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  1. I have done it - DAWN Oct 2018 sailing 2nd leg of B2B. Was booked in OS deck 10 and made bid for the GV: 10/19/2018 - 10/26/2018 CABIN CLASS SB 10506 2 BALCONY OWNERS SUITE FARE $7578.00 (total for 2p) taxes port fees grats extra --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bid $1800 pp (x2=$3600) and won - email news about 3 weeks before sailing Won bid for GV 14000 (Bid in medium range) Going Rate for the GV at that time was $11495 pp --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thus I got the GV at $11300 a little less than half price not including taxes port fees grats --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The other GV 14500 was also open and won on bid - - - The DAWN was not sailing full on this leg. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous B2B leg was in SD suite 12522 and bid for everything above SC SB and the GV --- won SC suite 11530 for $300 pp 1st notch above bare minimum - others bids rejected ? no response. This B2B had port call/itinerary changes probably resulting in some cancellations - and the weather was not terribly exciting this late in the season.
  2. Another way to look at this: While the Butler does take care of the inside cabin details - he also can take care of details outside the cabin acting as a Concierge assistant. The Concierge and even on the larger -AWAY class ships where there is an assistant these people can't be everywhere taking care of all those guests who are eligible for the service. Both on the SUN and the DAWN my Butler(s) took care of details ordinarily done by the Concierge. Mostly the dining reservations and the DAWN tender priority (Bar Harbor). It does make a difference the level of suite one is in for more dedicated personal service needs !
  3. This question is asked often and the general answer is "NO" for safety reasons - BUT every now and then we read about where it was done but on other ships. For the DAWN the answer will be No. In some cases the partition opens into the door way of one or the other cabins. Some cases the partition can not be secured - latched to prevent movement that may cause injury. The heavy metal partitions would not be something to take lightly swinging in the breeze. On newer ships the partitions are plastic or of a pressed plywood material. Possible to have the partition opened while stationary in movement in port but while the ship is underway these must be secured in place. You can ask and see what the result will be but the DAWN is a generally a firm No. If booking in advance best to consider ajoining cabins with a connecting door or suite with a large balcony.
  4. When you browse the NCL website and search a specific ship you will not see all the inventory that is available. Only up to 15 or so cabins in the category of your search - if they are available. Your search is inhibited by looking solely for one type category of cabin. There is the possibility between now and sailing of a cancellation or for the immediate day or two of a TA or other agency having a hold on a cabin or block of cabins. Keep searching and do make that call to NCL to widen your search envelope for other similar cabins/decks. Still stuck with an undesirable cabin/location keep checking back and if offered an opportunity to bid/upgrade to something else consider that option.
  5. Not specific to the GEM OS Outlets near bed are a rarity. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for in YouTube try looking for a mirror image cabin perhaps on the other side of the ship - or search on Google. With the recent renovation of some of the ships the DVD movies and CD music are gone replaced with Movies on Demand. There is not so much a demand for music in-cabin but you are free to bring your own - just don't get carried away with loud wall thumping noise certainly to draw the attention of NCL to quell it down a bit let alone the mutiny of your cabin neighbors. You might do better bringing a thumb drive with your selections and hope to find away to plug it into the back of the in-cabin TV. Option for ear or head phones ? The size of your entertainment desire may be a problem in luggage and checked baggage. The last place I found the Bose sound system was the Owners Suite 1203 on the NCL SUN with DVD/CD player September 2017 - it was impressive but didn't use it that much - there is more to cruising than Bose sound. Que Sera Sera Probably not much help but will get you thinking of alternatives - - -
  6. Skip the primitive heating water in the coffee maker - you may never cycle enough water through to remove the taste of coffee - and as for HOT - you will be lucky to get tepid luke warm. I believe that you can order tea complimentary with your breakfast Room Service ( just note to bring HOT water and let you do the tea service yourself with your own tea if that is the case). If you do this daily and have a chance to meet the Room Service people - you should have success from that point. Of course a tip will do wonders !
