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  1. Also have a back up plan - alternatives - be flexible - go directly to that booking reservation right away on boarding. About a 1/3 to a half of the dining show and reservations times WERE available pre-cruise - the rest are available upon boarding and token few are allotted to the Concierge for Haven Suite guests. If you are able to book anything acceptable at all book it and keep checking back for maybe a better time/cancellation. Restaurant dining check with that restaurant a day or two in advance of your reservation times for any help. Note the previous post by BirdTravels and the last block of the Entertainment Reservation about reservations being released 10 minutes before show time.
  2. It may help to note the cruise ship and date of sailing to see if he is still on board that same ship ! Perhaps someone on the current Roll Call and/or M & G could check on it ? And bless you for taking an interest in a crew member family and well being.
  3. SUN and the BLISS/ENCORE two different itineraries - add the JEWEL for another measure They all port call at the basic 3(4) Ketchikan Juneau Skagway & Icy Strait Point The SUN adds Sitka and Victoria - The glaciers visited differ Glacier Bay Hubbard and Dawes Endicott Arm Quite a variety of dates 7 - 9 - 11 and 12 day sailings Port or Starboard doesn't make much difference - when at sea - land is distant - when viewing the glaciers it is common for the ship to be rotated 360 ° so with the exception of the inside cabin everyone gets a view - you are free to walk the decks creating your own views - some ships (SUN) have a forward observation area as well as aft Great Outdoors buffet deck with lots opportunities. Don't forget that when the variable weather takes a turn there is the sheltered Promenade deck for viewing also. Oh so much to take in and doing it in one cruise is going to leave you breathless for another and another !
  4. Yes you can do that - need glasses and corkscrew ask your cabin attendant in advance - need to chill that bottle request the champagne ice bucket too with ice of course.
  5. According to cruisedeckplans both ships the 4 glass enclosed elevators service decks 5 up to deck 11.
  6. Lacking anything suitable to purchase with the non-refundable OBC best move is to purchase the CNcs before 10pm the last night of the cruise - AND THEN THE CN OBC CAN BE USED TO OFFSET THE DSC ! You will perhaps still be giving back to NCL the remainder of any unused non-refundable OBC. Even better idea do this a few days before cruise end so when you check your on board account you can see if the credits/debits are applied correctly - waiting to the last minute am of disembarking is almost fruitless - those darn computers don't have any mercy in applying the credits after the account is considered closed. At 4am the day of disembarking you receive your final invoice at your cabin door - your account is now closed as far as NCL is concerned - it will seem like that - while you wait in line with others at guest services to make the final final adjustments. Be pro-active about monitoring your account - you can't take non-refundable OBC with you or off the ship for even your next NCL cruise.
  7. There are limits as to how many CNs can be purchased at one time - How many can be used at-on one booking - And then NCL allows rules changes to these - fine print - marketing - sales - etc. And therein is the substance of all this the CN program is nothing more than a discount - You are not getting tangible $Money$ in your pocket to take off the ship to spend on the street or in a mall. It is only funny monopoly money that can only be used exclusively at-on a NCL cruise ship booking or onboard activity. In itself it is a good program to encourage sales (future ones) and keep the guest-customer locked in with NCL.
  8. Stock Market took a dip today - bought 100 shares - expensive way to get OBC but it is OBC on each and every NCL cruise and a sort of (income) tax free dividend - note NCL does not pay dividends ! NCLH - ticker symbol for Norwegian Cruise Lines (Holding) NCL Regent and Oceanic Norwegian Cruise Line Hldg L NCLH 46.97 -1.54(-3.17%) Open $48.12 High $48.16 Low $46.85 Prev. Close $48.51 Volume 4.55M Shares Out 213.08M Market Cap $10,008.46M 52-Wk High 01/17 $59.78 52-Wk Low 08/05 $45.64 Avg Volume 1.93M P/E 10.60 EPS 4.43 Dividend 0.00 Yield 0.00 Ex Date N/A
  9. One thing about that "C" virus if you have to be quarantined on a ship - best it be in the biggest best cabin accommodations ! Being confined to an Inside cabin would be cruel and unusual punishment to the nth degree !
  10. The piano was a dual function player and real - No piano rolls visible - just the small box right side under the keyboard. I don't recall the brand on the piano and I did not take any photos of the keyboard face. On the right hand side under the keyboard was a small box with multiple button functions and a CD slot never did get the hang of using it and did not ask for help from Butler or Concierge - the cabin steward merely kept any dust off and cleaned any drink marks. About as far as I got in piano was "My Dog has Fleas" ! LOL ! With the CD slot I would suspect maybe MIDI ?
  11. Yes it can be used as a player piano with a limited selection of melodies. Has a CD slot but questionable if anything can be played ? No instructions how to use (play) the darn thing - no sheet music.
  12. If dining at the Teppanyaki charge is $39 and you are using a SDP it is all included. .
  13. NCL is not using its life boats as tenders ? - contracting (charter) a local private firm with a large vessel. Perhaps great that they are using one with 2 and half times the capacity of NCL life boats although taking time to load and unload. If waiting for a second or third life boat of NCL time is a wasting here. 500 guests is 1/8th the guest capacity on the GETAWAY 1 charter load or 3 NCL life boats ? While private island port calls are unique - I just don't like being a captive audience to what is and only offered. I would rather have my cup of tea tendering at say Bar Harbor Maine and deal with that. Of course not dealing with the same cruise port calls oranges apples mangos and bananas - or even pine cones. You know that you don't have to get off the ship at HC !
  14. Check Alaska Airlines: 834 NON STOP HNL 11:20 am PDX 7:58 pm Note 5 hours 40 minute flight time and 3 hours time zone change (Mainland still on DST)
  15. I think that should be " FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE GUESTS" (why of course) ! Passengers went the way of the carrier passenger pigeon aka dodo bird the upscale terminology today is guests. In addition one should not be required to bring the 747 page fine print Oxford English Dictionary to explain to the wait staff what the heck the guest menu selections which are applicable and not. Basically a meal is composed of -1- Entrée and Assorted sides apps deserts. Most civilized guests are not going to pig themselves out on multiple sides and apps - deserts are another thing ! LOL ! If you take a tour of the MDRs galley enough food is made to accommodate both of these and on some ships also a specialty restaurant or two. No one goes hungry and I doubt that the crew is going hungry from leftovers ! Now about those lima beans and the suffering succotash that is another issue ! LOL !
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