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  1. So, why when looking at Crystal's website for more detail, does it lead you to a PDF which is marked as being version 2.0? (and, in any case, only has subject headings with no detail at all)
  2. I had wondered about this. And as a parallel bit of fun wondered who, here, was most qualified and able to pull off an 'I'm interested in buying one of your ships' conversation. My suggestion - among many clearly able contenders - would be Stan and Jim!
  3. Well I must admit I had plumped for Oceania because I thought I had spotted an OLife poster in the photo taken outside the spa entrance (I think). But closer inspection of the blurred enlarged photo suggests I'm wrong. (Eyes aren't quite what they used to be...☹️🙄) I hope it isn't an Oceania ship!
  4. I know they say that every ship is always 'for sale' but I was surprised to see this on a 'cruise ships for sale site'. The photos could be old and they have done their best to disguise the ship but an eagle eye might suggest it is an Oceania ship? (pre face lift. obviously) https://www.qpsships.com/copy-of-s2127
  5. Am I the only one that hopes, each day, to find a post here from Stickman announcing receipt of his full refund? (and from many others that we know are still waiting) Adrian
  6. I've checked my holiday photos and to my surprise do have some sunny scenes in Iceland which I had clearly forgotten about. It seems the memories of bad weather on that trip had completely obliterated the better times. Maybe I owe Roy an apology for appearing to doubt the authenticity of his sunrise photo? (Of course, I never actually doubted him!)
  7. Roy, I am very sorry but I struggle to accept that the sun made any sort of showing on that trip once we left Dublin (where all the flies jumped on board to hitch a ride)! But maybe, just maybe, you got up earlier in the morning than I did....... But I bet you can't produce a sunset picture! Adrian
  8. Indeed, Terry! I was aware Australia had done so - hence my final sentence. But I am not aware of another European nation to have done so yet. But I could well be wrong.... Our (UK) timing feels odd but having got much wrong for the first spike the focus might be on ensuring we get more right for the second spike. Perhaps. (Meantime I can't still help feeling a teeny bit smug about our 2022 booking! But I hope you get your refund soon... We are still waiting for £15k back from another line - first 'promised' mid March.) Adrian
  9. It seems that the UK plans to introduce a 14 day quarantine at the end of May for anyone arriving into the UK by plane. No word on how long this policy might apply but it is one more obstacle for connecting to a cruise. Unless you like the idea of a 14 day 'land programme' where you don't get to step outside your hotel room to precede your cruise! One would assume other countries not already with such a policy will follow? Adrian
  10. I'm afraid my level of optimism falls short of any hope of a 2020 cruise.... However I'm enormously optimistic* about our Los Angeles to New York 2022 cruise! Bound to be a sell out and with prices that will make early bookers look like they got the steal of the century. Well, no international flights needed for North Americans - maybe no flight at all as long you are happy with a train or a pleasant afternoon's drive?! And maybe - just maybe - we will have had our vaccinations by then? * yes, I know what some of you are going to say - 'you need Crystal to survive first'. But I'm just not going to think about that... Adrian
  11. Is there another way of moving between floors? If so, my wife has never allowed me to discover it..... That makes another reason for looking forward to a future cruise!
  12. Clicking on the tab for this Board when what I meant to do was click on Crystal Roll Call........
  13. It is not often, on any of the boards, that you read as thorough a review, so thanks, Colin. It was a particularly interesting read as a result of having met you and Steph on a couple of past cruises and therefore having a sense of your preferences and also of your 'cruising history'. As regards the latter we have had a similar journey ranging from mass market lines through to more exclusive experiences. Once you have traded up it is a little more difficult to trade back down but there again you adjust your expectations because, by and large, you get what you pay for. A question, if I may, Colin. How did you feel the fare value compared between the two lines - I imagine you paid a higher per diem than on Crystal? We loved Silverseas and then, equally, we loved Regent. And then our TA persuaded us to try Crystal - which left us with very similar conclusions. The range of entertainment on offer combined with the fantastic lecture programmes and still with terrific passenger / space ratios left it as our number one choice. However, as I said in an earlier post, listening to Colin describing SS it reminded me of some of the things we particularly liked about SS and I think we shall revisit (opportunity allowing...). It may make sense for a port intensive itinerary - that way we might not miss the packed daytime programme so much. (With Crystal we look for itineraries with multiple sea days because of the busy daily programmes.) Ultimately it is about choices and in the world PCV (pre-coronavirus) we were spoiled for choice. Let's hope that we still have plentiful cruise choices in the ACV (after coronavirus) world... Adrian
  14. Although very health conscious in most regards (alcohol / cake / desserts / scones / clotted cream / more cake / alcohol - are among my only weaknesses...) it sounds as though I will continue to be well catered for!
  15. Ah - how some things change! For me I am not too bothered about the location (where is not wonderful on any ship...?) but the presence of 3 tiers is key to my litmus test.... (not KK's preference, I know. But then what does he know about cake?!)
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