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  1. Good to see how comprehensively informed we are going to be - and entertained too! (didn't realise you were so young, Terry...ðŸĪŠ)
  2. Oh dear - I'm so sorry. It was not my intention to cause any interruption to anyone's marital bliss....(or seating preferences) Seeing Terry's last post made me wonder whether it was possible to claim that a window seat was necessary to take photos for the blog. I ran that past Mrs N and quickly realised that reference to the blog was not necessarily what she wanted to hear. I pointed out that one of the advantages of doing a blog was that it allowed her to get to sleep each night undisturbed, whilst I wrote up and posted the day's account. That was met by a look that, at best, could only be described as withering. So, putting the most optimistic spin a chap can put on the apparent suggestion she would prefer I went to bed at the same time, I made a tentative inquiry - and was quickly left corrected....â˜đïļ Anyway, we digress. Back to you, Terry, and your excellent blog.
  3. 121 is no help to me - I'm expected to book the two in the middle 🙄. Otherwise I'd get a serious dose of "why don't you want to sit next to me"....
  4. I wonder, if we did a survey, what percentage of we chaps would say we routinely got the window seat....? The last time I got the window seat when travelling with Mrs N I think we were flying on a 707 (yes, that's a zero sat between the 7's🙄) Nothing wrong with looking backwards. Ah, yes, those days of Empire!
  5. Hope you have a wonderful trip, Terry. Looking forward to reading your account! (and sorry to see you'll have no chance of going upstairs on your aircraft - still, you'll have a larger window to look out of...😎) Adrian
  6. Of course, we feel for you, Anne. It does look a bit mean. (And in our experience a G fare has included credits. But perhaps the rule varies by sailing.) However our overriding feeling is more akin to jealousy! This trip seems to have long in coming and you can be sure that there are many of us looking forward to hearing how you find Esprit. Best wishes for a wonderful trip. Adrian
  7. We have done short cruises on Crystal, longer cruises that have been split into segments and longer cruises that have not been split. The ones that were noticeably different were the specifically short ones - where the vast majority of the passengers were on for the short duration with that short timescale to pack in the whole vacation experience (the 'busy cruise' as Keith quite rightly describes it) For me this issue draws attention to the difference between staying in a land based hotel / resort vs a cruise. They are totally different. And the reason is connected to the impact a mass / group of people have when engaged in a shared experience. You especially get that on a longer cruise - 'we're all in this together'. Both guests and crew are more engaged, more invested in making the trip memorable / fun / sociable / enriching. On a land based vacation the guests are a transient population coming and going for various durations and various arrival and departure days. Relationships / interactions between guests and staff have less opportunity to develop. Furthermore a ship has an identity (a soul??) that a building does not have - or at least not in the same way. So, yes, you might feel a difference on a short cruise or a longer cruise where the changeover of passengers between segments is considerable. Note the word 'might'. You might not - it will depend on you, your attitude, any group members you are with (if just a couple you're more prone - I think) and just how it works out. Sorry - it's just not black & white. We humans are a funny lot. Especially when we go to sea! (But how much better it is to be at sea than being on land imagining we are back at sea.....😕) A
  8. It seems to me that this discussion sums up the whole point of Cruise Critic - it's an environment where views can be exchanged and in the case of the Crystal board it is done (almost entirely) respectfully and politely. It brings to the table the views of those with considerable experience and knowledge, those with intelligence and well argued points and a few people like me - regular Joe's, who have some views too. The fact that people make their case leaves the rest of us with the pleasant task of reading several varied viewpoints, weighing them up, comparing them to our own experiences, taking the useful points away and leaving the points of less use on the table. Reading the various contributions left me reflecting that the 6 day and the 7 day cruises we took last Summer were very different experiences compared to the 14 day cruise in October. Basically the same product (different ship, I grant you) but with a different vibe. And I'm not sure it was all down to the many new-to-Crystal folk on the shorter cruises (some of whom were a pain - but avoidable) - I think it was down to the fact that you cruise 'differently' on a longer trip - simple as that. And I'm guessing there are several contributors here who have never done a short 6/7 night trip?? (a 7 nighter as a part of a longer trip doesn't count, Keith!) Our longest ever cruise was 28 nights on Regent - a very different experience to their 7 day trips too. I am reminded that whilst they were a while back now, our 8 cruises on Silversea and Regent whilst perfectly enjoyable were not as enjoyable, all things considered, as cruises with Crystal. The Crystal product contains more components that suit us. Which means we are somewhat resistant to change. And that is what happens when you like something a lot - you don't want it to change and, in a way, you don't want to out grow it. But I understand that others will be at a different point on their Crystal journey and will be fidgety, looking for major change, new ships etc. etc. That is what seems to be reflected in the discussion here. And isn't that the dilemma for Crystal management? As with any organisation you know you can't please all of the people all of the time - and pleasing all the passionate folk who take the trouble to contribute on CC is absolutely impossible!! Vive la discussion! Adrian
  9. I'm often hangin' around - got to do something between cruises.... (and we're done with elections for a while. just going to enjoy other people's now 😎)
  10. No, I really don't think that's the case. And I'm a pretty good judge of these things.....!
  11. What an interesting thread. Perfect post Christmas antidote...far more intelligent and informative than much of what goes on over the hols! (did someone say bah-humbug.....?)
  12. Impossible to think you wouldn't enjoy it, Keith! (not with your attitude to life) However, you might not LOVE it - and you might just find that there were sufficient other pax who live life differently and who might be difficult to keep a sufficient distance from..... That would be be my slight worry about Esprit. (and I like to think I get on with most people!) But what fun to charter the whole ship....ðŸĪŠ By the way - wonderful to see that you have a new trip starting. Enjoy!
  13. You only have to meet the lovely Steph (KK's DW) once to realise that she has no need of Spa visits! My wife, on the other hand, did make a visit but only to seek help with a damaged nail. She received a gracious reception, a free repair and no hint of any sort of sales pitch for anything. (and before you suspect it I'm quite certain it wasn't because she was judged to be beyond being able to benefit from their services....! But you'll get no help working out who is who in the picture....All I will say is that the mystery hand on the shoulder to the far right was not the hand that needed a repair) A
  14. We have stayed in both on Symphony. When we did a walk through of the Seabreeze we felt it seemed cramped compared to the PH we were, at that time, staying in. However when actually living in the Seabreeze it quickly became clear it was the nicer option - in our view. That's not to say the design is perfect. For instance the drawer style fridge did not make it easy to return an opened bottle of wine with the cork partially reinserted as the bottle became too tall for the drawer to close. The best solution I found was to finish the bottle..... A
  15. And as Anne has just proved we Brits are masters of the understatement - 'use our language in slightly different ways'??!! Come now, others who use our language can't even spell a lot of it correctly....! But of course it doesn't mean we cannot enjoy the many and varied contributions we find here - and even find ourselves picking up the occasional Americanism.... (missing you already, Kathie...) Anne, we may not be able to compete with your own rising sense of anticipation for your Crystal Esprit experience but nevertheless we very much look forward to pretending we are your travel companions. A
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