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  1. That cruise of yours is normally scheduled for fall and spring ship positioning. Leaves Vancouver BC Canada sails to Hawaii does an island circuit then off to Tahiti and down under to the Australian New Zealand for their summer season. Reversing this in their fall returning the same route to do the Alaska summer season. There maybe a couple of back-to-back sequences between Tahiti and Hawaii. For now Canada is void of cruising but by April 2021 things may change - - - As for ship scheduling that is always subject to change - the JEWEL does a great job cruising Alaska and have nothing but raves about the Hawaii Tahiti trips. Was looking for another trip on her - Vancouver Seward in 2021 and then multiple Alaska Railroad trips. Hope everything goes as you have booked and planned the JEWEL is a terrific ship !
  2. LINK to the NCL beverage packages: https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/beverage-packages Note the top of list is the Premium Plus package for $128 (a day) that covers just about everything including that Starbucks specialty coffee. If you are just trying something for a one time deal best to go with Premium package and pay the difference. If trying something every waking moment on the cruise then consider the Premium Plus. Note there is a package for beer and wine drinkers (Corks & Caps) and one wine package not shown available only the first couple of days of the cruise - the Viva Vino wine package. We have ways to make you more than drunk - NCL will change you to the liquid state.
  3. Give this LINK a shot: https://www.elliott.org/ Elliott has helped others with these pickle situations.
  4. It could be that - the 2nd cruise was a year and a half later - same "C" not same "B" but the "B" from the 1st cruise knew me. I don't recall the amount of the tipping nor think it was out of my norm.
  5. My Thoughts: The Concierge is available to a larger pool of guests - virtually everyone with Platinum status and above. Is not part of the DSC but obviously must be salaried by NCL to some degree - he ain't workin for nutten ! The level of personal attention can vary depending on the eligible guests personal requests (demands). The Butler is assigned to a small pool of guests in cabins (suites) - status can be newbe to Ambassador. The suite cabin assignment can be to one Garden Villa (more like two) or several other classes of suites all in the same general area so the Butler is not running from stem to stern in his duties. Like the "C" is not part of the DSC but certainly salaried and the level of personal attention can vary. The Butler does compliment the services provided by the Cabin Steward while not exactly doing housecleaning and setting up a cabin be it a suite or other cabin the Butler and Cabin Steward should work as a team for the guests pleasure. The "B" may be called upon to assist the "C" from time to time. There is a Cabin Steward assigned to every cabin be it the GV Haven Suite or other combination. Generally the assignment keeps him quite busy during his shift. The Cabin Steward is part of the DSC - amount not disclosed and is salaried by NCL Now to the T-I-P-S (To Insure Prompt Service ?) My guidelines are not for CC members to presume that this is norm standard acceptable policy ! Residents of foreign countries have a different view of tipping compensation. Base level: "C" - $5 daily (on call) - upped to $ variable for those services requested "B" - $10 daily and upped to $ more if something real special is requested "CS" - $10 daily - he takes care of the filthy dirty work of taking care of your very personal needs. In a Haven or GV class suite definitely consider adding to these - - - Double occupancy (or family) the other half should add to this personal services requested by that other half. There are no wrong or right answers to tipping - - - If you win big at the Casino share your generosity around - - - Tipping is Personal - there is NO rule book - just your own (heartfelt) guidelines I often wonder what the NCL staff thinks - says behind closed doors about tipping - - - That cheap skate Did I score big on that guest Do they talk about it all Are they permitted to talk - but not to the guest They sure do keep their emotions in check in the presence of guests And they do have a memory like an elephant - 2nd cruise same staff and already a red carpet
  6. The set up is - - - 1 point for every day of the cruise 1 additional point for being in a suite - haven - Concierge* 1 additional point for booking an Insider Past Guest offering. Max daily points is -3- Planned carefully in no time achieving Platinum --- not much to gain after that point Reference LINK: https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program
  7. Would it be the difference in Bankruptcy ? Bankruptcy to Liquidate the assets company cruise line -OR- Bankruptcy for reorganization to operate another day and time
  8. DUPE thread by the OP - look elsewhere for the 1st Original Edition - - -
  9. Looks like the convertible couch version rather than the whole bed folding out of the wall. Comfort for two adults ???s - 2 kids easily. Thanks for the pictured update.
