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  1. My October TA was cancelled and now my special Mexican Riviera cruise on the Maasdam in April is gone. I had already booked the Copper Canyon railway tour which is $500. I still don't have my money back from my TA. I was given $150 off and an extra $150 shipboard credit for the Maasdam cruise because of some HAL blips, and I don't know how that will play out. The HAL promotions now don't work out well for solos, and I had a super deal on the Maasdam with a low solo fare and $950 credit. The Maasdam is my favorite HAL ship and I am crushed she is being sold. I will look back to the 20 day South Pacific cruise I had on her. I understand about the Corona virus, but it seems HAL is becoming more and more solo unfriendly in term of economics.
  2. Here is the situation. I just got ahold of the tour company. I have not been refunded the money on the Ronda tour yet, and I had to put in another 20% of my own money to him. I don't know if he will refund that or not. The Rabat tour operator made a mistake on the date, so there is no refund-I have a credit with the company. I am not thrilled about that-and don't know if I can get that covered with travel insurance or not. I will send out checks for the Rabat tour, but if you booked on both, I will wait until I see what is going to happen. I don't know if I booked with my credit card company that gives me travel insurance or not, and I don't think it fair that I take a hit of another 20% just because I organized this. I was supposed to go away for 7 weeks to Africa, and that fell apart right before I was supposed to leave. MA is in the top 5 of states with COVID, and I have been swamped trying to get guys out of jail. I don't think I ever want to host tours that the money is not paid directly to the company again as it was a nightmare and even more now that the cruise is cancelled. The email contacts are good-but I have been buried with court work and trying to recover for my Africa trip. I am planning to refund people-but I need to wait for my refund and check on trip insurance.
  3. I have booked inside cabin guarantees and will probably continue to do so. I book far in advance and have yet to sail in an inside. I always get an upgrade, and many times there are are reasonable upsells as well. I cruise solo, so I am already paying a single supplement, so I try to stretch my money as far as possible.
  4. Well, the trial courts are closed, but work still goes on. Closed means no one can go in. But criminal work does not stop. People who are not held-their cases get postponed. But there are people in jail and new arrests and people whoses families or doctors are trying to have them civilly committed as they have alcohol or drug problems. So court goes on, but it is either by video conference or by teleconference. It is more challenging this way, but better than doing nothing. Governor Baker made a law where you must wear a mask if it isn't possible to be socially distant. A few businesses have been allowed to reopen, but MA is still in bad shape. Over 3500 people have died, and there is still very active outbreaks. We have been hit very hard with nursing home outbreaks. The nursing home near me, the Soldiers Home in Holyoke had 83 veterans die so far. Crime, at least, is down, although there has been a rash of homicides--mostly gang related. So I am still working-I just don't meet clients face to face any more.
  5. I looked at that same cruise and was very tempted, but it is priced too high as a single cruiser. Otherwise, I am pretty sure I would have booked it as it has super ports! Congrats!
  6. I love the size of these ships, but the Veendam is by far my least favorite. No sea view pool, and the cabins built back there make her aft look very ugly. It's one ship I would avoid unless it was a cruise where you wouldn't be swimming. The sea view pool is where I hang out during the day, and having hot tubs there doesn't make up for the lack of a pool.
  7. At least HAL is offering refunds. I had a 7 week African once in a lifetime trip planned where I was flying to Africa March 25. The nightmare started the week before when G Adventures cancelled my 100% guaranteed departures tour and broke their contract that gave me a refund to offer me a one year voucher and Royal Air Maroc cancelled my Cairo to Casablanca flight and would not give me anything but a one year voucher on its airline. Then Turkish Airline, Air France and Egypt Airline cancelled my flights. Egypt gave me a worthless voucher, AF refunded my money and points and Turkish Air nothing. HAL at least offered (and I took) the chance to double my money.
  8. With regards to filing a charge back, the 60 days is not a hard and fast rule. I bought a flight from Cairo to Casblanca on Royal Air Maroc in June 2019 For a flight in April 2020 that was cancelled by Royal Air Maroc. They wanted to issue me a voucher for one year to fly on the airline. Since I won't be going back to Africa in that time frame, it was worthless to me. I filed a chargeback , which was allowed. I could have filed a travel insurance claim, but that involved jumping through many more hoops, and after all, I DID NOT CANCEL, the airline did. And then they never even issued me the voucher either!
  9. I found that as a single, the sale only increased the prices of my cruises and did not give me much of value in return. I am doing much, much better with what I presently have booked.
  10. I live in MA, and things are bad here, but worse in Eastern MA. The entire state has been shut down except for essential businesses. I work as a criminal defense lawyer for poor people, so I am essential. I have to go to the jail where people have tested positive. Some people aren't paying much attention to social distancing locally. About 800 people have been diagnosed with corona in my county and 45 people in my town. 22 veterans have died from corona at a local nursing home. It's impossible to find bleach., hand sanitizer, toliet paper, and disinfecting wipes. The governor has said we don't have enough hospital beds or ventilators. We don't have enough PPE, either. The peak should be hitting in 10 days are so. I live alone, so it's even more isolating and scary.
  11. You always have the option of renting a refrigerator for $2 a day. Contact your TA, I've rented them before.
  12. I've sailed on the Maasdam a number of times, my last being a 20 night South Pacific cruise from and back to Auckland. She is my favorite ship, and I have never had air conditioning or toilet issues. I'm booked on a 14 nite Mexican Rivera cruise on her in April 2021 that is an Exec cruise, and I can't wait!
  13. There is a similar offer that gets you 15,000 points instead. I got both offers, and will use them both.
  14. When I booked my first TA, HAL had just launched Lincoln Center. I was really looking forward to it, and it was a major factor in my booking that cruise. I boarded the ship to find out there was no Lincoln Center as there was a problem with the stage, and they didn't hire a classical duo or trio to replace them. There was another HAL ship doing a TA I could have sailed on that had Lincoln Center. So a cruise with 7 straight sea days had no classical music as advertised!
  15. I sailed on the Eurodam this past spring on a 20 day Circle Hawaii cruise out of San Diego that finished in Vancouver. We sailed out with an azipod issue that got worse (fishing net wrapped around it.) We were not informed until much later, and we were never given all information. We lost our Mexico port, we had to sail back to San Diego early, and we sailed out of San Diego late so we did not get to go to Vancouver. They gave the 20 day cruisers the same compensation as the 16 and the 4 day cruisers. The azipod issue was handled extremely poorly, and we lost 2 full days of sea time. I understand about mechanical issues, but feel I have the right to be kept fully informed and to be fully compensated for what I lost.
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