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  1. My husband and I have asthma and the smell of smokers in the comedy clubs and casino is just too much for us to go to, and have fun. Is there a certain area where they can go and smoke to their content without us breathing in all the fumes? Does the ship provide masks for those of us who can not breathe the cigarette smoke in the air? IF they do not then I will bring my own. ITs very smelly and I can not enjoy the casino if i am hit all day with that smell. I used to love to gamble big money but they are losing alot of us who do not like to breath that, second hand smoke is dangerous to everyone, even myself. I wonder how many workers get sick each day breathing that crap into their lungs i wonder how many of them became sick? Does it happen or do they just say No we got to do our jobs? Does the cruise line pay for medical for those who breath that stuff? Do they have asthma because of it? I wonder if anyone will be mad at me if I use a Mask while I am in the casino.? I will just have to tell them the smoke does bother me, and I can not be around it. they will understand, they will not you. We love for you to play but because of the smoke leave? I doubt they will ever say that cause the ship is only out for your dollars thats all
  2. Last year we celebrated our 20th anniv with the mariner of the seas., it was also DH birhtday and we had a nice time, we did a back to back cruise and then 1 week at the orlando broadwalk hotel. A great vacation for the 2 of us. The hairdresser I went the day before our cruise could not cut my hair right she was arguing on the phone with her bf. so she could not do it right I did not like it paid 12.00 and went my merry way. I di dnot like what she did and argued with her. DH told me to get it redone the right way with the gals on the Mariner. This one girl Tatitana did a great job for me, She made me feel special and also another gal I can not remember her name she redyed my hair to my color I wanted and then she re did the cut. These gals know their work and they are very very good. For next time I am not going on the ship unless these girls do my hair for me, it was much costlier but they did it the way I wanted them to do it, and plus I got a manicure and pedicure as well, I was pampered by my dearl husband, that is why I love him so much!;)
  3. [SIZE=4]ok IS there a price list that we can see what the prices of these drinks really go for in all the cruise ships? Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, Holland? What is the Real price for a Margarita is it still 11.50?[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]A Budwiser beer or bud light still 7.50?[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Is there a drink that we can buy the mix and then get the alcohol straight up so we can use our own mix for less? If you buy a Virgin drink it still costs the same price with or without the alcohol, did you all know that?[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Also WHO recently went on a cruise, can someone tell us all what you spent on your booze? Do you still have your recepits? I want to know about Margaritas[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Strawberry Daquari's Blush Zinfindel Wine, Cola's 1 gingerale, Espresso and Cappachino, what was the cost.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]If its going to cost me nearly 200.00 for 7 drinks this year they can kiss my big fat Nose cause they will not make no money on me. I will not spend it, and I know that back home a drink an average drink is no more than 4.00 beer is 3.00 so for them to put a fancy glass in front of me, then I should keep the glass for paying 12.00 for a drink.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Include the glass as suvenior from paying it up the Nose with expensive prices.:confused:[/SIZE] [SIZE=4] What can we all do to save and still have a good time? ORDER DRINKS STRAIGHT UP NO ICE!!:D[/SIZE]
  4. Just want some advice, this time. No one seems to tell me the correct answers. When I get my sign and sail card, I tell the RCCL people to add the gratititues for my inroom stewards and my Wait staff for all the 7 days I am there so they will add 200.00 extra to my room and wait staff? For the two of us, Why do they give us the extra enevelopes? We overpaid last year, so instead of telling us we paid the tips ahead of time they made us pay an additonal 200.00 more. to me that was totally wrong I am not giving an extra enevelope, if i choose to do so, let me do it, do not assume that I must do this. Red:mad:
  5. DH and few friends traveled last year on the Mariner, we had our tips taken out of our cc card in our state rooms they put the envelopes I thought we already gave them that, why give us more to shell out more? I thought that over the cruise that we already had given the waiters and service people more tips. We come on board with an extra 100.00 to give away for tips on drinks and good services, why do we have to have extra enevelopes? If these people know that you already paid for the tips they give you better service, but what happens if you have a dud who does not give you better service or he is not willing to help you? Then who do you complain to? And he is already getting the money and he is like stating to you, You have paid so I do not have to work for you. then who do you call? Cruise Busters? And No people who make fun of me for asking this question. No one has answered my last posts on this. thanks Red
  6. Midnight Writer

    Changing ships carnival freedom

    My sister in law wants to change to the ship The Freedom, so if we do go and we are in Seminole Fl, who is the transportation company that I can use? I think the ship leaves July 12th... To Ft. Lauderdale, since there is no flights there. How do we get there? I do not want to drive 5 hours any suggestions? thanks Linda
  7. My son is renting a car and driving to orlando for 4 days then driving it to Port Everglades, is there a Park and Shuttle to the hotel? Is there any hotel that is doing this, where you can leave your car at their hotel while you go on the cruise ship? Stay the night before? please I got to have an answer soon thanks Red
  8. Does anyone know how My friends can get from the Orlando Airport to the Port Canaveral? IS there a special Shuttle bus or Limo service that they can call once they get to Orlando Airport? Please tell me so I can let them know thanks Red
  9. Midnight Writer

    Ear infections on board

    My adopted daughter is on a cruise now, she called me yesterday and said the ship was leaving out of ft. lauderdale, she called and asked me what she can do aobut her new ear infection she is getting or has on board, she says when she yawns it hurts is there anythign I can tell her when I speak to her tomorrow morning when they port in St. Marrten? A concerned mom thanks this is her first cruise away with her new husband. thanks Red
  10. Do we have to brin our own toothpaste, soap and hair dryers? I have asthma and I need to use my medication and the machine is 110 volt can I still be able to plug it in and use it, for my medicine? thanks Red.
  11. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkorchid]there are two adults and 1 teen age 17 on the carnival legend in july we got a balcony, now the kid wants the bed I can not sleep on the open bed its too soft... is there a way to make one of the beds harder? if we are all getting twin beds... and do you think that it will be a problem witn suitcases and stuff?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#9932cc]I have a small suitcase but you know teenagers they got to bring the kitchen sink.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#9932cc][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#9932cc]how can we do it? Is it alright to sleep on the deck instead of the rooms?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#9932cc]Red?:confused:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. I have told many friends to go to the Ft. Lauderdale to the Comfort Inn we have stayed there many times but want to know what other places are there near this port where the Oasis of the Seas is leaving out of.... what is there to see do for 1 day before any sugesstions?
  13. Midnight Writer

    Stewards, no help??

    If your stewards in the dining room give you trouble and they do not serve right do you have that right to not tip them or if you prepaid for the tipping and are not happy with them can that tipping be removed from your credit card? what is your opinions?? thanks Red:mad:
  14. [SIZE=4]Hubby and I are traveling on the rccl on may 31, and carnival has tee shirts that you can purchase for your cruise is there a way that rccl has them too...[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Like Our 21st Anniv cruise June 4, ? can I get somthing like this?? any ideas?[/SIZE]
  15. Midnight Writer

    Small Dogs On Board Why Not?

    [SIZE=4]I always wanted to know if there was a way that when we would book a suite that we can have our small puppies with us? I have a small dog which I would love to take on my cruise or my two cats with us, they can stay in the bathrooms, there, for our special guests. Afterall we have no wheres to bring our other buddies.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]I can not understand why RCCL does not have a place to keep our happy pets at. Maybe a room with some grass to have our doggies do their business and our kitties can have their litter boxes in the rooms with a cover and a lid?[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]I think that should be the next thing to do, help us so we can still enjoy our vacations and our pets just the same.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]RED:D[/SIZE]