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  1. Personally, I dig the slats and I like the sunshine. If it gets too hot or too sunny, I'll go somewhere else for a while.
  2. No, the bar canopy is gone, replaced by slats and the cabins below have the canopies still. This is from Summit. You can clearly see both the bar and cabins below.
  3. That was me. I love Bigelow products. Not uncommon to see them in hotels like Kimpton's and other boutique properties. I know the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas used them for their hotel. It's definitely a quality product.
  4. I don't know when AQ debuted but I know my first X sailing was on Constellation in 2005 when she was just a couple years old and Concierge Class had recently been implemented on her which is what we cruised in. Same size cabin, more perks. Solstice ships did not exist then.
  5. It depends on the way the TA is doing the OBC. They COULD purchase it outright as a "gift" in which it would show in your cruise planner. I highly doubt this with a large online TA as you mentioned you booked with. More than likely you are booked into group space they had taken out on the sailing and the OBC is a group "perk". If this is the case then the OBC will not show or be available to you until you're on the ship.
  6. I can't personally say. But that's how I read MizDemeanor's post about it too.
  7. I did some looking into this as well. It appears, if you eat at Son5 and pay the a la carte price, they'll offer you the $30pp deal to RETURN. It's also been posted people have randomly been offered it by staff while in the buffet or other places around the ship to entice people into eating there. But they do not seem to have the $30pp deal on formal offer where you can just walk in and ask for it.
  8. Speaking about the shower shelf issue. If you want to use your own products, it appears these can just be removed and replaced with your own personal ones? Stick these under the sink or ask the cabin steward to take them away? At least in Aqua Class it seems.
  9. I love CO Bigelow products! And I'm thrilled that while you were skeptical, so far you're pleasantly surprised. Really looking forward to more of your feedback since we'll be hopping on the day you hop off!
  10. Jim_Lain, Silkroad and MizDemeanor... Thanks to all of y’all for the replies. Jim, you’re not going anywhere so stay put with us! We’ll keep slanting to the positive! I’ll definitely report back on how I like Summit. I’m pretty go with the flow and have a “make it work” mentality so I’m sure the design flaws won’t have a big effect on me. I like the decor of the remodel. Are there things that aren’t my taste, for sure, but overall I like it a lot. What I’m most curious to see if I like is how “crowded” things feel. I hate crowds, lines, buffets. We’ve been cruising mostly MSC Yacht Club which maxes out at about 180 guests in that private area of the ship and Windstar with 200-ish guests total on the ship. With MSC Yacht Club, all the private areas are behind a locked entrance. So the private pool/sun deck, lounge, restaurant and cabins are clustered together. So I find with them, I barely experience the rest of the ship and somewhat feel like I’m missing out. With Summit, we did splurge and pick a CS suite but the private areas are split in different locations. I’m HOPING that being that way I’ll have a bit of the best of both worlds. Be forced to get around and experience the ship more but sneak away to quiet areas if things get a bit too crowded for me.
  11. Personally, I am sympathetic to the concerns like yours...and others. I haven't been on Celebrity since Constellation way back in 2005, so being booked for my trip on Summit in less than two weeks, I'm quite excited to try Celebrity out again and compare to all the other lines I've been sailing since my long ago X trip. I will say though, that there have been so many complaints and criticisms of both functionality and dislike for the style that it kind of creates a downer for people. When the majority of what you're hearing is negative I'll say for me personally it HAS taken a bit of the wind out of my sails regarding my excitement about my trip.
  12. I debated between the Royal, Penthouse and Celebrity myself but decided to go with the Celebrity Suite. Aside from the Royal being larger with a bigger balcony with hot tub on it (which I wouldn't use)... The things from my research I gave up are, unlimited specialty dining, 2 large bottles of in-room liquor w/mixers, complimentary mini-bar and I think some personalized bath robes. The premium beverage package/unlimited wifi usually for Royal's and higher were already part of my CS pricing promotion so I didn't need those either. None of the additional perks were worth the price difference to me, I don't need the larger room, I prefer a much higher location on the ship and like like the curved wall of windows in the CS. You may find those additional perks work it. For me they weren't.
  13. Here's a few more of the Family Veranda.
  14. Just a few more random ones. I think the cabins look a lot warmer in the images popping up today than the sneak peak's we've been seeing.
  15. Spotted a few images popping up on FB today. Sure there will be tons more.
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