  10. For more info on Dining: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrC3O8o7ExfdEMAbAUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDgyYjJiBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=actor+Borat&fr=yhs-att-att_001&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001 For addition info about Specialty Dining (packages): https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/dining-packages
  11. One advantage of booking with NCL (if offered) is on the day of the cruise you check out of the hotel and take an NCL arranged shuttle bus directly to the POA ??? This would not be offered post cruise unless there is a large group involved. In both of these events airline travel is not of an immediate consideration. I would prefer independent travel arrangements to-from the ship - See more have an interesting conversation with the driver avoiding (C19) crowd distancing ! Check out the rates offered - Beach Front hotels are rack rate higher unless you have an affinity with a hotel chain. Those hotels a block or two off the beach (think Ali Wai Canal) could be a significant bargain. Have government affiliation (retired service) Fort DeRussy or government quarters at Hickam AFB - Pearl or other installation. If you only plan on visiting the islands and doing the POA cruise - plan to make the most of this one time personal event. Remember to check out the Hawaii Forum LINK: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/37-hawaii/ On another note about packing and what to wear - you don't have to drag along a wardrobe steamship trunk - there are Target and Wal*Mart stores in Hawaii for anything you forgot - need to add - it isn't like visiting a foreign country with strange customs although the Hawaii residents do make up a mixed bag of ethnic folk from all across the Pacific Ocean.
  12. Also with the suite you get Breakfast and Lunch at Cagney's-Moderno - Reserved seating in the Theatre - Priority in boarding and leaving the ship - And the Butler service for dining in-suite. Oh and the 2nd bedroom has its own bath shower and commode - nice !
  13. YES the official answer for companion participation is a B-I-G """NOOO""" !!! Probably more so when the number of guests is at capacity trying to keep things manageable. If the tour was half filled maybe some consideration ? In a suite or haven cabin maybe some consideration - but as previously posted the Concierge couldn't do it ! And in the future questions about the tour operating - Platinum or PAID at all - due to guest distance spacing and the issue of masks hasn't been entertained. Solution a video of the tour presented to all on the in house TV channel - No spacing masks required AND perhaps service charge gratuity FEE FREE ?! --- LOL ! So referring back to my crystal magic "8" Ball the answer still remains as a "NO" ! The security person follows along to prevent straying off into restricted areas AND a note here about photography video still digital - ask the tour conductor when it is allowed to avoid any issues - generally anywhere is OK - BUT the I95 deck 3 and back stage dressing rooms ? Oh and did I mention the BRIDGE tours are history - the closest one would get is on the JEWEL class ships JEWEL PEARL JADE GEM on deck 11 forward there is a Bridge Observation facility - and what is offered on the in house TV channel.
  14. You have four beds to work with - The master bedroom bed for Mom The couch bed in the second bedroom - not bad The Pullman bed folding out of the wall in the second bedroom - certainly not this And lastly the convertible couch in the main room which can be very comfy *** highly recommend this ! If something doesn't feel work out right - your cabin attendant can set up an alternative Good cabin choice with parameters you are looking into - one of the least expensive suites - good location
  15. At this point it could be time to call in the Media to show off NCL in not so good lime light ! Read or reference this LINK: https://www.elliott.org/about-elliott-consumer-advocacy/ In the newspapers there are situations just like yours that are resolved. Try once again to reason with Corporate in Miami (emails and addresses in Elliott site) Keep track of emails and correspondence File an appeal All that failing let Elliott do some PR work - this will not be quick and overnight though Company rules policies are generally set aside in favor of better public relations. Good Luck - - -
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