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  1. maybe since the first bottle was defective? thats a happy mistake on their part 🙂
  2. We're doing the 16day transatlantic on Legend in the spring, it gets good reviews for sure. Enjoy!
  3. Depends if you care about price or not. The Raleigh south beach is one of our alltime favorite hotels anywhere, but can be pricey. Fontainebleau is also a great/classic spot, can be pricey also. We have always had great luck with the Intercontinental in Bayside.....its not on southbeach but we love it, and its close to the port. Enjoy!
  4. They have waived it for me before. Honestly, didnt act like it was any big deal. Since I was changing and booking a new cruise, they rolled the entire deposit onto the new booking.
  5. At one time if you preordered these was no 'delivery fee/gratuity' but now it is either way, so like you say, doesnt really matter.
  6. Interesting. Is it like a Journey's cruise or something, where there would be a ton of Diamond/Plats?
  7. We never make reservations anymore. Just do it the day of, never had a problem getting a table (for 2 at least)
  8. We usually buy a bottle for the room from the funshops. Prices are either ok or extremely high based on what you drink. Still a great ROI per drink vs the bar though.
  9. Of course it was, as far as driving sales from the giftshop 🙂
  10. Gotcha. That makes alot of sense, more than the shorterm interruptions. Be interested to see if they mention the scrubber expense on the next call...
  11. I wonder why they sited it as the major factor for lowering their forecast then?
  12. Yep, thats why I am comfortable buying more...
  13. you always do what the broker tells you? 😉
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