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  1. You need the key card inserted into the slot to access floor/deck 14 - you are not going there without doing this. There is no priority in going non-stop to 14 - the elevators will stop at all floors that the guests select but only the key card holder for 14 has access. Have something urgent requiring elevator priority contact the Concierge or your Butler with the (FIRE) key to operate the elevator non-stop to whatever deck/floor you need. - not something done routinely - usually reserved for escorted events tendering to shore excursions and final disembarking. May also be used when embarking at the origin port. Key Card access to the Haven or Garden Villa is one of the perks of these staterooms - non-stop service without the Concierge or Butler is not a priority - the elevator is therefore a common conveyance open to all guests from deck 13 down to 4 on the JEWEL & DAWN class ships - the -AWAY class ships restricted access is I believe to decks 17 & 18. Oh you can walk the stairs from 13 up to 14 but you will still need the Key Card for access.
  2. The KEY WORD here is REFUNDABLE - thus it is refundable in $cash$ or can be used to offset the DSC. If left over at the cruise end - you can get cash on leaving the ship or have check mailed to your address on file record. To be refundable it must have been something that you paid for in advance i.e. cancelled shore excursion.
  3. Hint - if not in a Suite - bring your own type bag or expendable pillow case and use that. Remember to fill out the itemized invoice of what's in the bag and place it in the bag - if using a non-standard NCL laundry bag best to hand/give it directly to the Cabin Steward. This works !
  4. Above posts correct - No service charge - There maybe a limit on how many large bills can be changed to something smaller at one time ! Cashing of Travelers Checks - my recent trip on the JEWEL answer was NO ! Previously had cashed them on the DAWN and the SUN Hint do the conversion at the Casino - fewer guests - no lines - No waiting for the Purser to do the exchange at Guest Services !
  5. Deck 14 Elevator Manual 101 NCL DAWN & JEWEL to go to the Haven or GV (DAWN) you put your key card into a slot just above the floor/deck buttons - when the little red light turns green push the deck 14 button - the elevator will make all the stops previously selected by those on board but will not go non-stop only a Butler or the Concierge can cause that action with a physical elevator key. Also note putting the card in the slot and waiting for the light to go green you must push the deck 14 button WHILE THE ELEVATOR DOOR IS OPEN - timing is critical - if a miscue wait until the next floor stop or cause the elevator door to abort closing and retry. Amusing when others see what you are doing to go to your cabin and then they try it with their key card - Nothing-Magic ! Sometimes guests will ride the elevator going up to go down - a bird in hand - best move for those guests in a scooter or wheelchair. Guests should not get out on floor 14 - but they do - they don't belong here unless invited - leave the issue take care of itself.
  6. My understanding of the NCL San Juan Port If your cruise is originating at San Juan - it will be the Pan American Pier Revised Google Map: Look for the Red Markers https://www.google.com/maps/place/Pan+American+Pier+2+West/@18.4607663,-66.1050874,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x0:0x0!2zMTjCsDI3JzQzLjUiTiA2NsKwMDYnMzcuMyJX!3b1!8m2!3d18.462074!4d-66.110366!3m4!1s0x8c036ed811faa6ad:0xb3418f556d965096!8m2!3d18.4589971!4d-66.0977036 If your cruise is port calling at San Juan the pier will be as noted in the previous post Muelle #4 in the Old Town. Muelle #4 is commonly used by the Carnival ships. As usual YMMV with schedules ship movements etc. In essence a port call is a brief stop using Pier #4 Overnight anchorage resupplying originating port will be at the Pan American facility
  7. 8 hours ago, podgeandrodge said: Last week on Encore, when I was still gold, (Platinum now on Escape and got free bag), we used the 19.99 special and didnt get a 50% discount for gold. I went to guest services and they told me the 50% only applies to full price laundry and not to the 19.99 special. I took their word for it, but I'm not convinced they were correct. BirdTravels: Not correct. They should have given you a $10 credit. This should open some interesting dialog - - - The Latitudes Rewards perks for the GOLD state 50% off of one bag. The perks charts does not state what that is - no *s - #numbers spelling it out ! Is that 50% off of the Bag Deal @ $19.99 or is it 50% off the total of the individual items in the bag ? ? It is not very clear (par for the course for NCL) what exactly is correct. The key here is: 50% off of the total of individual items in the bag would be cost prohibited exceeding the Bag Deal ! So why use the 50% rate when the Bag Deal is a better bargain ! But then the NCL Guest is GOLD and gets 50% off of one bag ! Without taking a poll - has anyone who is GOLD had a 50% discount of the Bag Deal ? I.E. $19.99 discounted 50% to $9.99 Is this happening on more than one ship in the fleet ? Take note CC NCL GOLD members and run the Jolly Roger cross-bones flag up in protest ! Interpretation of the perks needs clarification !
