -OR- who knows what mayhem noise generated by man. Perhaps elevator maintenance ? One thing for sure cabin 5103 has location location location. The other stairway cabins only have to contend with local passageway traffic. If you are not in your cabin except for sleep noise should not be a problem during the day - at night however I seriously question the merits of this cabin without having a personal reference of someone who has stayed/used this cabin. There is just too much potential for unsettling noise. This cabin must be the least expensive cabin on the ship - For a few dollars more or even the same I think one could do better - much better. My suggestion try and get one of the sideway inside cabins getting more usable convenient space and a much quieter location.
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