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  1. A hearty second on Dyea Dave. I had one of the best tours of my life with him, and there were 6 of us in the van!!
  2. Mambo Beach/Sea aquarium beach in Curaçao is very nice. You can even take the local bus there. Moderate charge to go in, moderate chair and umbrella charge, sheltered beach, food and drinks available.
  3. I was lucky enough to fly JFK to Hong Kong on Cathay in their suite (17 hours) and then on to Singapore on Singapore Air in Business (4 hours). If you have loads of points, the suite is Amazing-you will never notice being on a plane that long. Hong Kong is a cool place to stop over, too. Give yourself time in Singapore-you could stay a week and not seee it all-the subway is very easy to use there!
  4. Yes, you can buy shipboard credit. Not sure about refunding the unused portion, though. I bought shipboard credit before. The offer is not on either my Platinum, Biz Platinum, personal Bonvoy or personal free AMEX. I've called before and was told they release over different time frames, so hopefully, we will get this later. Otherwise, I will get mad as AMEX seems to give me stuff I have no interest in and omit the offers I really want.
  5. It isn't specific to any Amex card, but in the past, it has shown up on my Platinum, Business Platinum, and Everyday.
  6. Amex sometimes spreads out the release of these offers, so don't give up hope yet. With any luck, there will be a comparable one with points, too.
  7. The AMEX HAL offer is back. You get $150 back off a $500 new booking. I don't see it on any of my cards yet, but saw it listed on Boarding Area.
  8. You could also try checking prices with different travel agencies and/or in different categories. Us people who travel solo are very used to having to pay double occupancy for a cabin. On HAL, that is the norm. You are lucky if you can get 150% or 175% of the rate.
  9. sambamama


    I swear that the air conditioning gets turned off at midnight. I've been asking for a fan my last 4-5 cruises. I usually get a box fan, but I but sometimes get a tall fan on a stand. I get hot at night, and the fan really helps. The white noise helps me, too!
  10. I have usually got my cabin 10 - 14 days out, but once it was 3 days out and my last cruise it was 2 days out. And yes, this time, they needed to make luggage tags at the pier.
  11. I am a 4 star. We got our prefilled customs back (we were supposed to preclear in Victoria), and I chose self disembarking. We made up the time and people got off the ship at 8am. I walked right off, got through customs in 30 seconds and got in a taxi to my hotel.
  12. I was also on this cruise and still am on the 4 day cruise after. The Lido staff on this cruise was amazing-the best I've ever seen. Really friendly and always offering to get juice or coffee, etc. The Lincoln Center Stage Group-superb! It's a shame they can't keep them as a group since they connect so well together. They all are amazing musicians in their own right and all have a sense of humor. Ive had wonderful food in the MDR as well as great service! I love my cabin stewards, too. But the ship didn't handle the azipod situation well in two ways. They didn't keep us informed soon enough, and there was inadequate compensation. The 20 day cruisers got the same compensation as the 16 day cruisers despite losing another port and spending another whole day docked at Port. As I write, we are still docked at Port. We were supposed to leave at 12. We have spent 5 extra hours in San Diego the first day, 3 extra hours in Kona, 2 hours in Ensenada we could not get off, and we've been docked in San Diego since 6:30pm on the 28th.
  13. The ship was supposed to sail at 12pm. It has not. The captain said he thought it would sail at 1pm as the repairs went well. I doubt that-I think it will be 2 or later. The deck party with free drinks is underway now-unfortunately the weather is cool and rainy.
  14. Maybe your account is factual. I talked to the wife, and she told me they were not told they could get on the ship. I can't vouch for what was told to the husband, I only know what the wife told me directly. I could be wrong about the 6 weeks-that was told to me indirectly, but I do know the captain said the fishing net was on prior to San Diego-but they only discovered it in San Diego.
  15. I can tell you that dacquiris and margaritas are the same price. The Pinnacle and Tamarind have been half full or less the nights I went to eat there. The Pinnacle has the new David Burke menu and there has been no surcharge for 2 entrees. The food in the MDR has been very good but a bit eclectic. The Lincoln Center Stage Group is superb-the best classical group I've ever heard on HAL, and the service in Lido very good. The late fixed seating has been practically empty.
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