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  1. There was no hotel doctor affiliated with the Westin and not knowing what it was, we just wanted to get home. (We thought he had some type of infection from his CPAP machine having had no familiarity with a PE.) In retrospect, flying was taking an awful chance and boarding that cruise, well I can’t let my mind go there. We were with a friend who also curtailed her trip, so we had hoped whatever it was would improve. We made many mistakes.
  2. This whole experience could have had disastrous results with 2 extended flights to and from Seattle. Fortunately he was diagnosed quickly in the emergency room and treated by cardiology, hematology, pulmonology etc. After a few days in the hospital, he was released and is pretty much back to normal now. We now have a bunch of new doctors to see. I am so very grateful.
  3. The last time I had to cancel it was because my son-in-law who was NOT traveling with us needed surgery and I felt I needed to be available. So each policy is different.
  4. It was through my credit card. Two of my cards have that benefit and I use them alone or together if the price exceeds the benefit of one of them. I have received payment in the past so I don’t feel the need for a separate insurance policy.
  5. Since it was last minute, we get nothing back from Princess. We had used our Citibank Costco card to purchase the cruise and will recoup the cruise cost through the trip cancellation benefit. It requires a form and a doctor’s note. Amusingly, although we had talked with several people on Princess to cancel and change the air, none of them cancelled the cruise. As we were boarded our return flight, I got a call from Princess about whether we are “joining” them. If I hadn’t been so stressed, I would have laughed.
  6. Now that I’ve had a few minutes to catch my breath, I need to give credit where credit is due. Unfortunately we had to cancel our cruise on the Ruby to Alaska on June 1. My husband got sick while in Seattle and there was no way we could board that ship. On the evening of May 31, we contacted Princess to change our flights from June 8 to June 1 so we could go home to New Jersey. We had EZ air and it was the best decision we made. They were unbelievably helpful in getting us a last minute flight. Try doing that directly with the airlines! Although he’s fine now he ended up in the hospital the morning after our flight with pulmonary embolisms. I can’t compliment Princess enough for their help in this stressful time. I won’t ever forget it.
  7. I know I will get some negative posts but I have had actual experience using the travel insurance that came free of cost with my no fee credit card. We had to cancel three seven day Caribbean cruises in January due to our SIL being diagnosed with cancer and needing surgery. We did get back about half from the cruise line since it was outside of 30 days. The remainder was easily reimbursed through the credit card coverage with a note from our SIL’s doctor and completion of a simple form. It was easy and fast and as long as the cruises were booked with the card, there was no problem. We do have evacuation with our Medicare advantage so medical is covered.
  8. I found the same issue while looking for excursions. I was able to access this another way but don’t understand why days can’t be scrolled.
  9. No we depart from Athens. Hopefully my roll call will come alive closer to our sail date and others may want to book a private tour together. There are several good options.
  10. If I call Azamara will I get a correct answer? Often what happens on a ship is very different from what a rep on the phone knows and tells you.
  11. I’m looking for a recommendation of a tour company in Rome offering pick up at the cruise port with photo stops at points of interest in Rome. We have been on tours in most of the attractions, so don’t want tickets to go inside but would like to take some pictures outside. Perhaps an hour of free time would also be appreciated.
  12. I guess if I want a tour similar to what I described (a few photo stops with a bit of free time), that would be a good place to query. With the Azamara description of the tour I’m questioning, I envision riding past lots of places with the sole stop for lunch and free time.
  13. We will be on Journey in October. We have toured Rome before and know one day is way too short to see very much. On the other hand the tour I referenced in the title may not be what we might enjoy. If anyone has taken this tour, I’d love to know if there are at least a few photo stops beside the lunch and free time stop. I don’t need to wait on line and enter sights I’ve done before, but I don’t want to be sitting on a bus for hours on end with attractions being pointed out as we drive quickly by.
  14. Yes, Princess is a class act. We were on Princess during the devastation of Sandy. Many people lost their cars parked at the Brooklyn terminal. Princess had several phones available to passengers free of charge as often as needed. Yes, there were lines to use the phones but whether it was to insurance or drivers or families, phones were made available. Unable to dock in Brooklyn due to the flooding, we finally docked in NY. Princess also provided free of charge buses to get us to more convenient locations for pickup. Everything was handled professionally with compassion. I’m sure that’s exactly what was needed today.
  15. I didn’t send them the credit card information until I had gotten prices etc.
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