  7. Cancel and rebook - NO - Perhaps if within the 10 period of making the insurance payment you maybe able to cancel it or revise it to include more of your travel. You could also supplement the post cruise with an additional policy. Have an auto club or other travel agency you book travel with check for the options. Also check with your credit card people for any options there. It is not a lost cause and worth a lot of worry about. But don't wait too long to straighten this out.
  8. Play around with this LINK: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Bliss Locate your cabin number on deck 9 and see what is above on deck 10 and below on deck 8 your cabin. Tell us what your cabin number is to give you more vital information - - - Search on YouTube for NCL BLISS xxxxx (where xxxxx is your cabin number) for video photo images of the cabin. You are cruising late enough in 2020 to make changes without penalty ! Reviewing the LINK - you have nothing but cabins on deck 10 above and being over a restaurant is not going to be much of problem - over an entertainment venue with loud repercussion noise YES but restaurants NO .
  9. Looking for that hairdryer - look for a vanity mirror and just below it should be a drawer to pull out and Voila "Hairdryer" - this maybe in the bath facility - but don't worry the hairdryer is hard wired into the ships electrical system and is not going to blow any fuses circuit breakers in normal use. Pretty crafty hiding the hairdryer in a drawer right in front of you.
  10. CC member BirdTravels has a copy posted somewhere here. A total of 5 items on the list exceeds the bag deal - with that you need to stuff the bag deal with at least 5 items. Found it the price list - LINK on page -3- is where you find it - review the other 2 pages for more information:
  11. I don't know if there is change being made or what - but - last sailing the laundry bag was a nylon pillow case size bag with a draw string closure - this on the DAWN - it also could also be something unique to a suite.
  12. ECHO that post. NCL uses the same laundry methods you would if using your own equipment only on a much larger scale - cold water wash - minimal detergent - no undue over heating drying of garments therefore no shrinkage *** *** but beware laundering garments previously unwashed - manufacturers fine print. Garments returned - folded and stacked neatly in a wicker basket - some items on hangers - superb inventory control - rarely any losses due to the itchy scratchy ID tags attached to bite you at the neck and waist - LOL ! Laundry service available at any time but at an expense. Need something absolutely positively urgently right-away - EXPRESS Service is available of course for a NCL FEE ! Bag deal offered on cruises about the half way point i.e. hump day 4 of a 7 day cruise getting clean clothes back about 4pm a day later or so. Cruises longer than 10 days may offer the deal twice - check with your cabin attendant; guest services or read the daily newsprint. As BirdTravels noted if Platinum you get the laundry free as a customer rewards perk - if Gold a 50% reduction but the bag deal always beats that. Suggest hand (in cabin sink) laundry for delicates and lingerie. Dry Cleaning is also available. One further comment if given the opportunity to take the BST (Behind the Scenes Tour) take it and enjoy an enlightening visit to the ships laundry facility !
  13. I have brought on board dry powdered flavored coffee and a 2 ounce bottle of Vanilla*** to doctor up my coffee. *** one 2 ounce bottle of coffee flavoring passes the TSA airport test 3-1-1. Maybe a hint of Bailey's or other Irish Scotch concoction from time to time. With the UBP and a bartender there is a whole lotta JAVA going on. Should not be an issue in either checked luggage or carry on. Now as for NCL having flavored coffee creamer - probably not - not on the SUN DAWN or STAR.
  14. If you haven't done this before - not familiar with how the spaghetti roads work - take a DRY-RUN noting features/places that are central for a meeting point and the time it takes to get there. Also if you misconnect is there an easy return try again route. In most cases both at piers and airports - waiting is not permitted in the RED zone - Load/Unload and Get Out ! That DRY-RUN could be done while no ship is at the pier and again with one for real but you would be driving thru to get a look at what you need to do. In this cell phone GPS age use these devices to make this work !
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