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  1. Yes, Sunday brunch on the high seas on the Regent Explorer, doesn’t get much better than that! I’m also looking forward to dining at the Pacific Rim restaurant which isn’t on the Mariner.
  2. Yes, looks like we have lucked out. According to the letter that was sent to my TA by Regent, it will be a direct transfer to an equal suite category on the Explorer. All previous bonus incentives and FCC will apply. The calls to Antigua and the Bahamas will be replaced by Puerto Plata DR and Bridgetown Barbados with one extra day at sea. Ok by me.
  3. On the bright side though, we received notice from our TA that Regent is transferring or 10 day Dec 8th Mariner Caribbean booking to an 11 day cruise on the Explorer that will leave on Dec 9. Needless to say we are ecstatic with the upgrade to their newest ship and an extra day at sea. I would think they would have at least offer all the canceled Asia passengers some incentive to re-book on one of the new Explorer itineraries. But in the words of that famous British musician and songwriter: ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on bra!
  4. Thought it would be interesting to see how many cruises anyone has had canceled due to the pandemic. Can be any cruise line but since this is a Regent board should include at least one Regent Cruise. My cruise on the Mariner last Oct was canceled and rebooked for this Dec.(which by the grace of God will sail). Besides this, five other cruises were canceled on Seabourn, Celebrity, Crystal, Oceania and Windstar. 6 total. Took FCC only on Regent, all others have been refunded. I don’t think the experience will ever be the same again.
  5. Until people in my state of Florida are required to do the right thing to mitigate against this virus, wear masks and social distance, we cannot expect to get this pandemic under control. This is guidance from the CDC, and WHO and is not political. Our rising Covid numbers and deaths here in Florida IMHO reflect poorly on the leadership in our state for choosing not to heed the advice of the infectious disease experts.
  6. Well, it’s just that some of us really love to cruise and perhaps against our better judgement still hope we can do so again soon. This would be the fourth cruise this year that I have canceled or had canceled. Celebrity Eclipse in March, Seabourn Ovation in May, and Regent Seven Seas Mariner in Oct. Fortunate not to have lost any money in any of these cruises and don’t intend to with this crystal cruise either. Two cruise booked for next April and Dec. Time will tell.
  7. Put Me On A Ship, in the words of the great jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin : Don’t worry, be happy! My July 4th 2021 cruise on the Pride has been cancelled, as was my March 30th Celebrity cruise on the Eclipse and May 9th cruise on Seabourn Ovation. I still have one cruise left booked for Oct on the Regent Mariner which they haven’t canceled yet but I will cancel before final payment is due. No cruising for us likely until 2022 when hopefully all is back to as normal as possible. I intend just to not worry any more about cruising, be happy and stay safe.
  8. Why of course I meant March 30th. An honest mistake that anyone would understand. But perhaps you’ve never made a mistake in your life. Mr. Perfect.
  9. Carnival Corp. delays announcement about further cruise cancellations until May 30th. What are these clowns waiting for? Is Micky Arison hoping Trump will bail him out over the weekend? Cowards the lot of them!
  10. Shame on Mr. Del Rio and his smarmy, sleazy lot of executives at Norwegian cruise holdings.
  11. OK. Carnival has officially canceled cruise operations in Australia until May 15th. Therefore they must soon announce similar cancellations for their US and Europe operations, would they not? Then their Seabourn division would follow suit and a new world order will be established (at least til May!) And finally my med cruise will be cancelled! May the force be with the rest of you shipmates whose cruises are being held hostage by this virus.
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