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  1. I had to double check but no, there definitely is not a photo of Keith looking ragged at the end of a spinning class! How did that not make the cut, Keith? That means we have not had such a photo for over a year now!! Strange times indeed......😎
  2. Calm down, Terry! If you Google 'Cobb salad with prawns' you'll find endless recipes. Alternatively you can wait for the vaccine...
  3. breaking news - there's a new variant Cobb salad.......
  4. We always go home with squeaky clean feet....🦶
  5. When, even in a civilized country, politics and science become so ridiculously muddled it makes you wonder whether humanity has much chance in the long run. Even a small minority can so screw things up - let alone a significant minority.
  6. I have had a long held wish to visit the Ross Sea area and the remains of the Heroic Era. Arguably such a trip demands a certain level of 'proper expedition conditions'. For that reason I have long chewed over whether to choose Heritage Expeditions. Their trips looks wonderful - but just not very luxurious. https://www.heritage-expeditions.com/
  7. I can't believe it - we don't even make Keith's short list! All that we have to offer, all that 'special relationship', all that rain - what's the matter with us, Keith!? Hurt and mildly offended from the UK 😎☹️
  8. I'm sure someone will come up with your actual room but here are a few more - this time 1010
  9. There are two important responses necessary to Vince's photos.... a) posting a photo of a Crystal Portuguese custard tart amounts to an act of cruelty and is therefore not allowed. b) who knew Vince was a jeans and trainers guy? I was sure he was slacks and brogues. 😎
  10. Interesting to see that they looked to a Cruise Critic thread to find their summary recommendation! 😎🤗 (got our invites for our vaccination today 👍)
  11. I understand that thought Susie - I just think we underestimate the impact the unvaccinated will have on the rest of us. And not just because they might be denied access to cruising / flying / restaurants - whatever. There are so many more chapters of this to come....🙄☹️
  12. I have watched two BBC documentaries covering the first few months from the start of the pandemic. (perhaps some of you have the means to access?) The first was on what happened (as far as can be ascertained) in China. That was jaw dropping. The second was on what happened in the US in the same early period. The construction of the programmes was largely interviews with key characters. The viewer was left to draw their own conclusions. The second programme was equally sobering as it portrayed the mistakes and slow to evolve understandings that took place - from 'we're Americans, we can't be be
  13. As this thread continues with some impassioned debate and some really helpful contributions I found myself reflecting... In the beginning of all this it was simple - 'there's a terrible virus you must stay indoors' etc. Simple. (except so many thought they knew better for various reasons - some well founded: 'I need to feed my family' and others not so: 'it breaches my rights') Then we moved swiftly into - 'we're working on a vaccine. Once we have the vaccine we'll be fine!' Then we got the vaccine. Hallelujah. Since then, it seems everything has
  14. Oh dear, I knew I'd get told off! And to think I have read Psoque explain the 90% point more than once yet still paraphrased poorly enough to earn my place at the back of the class. I must resume my school tactics of keeping a low profile to keep out of trouble. 😎
  15. Who would have guessed a year ago that we could have changed from being a collection of experts on the features of a Crystal cruise to a collection of folks grappling to become 'experts' on a global pandemic... Following the debate here from a day or two ago about UK progress Public Health England have published an update indicating that 25th May is the target date for the adult population of the country to have been vaccinated. (to achieve this will require a magnificent effort from those managing the vaccinations and those producing the vaccine - but progress is good). But there is
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