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  1. Clicking on the tab for this Board when what I meant to do was click on Crystal Roll Call........
  2. It is not often, on any of the boards, that you read as thorough a review, so thanks, Colin. It was a particularly interesting read as a result of having met you and Steph on a couple of past cruises and therefore having a sense of your preferences and also of your 'cruising history'. As regards the latter we have had a similar journey ranging from mass market lines through to more exclusive experiences. Once you have traded up it is a little more difficult to trade back down but there again you adjust your expectations because, by and large, you get what you pay for. A question, if I may, Colin. How did you feel the fare value compared between the two lines - I imagine you paid a higher per diem than on Crystal? We loved Silverseas and then, equally, we loved Regent. And then our TA persuaded us to try Crystal - which left us with very similar conclusions. The range of entertainment on offer combined with the fantastic lecture programmes and still with terrific passenger / space ratios left it as our number one choice. However, as I said in an earlier post, listening to Colin describing SS it reminded me of some of the things we particularly liked about SS and I think we shall revisit (opportunity allowing...). It may make sense for a port intensive itinerary - that way we might not miss the packed daytime programme so much. (With Crystal we look for itineraries with multiple sea days because of the busy daily programmes.) Ultimately it is about choices and in the world PCV (pre-coronavirus) we were spoiled for choice. Let's hope that we still have plentiful cruise choices in the ACV (after coronavirus) world... Adrian
  3. Although very health conscious in most regards (alcohol / cake / desserts / scones / clotted cream / more cake / alcohol - are among my only weaknesses...) it sounds as though I will continue to be well catered for!
  4. Ah - how some things change! For me I am not too bothered about the location (where is not wonderful on any ship...?) but the presence of 3 tiers is key to my litmus test.... (not KK's preference, I know. But then what does he know about cake?!)
  5. This is making interesting reading - and is reawakening lots of memories of the Silverseas experience. We have had c.60 nights on various SS ships (including Spirit) but all quite a while back now and certainly pre Muse. All things considered, at this stage of KK's comments, I'm thinking we need to go back (when we're finally allowed to...and assuming there will be such a thing as cruising in the ACV years!). However there has not been yet been any comment about afternoon tea. That is critical feedback and could make all the difference for a future decision......
  6. Such a big part of travelling is about making memories. You won't forget this one in a hurry! (and when we are finally able to socialise again you'll be in big demand as dining partners. Maybe a career as an after dinner speaker - or as a cruise ship lecturer.....?! )
  7. Ah, that's a thought, Vince. After a rummage in the document there is a neat catch all exclusion! (and there was me thinking I had a gold standard policy...) In the UK we have another safety net, especially for package holidays. https://www.caa.co.uk/ATOL-protection/Consumers/About-ATOL/ It effectively guarantees your money in the event of an operator's collapse. However, the government is considering scaling back the size of the promise in view of the current situation and, in any case, it appears that cover might not apply if the company was still operating when the booked holiday was due to commence. Interesting what you discover when the ceiling falls down! Adrian
  8. What can I say - despite Vince being clearly up to his neck in his own unimaginable business issues he still finds time for a further insightful and helpful comment. Thanks indeed, Vince. (paid on credit cards, as it happens) Adrian
  9. I, like many of us I imagine, have been noting the 'feast to famine' that has occurred on this board. Hardly surprising, I know. But to see a return of something interesting to read with the ebb and flow of discussion helps to pass the time of day - when you are in lock-down.....! However - what is missing in what I have read so far here is what happens when the cash starts to run out. Clearly there are businesses that ARE going to fail, so are there any signs to look out for that the slow pace of refunds is not just 'process', not just reluctance to part with cash but actual 'no cash left'? It's not a Crystal cruise but we are waiting for a refund from an, unusual for us, purchase of a package holiday (Virgin Holidays) incorporating flight and cruise. This was cancelled - effectively by the cruise line - as the airline would still have flown us. We were promised a full refund. Now, I understand that the cruise line has to refund to VH first and only then will we be in the VH refund queue. But with the possibility of one or both of the suppliers (airline / cruise line) going bust I am a tad nervous. At the end of the day I won't lose any sleep over it - nor over cash that Crystal has for our future cruises with them. Frankly there is more to worry about! Adrian
  10. To avoid any risk of being accused of engaging in a private conversation may I start by pointing out to regular SS clientele that Colin appears to have a possible subsidised berth on offer for a future cruise. He's a fine fellow so I suggest you get your applications in asap! To Colin's question, we were, along with so many others, due to be on a ship this week in the Caribbean. Our first day in lock-down today was in sharp contrast to the day we should have been having.... Hey-ho. Normality will - eventually - return. Keep safe everyone. Adrian
  11. We were due to be on the cruise after Diddn. We were suspicious when we saw the ship track as having departed Barbados, done a few figure of eights and then gone straight back into port. For a short while we wondered whether someone had left a bag on the dock... Then the cancellation notice came. They didn't waste time getting the ship on its way back to Europe. Hopefully the crew have been allowed to spread out a bit into guest cabins. The dates all the cruise lines are quoting for restarting operations seem optimistic in the extreme but you can hardly blame them for living in hope. I guess we all are hoping for some sort of miracle. If I were inclined to bet I would not put money on a re-start before the new year. And who knows which lines will survive such a lengthy shutdown. (I bet they are glad they don't have Flying Clipper to worry about as well!)
  12. Excuse me but whilst Pat didn't publish a full set of rules I'd like to cry 'foul' on the grounds I have already claimed that combo of items. Admittedly using slightly different words to describe the same things.... (Sorry, Claudia!) Adrian
  13. Great to hear you're both back safe and sound. I followed the progress of your trip and all the twists and turns along the way. Will we all find cruises that stick to their published itinerary to be boring in future?! Look forward to reading your account in due course. What odds are you giving that your September plans will go ahead....? Best to you both Adrian
  14. So, how was it?! (do hope you are home safely...)
  15. vibration in bed (that doesn't require human activity) custard tarts in the Bistro
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