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  1. Well that is an interesting take on the Specialty Dining Program ! As shof515 has posted start with the waiter but then - - - I think at first that the crew may refuse this as being complicated. But run it by the Guest Services people in advance get the hotel manager or a restaurant manager involved - For a birthday dinner they should be able to do something including providing the cake ! Good Luck and come back post cruise and let us know the results !
  2. The cruise industry may take a hint from how the airlines are handling the spacing load reduction factor. Empty middle seats - every other cabin (inside OV Balcony) not occupied First/Business class - half occupancy - suites (Havens) maybe 3/4s occupied Solution wrap a revolving dart board in a piñata costume and thrown blindfolded darts. Heck who knows what madness will develop a plan out of this. And as always "For Your Convenience why of course" !
  3. Those following the STAR - Left Rotterdam - destination Southampton UK LINK: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:374130/mmsi:311082000/imo:9195157/vessel:NORWEGIAN_STAR
  4. Maybe this is where the twain shall meet - Norwegian downgrading theirs to match the competition - AND The competition upgrading theirs to match NCL - Insides Ocean View and Balcony not much difference overall in the industry - BUT Get into the Suites and high roller accommodations and there is a difference - Mostly in the Butler department - A Concierge is pretty much a given with all cruise lines - some better than others ! Pay more get more services perks bonuses priorities ! Like that recent TV insurance commercial - "Only Pay for What You Need***" *** change to WANT ! With the curtailment of cruising at present - there should be intense competition in the booking of future cruises with the money being saved at this time - although the fares may (will) go up when cruising resumes.
  5. Presently the only thing missing is Haven access - business as usual. "BUT" ! There is the possibility that the perks benefits service maybe cheapened - you know NCL's famous *"FEE"*-Style sailing program ! YES you do read "somewhere" about this demise of the benefits - nothing yet official in print from NCL ! You will know about it when your invoice requires you to bring your own oars to propel the ship ! LOL !
  6. ETA June 10th 0800 hours - LINK: JOY still out of range of reporting position https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:4856320/mmsi:311000599/imo:9703796/vessel:NORWEGIAN_JOY
  7. Main cabin room - convertible couch: Photos from cabin 15530 DAWN - similar cabin arrangements DAWN and JEWEL class ships Photos Port side cabin - Starboard side reverse mirror image
  8. Here is the break-down --- As you suspected the master bed(room) sleeps -2- The 2nd BR sleeps -2- one on the couch and one in a pull-down Pullman Now things get tricky here - in the Main cabin room the couch pulls out revealing sleeping for -2- well not quite full size adults. 2BR
  9. See Thread "Pros and Cons of the Joy" for details and present sailing destination
  10. Out somewhere in the north Pacific Ocean ? Left San Pedro 5/22 - destination Honolulu Change course 5/25 - destination Osaka Marine tracking - NCL JOY is out of range - - - I don't know the number of days to cruise from the US mainland to Japan But the JOY is now 10 days at sea Latest CC report destination is now Busan - ETA ?
  11. An awkward work around this would be to substitute Ensenada* Mexico for Victoria BC Canada *BUT* then a 7 day cruise would not see much if any of Alaska ! Until Canada comes to some kind of an agreement with the cruise lines - Alaska cruises are done until such time - including the Vancouver Seward (Anchorage) cruises. * That PVSA - Ensenada is the only foreign port with a ghost of a chance of satisfying the requirement within the frame of a 7 day cruise. So until the PVSA is amended - this is the status quo After this virus crisis - time for the USA and Canada to lighten-up on cruise regulation - both countries share in the economics of this !
  12. Get that Magic "8" Crystal Ball out of moth balls and we will see the answer therein ! Or perhaps the Ouija board would be a better more promising source of information ! We shall see what we shall see all in good time - So disregard that man behind the curtain making all the booking announcements. With the capacity spaced-out restraints yet to be determined and food service issues to be finalized - Que Sera Sera - heck - land based restaurants haven't opened fully. And as always READ the "'fine print'" - until then dream on about that cruise !
  13. Reminiscent of something out of the set with Shirley Temple on the "Good Ship Lollipop" !
  14. Hawaiian quarantine extended - LINK: https://www.aol.com/hawaii-extend-2-week-traveler-222700351.html Does not apply to guests connecting at Honolulu to other countries - no stop-overs however. Really a tourist killing season - POA at mooring - port of Honolulu.
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