  8. At Guest Services you do not need to ask or tell the guest agent about the OBC Non-Refundable or Refundable. Merely tell them you want to give a special extra to your Cabin Attendant - Butler - Bar Tender - or other persons etc. from your On Board account Fill out the credit invoice to transfer what ever amount you are gifting to that persons employee account (you will have to have a full name & department function i.e. Cabin Steward - if not they can look it up - a lot of names can be similar/same make sure you get the right person) Being short of cash*** (ya the green paper stuff - not the plastic stuff) I did this for all my tips and gratuities. ***I was going to cash American Express checks to provide greenback funds - but NCL doesn't even do that anymore - it is all Plastic Cash these days ! The invoice is a three part form - you get a receipt - one goes to accounting - and the third to the employee. Cheap NCL doesn't furnish those nice Thank You note cards and envelopes so remember to bring along a few from home or buy while in port - writing - A credit has been applied to your account in the amount of $xx.xx Thank You for your service /s/ John and Mary Doe Cabin xxxxx Or similar format nothing fancy. Thus the OBC in your account can be used paid out with no regard to NR or Refundable. If you gift more than what is available - NCL will bill that credit card you have on account Just a closing note don't wait to the last day - there are those lines at Guest Services you know ! You have more important things to do with your last few hours enjoyment of your vacation. Another way you can work the system is use the NR OBC in the Casino (Not on the POA in Hawaii) cashing it out with a modest service charge.
  9. Go to your EDocs and print out the tags as a back-up - better that then arriving at the pier and having the porters hand print the tags. Yes I know the tags will be paper and terrible disasters can happen - get inventive and beef them up - may make the difference in your luggage arriving at your cabin door OR in the Lost & Found where ever that is on the ship maybe same place as the "Naughty Room" ! LOL ! Not to worry much have your Butler or Cabin Attendant fetch your bags ! And as posted by BirdTravels don't expect a lot from the phone concierge - best that you do as much for yourself reservations notes attention to details in advance - then unload all this on the Concierge and Butler at registration/check-in at the pier to follow thru !
  10. We are in DOS cabin 15000. I could not discern any difference between 1500 and 15500 but the deck map makes 15500 look like longer (versus wider) entry hall? Any thoughts on this? The two DOS 15000 & 15500 are virtually the same in floor plan space (mirror image) ! The furniture and décor however maybe is different. Disregard that botched bad deck plan - the cabin floor plan is NOT "Y" shape. After ascending the stairs (Yes the elevator only goes to 14 and you have to climb 18 stairs to deck 15) you will be in a large wide foyer with a service storage closet and emergency access to the GV 2nd deck port side. Going forward the entry doors to both DOS open outward into the foyer. Viewing the first Video the photo taker is on deck 14 and climbing the stairs to this big foyer. Both videos of 15500 and are spot on accurate.
  11. As previous post noted ANY BALCONY is good. What side is better for the cruise? Port - Starboard ? Since the BLISS makes a round-trip out of Seattle either works - only at port calls is one side of the ship or the other viewing the port dockage - the other side will be looking at the channel causeway on the opposite side but you are not taking the cruise to look at port dockage - it is those GLACIERS that will be of interest. Arriving at the glacier the ship will slow to a putt putt crawl and then rotate in a circle at least once so that no matter which balcony you are in will have a view. Want a better view as noted go to the top deck or the Observation Lounge for even better views. Wear some warm clothing if planning on spending some time on deck. As for seeing points on land you will be sailing a few miles off shore and will not see any sea life basking on the rocks or beach - balcony here is meaningless other than you will get your fill of fresh air and have natural daylight. Which cabin is a matter of personal accommodation. Location of that balcony cabin be a real issue - Higher up and forward more movement - slightly better viewing Aft and lower - more noise - less movement - going away viewing Check your deck plans for your best location - try and get your selection on decks with cabins above and below yours - avoid pool decks galley areas and entertainment venues. Being near elevators and stairways is not all that bad having the convenience of rapidly going anywhere on the ship - as regards noise - perhaps only at times around dinner or show times. Enough for now - others have comments and critic to add - - - - -
  12. About some 50-60 days before sailing you should receive a snail mail letter from NCL with your preprinted luggage tags and the telephone number for calling the Pre-Cruise Concierge for any extra help or services you would like. That phone number is: 1 855 625 4283
  13. Candy in the gift shop - perhaps the only place you will find candy if you don't bring your own. In a suite the Butler will provide on request M&Ms gummy bears or salted nuts and the usual complimentary treats on behalf of the Captain - Hotel Director now General Manager and the Concierge. As for those potato chips if O'Sheehan's - Topsiders Grill and the Buffet in the afternoon if not found there then the Captain is going to have to make a port call to resupply with Lays Potato chips or other house brand *** *** Del Rio can't afford Pringles ! LOL ! If something is not found that you feel should be there ASK ! Oops - Leonardo you forgot the potato chips again - chop chop get these to the guests right away !
  14. Except for the canals itself all ships use the same waterways between the Seas (Also a great book to read about the canal) From the top deck of the ENCORE you should be able to see the old canal system - on the Pacific side the canals are not that far apart. Hopefully someone who has transit the canal on the BLISS or JOY may have pictures. 18 some decks high should be a good vantage point for seeing the old canal system.
  15. Mexican Peso$56 converted or US $ 56 ? And the Brand Name please - Thanks !
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