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  1. Solarium Bistro is a wonderful option for breakfast and lunch. We used it often a few weeks ago. Our room on deck 13 was close to the door that led to the Solarium so no steps or elevator. Try it especially on a port day.
  2. We did this tour with Anthem last week. We chose the shuttle option because we wanted flexibility. It included transportation and admission. We were happy with our choice. I planned it out beforehand according to location and activity level. We did not experience lines and could have used more time. The only outside time was walking between buildings. It was chilly but we had dressed accordingly. Loved it!
  3. Our muster station on Anthem of the Seas tomorrow is A03. Is that the same as A3 which is the Royal Theater on Deck 5? Also how long are elevators not available after the muster drill? We usually use the stairs but we are on deck 13.
  4. If I purchase wifi for one day on Anthem can I maximize its usefulness to me by buying at let’s say 9am and having it expire at 8:59am the next day? Or is it a fixed 24 hours beginning at 12:00am? Also is there a discount for Emerald? (So used to getting gobs of free internet on Princess!)
  5. For anyone who recently cruised on Anthem, is the texting hole still there or has it been repaired? I’ve see conflicting posts and suggestions on how to access free texting. We are boarding on December 1 and deciding whether to purchase internet. I’m hoping to hear from people with direct recent experience.
  6. We’ve enjoyed lunch there but didn’t know about the dinner option. Is there a charge for dinner?
  7. I understand that. I remember years pre ipad I would use the computers on Princess. I always told my kids to use my hotmail email because the opening page on the computer showed hotmail, yahoo etc. The email I use most frequently is more time consuming to reach. With the price you quoted for the daily, even if a little higher, would work out to my advantage. I can use my Ipad, email as much as I want, and save a little money. Thank you.
  8. That leads to another question. For the first 3 days of the cruise I don’t need Internet. For the last 4 days, if I buy a 24 hour package that goes from let’s say 5:00 pm day 1 to 4:59 pm day 2, I actually can check emails during a 2 day period. Doing this again a similar way would let me pay for 2 days yet have access during 4. Is my reasoning off? I know the daily cost is high per day but the package for 7 days right now is almost $100. I can’t believe the rate for 2 days would be that steep. I simply want email contact with my kids and I’ve read the texting hole is no longer.
  9. We will be on Anthem in a few weeks. I contacted RC about internet access and the return email referenced the Internet cafe. Is there one on Anthem? I don’t recall since I use my iPad. And if there are computers there and I use them, can I pay by the minute? Also, if I remember from the days I relied on the ship computers, what email providers are easily accessible? It used to be those major ones like hotmail. Thanks.
  10. We will be on the December 1 sailing of Anthem and are contemplating another Anthem cruise for later this winter. I usually use a booking site online which provides numerous quotes for me to choose from. I also know I will get some value from booking onboard although the price may not be as attractive. What are my options concerning booking onboard and then transferring to a TA via the booking site I usually start with? I’ve used FCD on Princess many times but never on RC. Any advice and information would be much appreciated.
  11. You are all correct. It’s back up now and no cabin. Not wondering anymore. 😄
  12. We are cruising in 31 days. I just went to check to see if we received our cabin ( balcony guarantee) and saw this message. “Information is currently not available. Please try again later.” Could this mean my guarantee could be in the process of being assigned? I’ve been checking a few times a day for weeks and this is the first time I received this message. Just wondering.........
  13. Seeing a 30% off Halloween sale, I decided to check the price of a shore excursion I booked several weeks ago when there was no “sale”. The price was nearly 30% HIGHER than what I paid. Do the prices vary that often pre cruise? If the price had really dropped, could I have taken advantage of the drop?
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