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  1. I have been watching and waiting! Thank you. I will book today.
  2. I am still working this problem. I think it might be similar to your situation. I did call Web support and they looked at my booking and said they don't see any OBC. So there is a problem. Unfortunately, I cannot get my horrible big box TA to return a call to me. I will give them another 2 business days, then I will escalate within the big box company. Something happened to my record. That I am convinced. M
  3. I was lucky to notice this thread about the share holder benefit. Like others, I have applied many times and been denied. I totally forgot to request it for my two 2021 cruises. One is a Royal Caribbean 7 day and the other is a Celebrity 11 day. I submitted my request yesterday late afternoon. I received my ACCEPTED response within 4 hours! I was granted $100 on each of these ships. Admittedly the 7 days has no perks other than what the TA gave us. Thanks for the recent postings which helped me remember to do this!
  4. Thank you. I think I will call web assistance. I did see where the "apply" box is available in my check out cart, but it is zero!
  5. I actually have 3 excursions sitting in my cart waiting for payment. The OBC does not show up.
  6. Has Celebrity changed its practice of providing On Board Credit (OBC) in the cruise planner to use prior to embarkation? I have $500 OBC issued by Celebrity for an April cruise. It is not available to me in my cruise planner and I want to book their excursions before they fill up. I did transfer this to a big box TA after I booked directly with Celebrity but nothing changed as far as the original promotions. Big box said it is not available to me. Any ideas?
  7. We will use tour companies. I may explore Lisbon Riders for a local tour. I am planning to use Spain Day Tours for a tour to Fatima one of my days. Your air prices were great! Marilyn
  8. I have made some decisions based on many factors, but we will book the Overlord cruise excursion tour for our one day in port at LeHave. They have my information but are not currently booking anything for the date I requested in late April. Then we will disembark in Southampton the following day and ferry back to France. No additional plans are made yet, but we will spend 5 nights in France before flying out of Paris to home. Now I have the framework to make plans over the next months about additional tours and time in Paris. Thanks. Marilyn
  9. I enjoyed reading some of this information on the Douro Valley, but could not access the full article without the digital subscription to the Times. Is anyone familiar with private tour companies in the Douro valley area? I have seen mention of Tourby locals and the site travel.intothevineyard. I will explore more on trip advisor as well. This could be an option for our port day in Porto.
  10. Erby2283, thank you for the offer as I always appreciate a good recommendation. However, we are booked at the Hotel do Chaiado. We did not have a choice really as we are using a "credit" from a trip cancelled this year. A third party company had booked our one-way flight and a hotel that was prior to an October 31st transatlantic. I did not want to lose the $1,300 I had already invested, so we are using them again for the April 2021 airfare and pre-cruise hotel. I just finalized these arrangements today. By the way, I found Delta prices round trip from North Carolina to Lisbon
  11. John and others, I confirmed today that currently I cannot get off the ship in any other port prior to disembarkation in Southampton. The idea of taking a ferry back to France is fabulous! I love this option and will explore in detail. With this in mind, I can set up some dates of travel from the US to Lisbon and home from Paris. An adventure on the ferry and staying a night either in Le Havre, Cherbourg or Bayeux will be fun to explore. Thanks again for the dialogue and information. Marilyn
  12. Thanks for your input, JB. There is enough information here for me to make more discoveries and continue with plans. However, I did post my intentions of disembarking at Le Havre on my rollcall today. One other passenger, who is interested in this same option, told me that Celebrity advised her this week that leaving the ship prior to Southampton is not an option within Covid-19 protocols. This is for contact tracing purposes. So it remains unclear if the option will be available and I may not be able to wait to early part of next year for that decision. I have flights to book or rather
  13. Yes, Hank. We will pay $65 per person to disembark in Le Havre. It is a bummer, but preferences to enjoy more time in France will out weight the additional cost paid to Celebrity. Marilyn
  14. Thanks for your information, Hank. I will have my husband review the tours of Normandy for his preference and that can assist our decision on a day or more. I also have asked on our ship rollcall if anyone else is considering disembarking in Le Havre. This may provide some additional options of planning with others for a tour and then on to Paris. Marilyn
  15. I am also exploring options related to Le Havre port. We are considering ending our Celebrity Shilouette April cruise at this port instead of Southampton. I am thinking we spend a night either in Le Lavre or maybe Honfleur, then going to Paris for 3 days and nights. Would one day in this area be sufficient for exploring Normandy? We would not rent a car but schedule some type of tour. Does anyone have a suggestion for a hotel here? Marilyn
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