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  1. Its was only ever the land border. Many US flights paused during the spring, but all the AIs are open for business. No testing requirements. Just FYI. Headed to PDC in October.
  2. We'll take our $$ to the Mexican AIs until cruiselines are back up and running. Hopefully thats soon,
  3. why do you find that odd....good financials, good bookings, restarting Europe. Spot trading cruiselines and airlines the past 5 months has been gold...
  4. you do understand its not a US company, and does not pay US taxes...correct?
  5. sell it, harvest the loss so you win at tax time....buy back in in 30 days to avoid the wash trade.
  6. We're looking also. Be interesting to see. Also heard MSC is going to have a ship up there 2021, so that might be the option we take depending.
  7. I have had it happen before, they do not typically send an email. They just do it.
  8. Its interesting, on Magic last month we found Alchemy less busy than Redfrog. Actually got a drink in redfrog and ended up sitting at Alchemy because there were more seats.
  9. FYI, usually redfrog, or some other bar, will have a half-off happy hour going close to when you board
  10. Remember you can ask for the 'fill the bag' option from your room steward. Its $15, comes back folded and once you do the math not much more expensive than doing it yourself.
  11. Off the Magic last week. Not sure what happened, but debarkation took forever. Must have been some customs issue. We were in no rush so got off basically last.....at 11:15. Keep in mind, we got ON at about 11:15 during embarkation....
  12. Its priority self-carry off, and if you have them take your luggage its zone 2
  13. Agree, we have been very happy with it.
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