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  1. Hopefully most people understand a poor mask is a waste. Well not a COMPLETE waste - there will be some degree of protection for the wearer and others in the vicinity. Washing Laundering of masks may also be of help to a degree. NOT wearing any mask or filtering device certainly will not help at all. Everyone can contribute to the success of defeating this virus - - - If you can't be part of the solution Please stay away - far away from the those who do !
  2. Seating together may not be guaranteed - "BUT" keep at it - Right up until the gate aircraft door is closed - Even then if there are empty seats around you - Move after talking with the Flight Attendant - Family members seated next to each other is NOT a covid 19 virus disqualification !
  3. Having trouble with the seating - Internet website not cooperating - Call the airline reservation number and talk to a representative - Nothing resolved or satisfactory - When checking in or at the departure gate discuss with the agent for a solution - Best this be done as early as possible - others may be requesting better seating - Some of the cheap-o-airlines don't have the staff to handle these issues - "BUT" the big guys do (American Delta United Southwest) - If you don't speak up about needing help - who would know -
  4. There is a big RED CROSS on the deck structure maybe the SUN needs a band aid repair - or the image is just super-imposed - LOL !
  5. If Canada is not open before February 2022 - Fall cruising in the New England Maritimes is not going to happen this 2021 season - There could be alternatives but will require a lot of wasted SEA days going and returning to satisfy that PVSA requirement - There are a lot of opportunities in the Caribbean - not so much in Canada New England unless one would like to take a volcanic side trip to Iceland - A 7 day cruise from Boston to Bermuda - 4 days are wasted at SEA - New York not much better - West coast sailing there is always Mexico - Mainland to
  6. Presume that with everyone vaccinated (herd immunity) then the masks can be removed only in that area say on a entire cruise ship after leaving a masked port facility. So shore excursions would require the mask unless everyone at the facility has had the shot(s). It won't be perfect and getting 100% a real tough objective - there will be cheaters fraudsters and shot spammers (they are already here and among us) pushing their ilk on the travel public. It took a long time to cure Polio Small Pox - Covid 19 maybe shorter but certainly not for this or the next
  7. Marine Data regarding the NCL SUN: NORWEGIAN SUN (Passenger Ship) Registered in Bahamas - Vessel details, Current position and Voyage information - IMO 9218131, MMSI 311109000, Call Sign C6RN3 | AIS Marine Traffic The only reasonable answer to the SUN being at the port of Portland is something to do with maintenance - There is a dry-dock facility to perform most any kind of maintenance that would be an issue.
  8. ((BOLD PRINT) That is the major kicking point - having enough large aircraft to support the cruising from any point in the Caribbean ! Flying puddle jumping barbi jets (CR-Js 50 seats) is not going to do it filling a cruise ship with 2500 guests - even a couple of 757 200 seats is not going to work (bringing 6 747s out of moth balls (2400) will work but where are the hotel rooms the day/night before the cruise -AND- compound that with more than one cruise ship. There is more to be recognized here than wishful dream thinking. Then there is the other h
  9. Once the crew member is vaccinated - that should be it unless later a booster is necessary to take care of any new strains. Also the vaccines should not be mixed - playing the sorcerers apprentice with meds is bad medicine from the git go ! Getting the crew vaccinated is only half of the equation for returning to cruising. Can't wait for the cruising HERD to get vaccinated and cruising can resume - with perhaps everyone in compliance even the masks could come off while cruising except for boarding and other port shore excursion activity - wink - cross
  10. It is Easter time - don't put all your eggs in one of those three basket choices - You are planning (booking) a cruise over a year and half away - You have 7 days to play with perhaps a couple of travel days either way - Consider taking a one-way 7 cruise either north or southbound*** Anchorage to Vancouver or the reverse - *** this would be the best for return to the UK with non-stop flights out of Vancouver - Seattle has NS trips also Getting to Anchorage is not all that difficult and even the return. Doing the north/south trips gives you a bit more
  11. My avatar line - Bloomington MN (think Mall of America) Yes we get June Bugs - but nothing to make an issue about. I think there is some goofy recipe fry-em in a pan and cover with chocolate something akin to protein survive food - can you stomach that ? Side note: I love your state and especially the Alaska Railroad - tying that in with many cruises - what a great way to experience Alaska - NOW if we can get back to that cruising topic - gotta find a cure for the Canadian travel restrictions - damn covid virus can can't chocolate coat it or
  12. Yea for the Bats - they eat their weight in Mosquitos every night ! As for the June Bugs they don't bug me this far north on the river - - - BUT dem May Flies - man the winter snow plows to clear the roadways and bridges ! Then the birds come and it is feast - no famine here - Those that fall into the river - hummmm fish have plenty to eat - no wonder the river bottom fish are so fat. Nature sure has it's peculiar ways to balance things out - so what the heck is she doing to keep us from Cruising - some balancing act !
  13. Meanwhile back at the ranch - What's the fuss about points ? If you have some or none it is meaningless if there be NO CRUISING ! If you had points there still will be NO CRUISING ! If you have none still no difference - NO CRUISING ! Once cruising resumes and afterward the points will be back in play (Maybe !) As for bumping this around - getting the attention of NCL I am sure that NCL has an Office of Points Recovery It is evident by the posts above by those guests losing them.
  14. See if you can duplicate the problem booking a Club suite - Suite - Haven ! You are paying a premium to get a premium cabin location perks bennies ! If you are booking a economy level cabin you will not be left with much choice or the choice will be made for you - just like winning a bid upgrade the location of the cabin may not be favorable - selected from remaining inventory. Something similar to airline booking - the further forward in the cabin the bennies and freebees become more desirable - pre-boarding fee-free luggage meals beverages wid
  15. You better hope that the connection at LAX will be with the same carrier or one of its code share partners. If the connection is with airline X arriving in terminal 2 and that outbound Hawaiian connection is with United in terminal 7 - GOOD LUCK - if in the same terminal or adjacent one have the gate agent meeting the flight to alert the gate at the connection (AND the number of potential guest/passengers making that same connection) - Speak Up if the airline does not know they may care less about. Some airlines with many connections may have the FA announce the
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