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  1. I eat a fresh salad and the last cruise they also had a freshly made avocado salad one day. One day they had fresh steamed mussels at lunch. It pays to look around before deciding. I will taste something unusual or interesting. Sushi on Five does a nice salad and rainbow roll.
  2. Take photos in each port especially of the water bring an inexpensive under water camera. I write a small journal entry to go with the photos and make a short travel book when I return home. I usually visit local grocery stores to look for products that are okay to bring back into your country. Unique local hand made items. Museums often have unique local art.
  3. I take small bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The products are fine for most people.
  4. I don't usually drink wine with my meal but asked the sommelier to select the wine each night. I told her what I was eating for my main course. The wine always complimented my food. It was fun and I learned that I do like wine if it compliments what I am eating. Enjoy-
  5. Does the Apple store on board carry accessories? Specifically power cords for I pad. Thank you
  6. I just made the same decision. We have cruised on different ships and in different staterooms. Here is how I made our decision between Edge and Equinox. 1. Cost for value. The Edge is more $$$. 2. The lack of the Sky lounge on the Edge is a factor. We enjoy sitting in the front of the ship to watch the waves and coming into ports. 3. Balcony- We like a traditional balcony but could adapt to Edge but not for more money 4. Location of Aqua class rooms and the fitness center and Persian garden. The Aqua class rooms are not close to the fitness center and spa .the Edge. The dining room is nice with water views on the Equinox. We decided to go with the Equinox for these reasons. Either would have been fine but the Equinox has better value for the money for us. Hope this helps.
  7. Some years ago while having a coffee, a nice young lady asked if we would respond to her survey about the cruise. It was during the cruise. We did take the time to respond and give honest responses. We had been pleased with our cruise. When asked if their was something we would change we mentioned the quality of the food in the main dining room. We were happy with the service and knew the food was another department. She thanked us for taking the time to respond.
  8. I recently selected Equinox over Edge due to price difference,the type of balcony and the location of Aqua Class. We enjoy the Aqua class cabins being located closer to the gym and Persian gardens on the Equinox. We also prefer an open balcony. It really depends on what you enjoy doing on a cruise. Best wishes with your choice.
  9. I do bring somethings depending on where the cruise is going. In the Caribbean, I bring water shoes, a snorkel, long gauze dress that can be used as a cover-up. Sample beauty products, an inexpensive waterproof beach bag. Insulated water glass or bottle. In cold climates, I carry a soft sweater with lounge pants,gloves. For all cruises, Coin purse with small bills for tips in port or on the ship. Light weight small back pack. Hand sanitizer,tea lights,small amounts of all different over the counter medications in a pill box. Extra pair of glasses. Glasses cleaner. Travel size sunscreen for in port, travel poncho, and zip lock bag. I do not wear real jewelry but bring a some earrings and an inexpensive watch. My shoes are one pair of sandals, gym shoes, and water shoes. Paperback books or kindle. Highlighter pen. Most important item sunglasses!
  10. Aqua class for dining room food and ambiance. We like the cabin location close to the gym and Persian garden. It is not close on the Edge but is on the Equinox. We both use the gym and I enjoy the Persian garden. The food is served in a more timely manner and good accommodation to requests. We are frugal but find it worth the extra cost most of the time in the Caribbean We have cruised on many different ships in everything from inside cabin to Aqua class.
  11. The Celebrity after cruise port tour is a good place to look for ideas. We have done this in Vancouver and they dropped you off at the airport. It was a good way to see some of the sights without worrying about transportation.
  12. We enjoy AQ when the price is right. Blu is less crowded and will accommodate your selections much faster than MDR. I use the Persian garden due to arthritis. We both use the gym and like the proximity to the cabins. We have stayed in all types of cabins but enjoy aqua class.
  13. Improve the quality of food and new menus fleet wide at all dining rooms.
  14. Like Tommy D3, we have cruised on Celebrity when the food in the MDR was excellent. We have also cruised on other ships where the food has been good but not excellent. I like to cook with fresh and quality ingredients when at home. On our recent cruises, the food at dinner in the MDR has been disappointing. We eat all types of food but the quality of the meat has been very poor. In Alaska, the buffet at night had the best fresh food. They served sushi and custom stir fry nightly at it was good. We like Aqua class for the smaller dining room and the food has been better than the main dining areas. We also use the fitness center and Persian garden. The specialty restaurants are a fine option but I really wish the quality of the food would improve on all cruises. I would rather have less and a better quality.
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