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  1. i've found that usually the MDR lunch has a souffle option for dessert. my rule is never say no to a souffle. and if it is the orange one, it is my favorite.
  2. thanks for the assist everyone, i wasn't going to be great in explaining and refer to the forum link in the upper right for the Q&a with Insure my trip to learn more about different types of insurance. i'm reasonably healthy, and we sailed a few times with out insurance thinking it's local and mexico is technically driving distance for us. but now i just get insurance because, in my logic, if i can afford the cruise, i can afford the insurance, and i'd rather pay and not use it than have an oh 💩 moment while cruising and need it.
  3. this forum is not maintained or officially monitored by princess. i recommend you check their official announcement on the website about how they are refunding for cancelled cruises. they are very busy processing all requests, so you should expect some delay in response. but at the end of the day, you chose to travel without cancel for any reason insurance, this was always a possibility. you should temper your over the top statements when this would have been avoided full stop for cancel insurance. i don't expect you will get a lot of sympathy here since this is your first post and you are very negative and over the top. i'll be shocked if you even bother to come back and reply.
  4. can't wait to hear how this works for you. looks great, i love the ingenuity. i just feel i'm a wrist basher, my graveyard of broken fitbit bands and fitbits as testimony. i'd be worried i'd knock it off despite the magnet.
  5. oh, i find the ship is still the destination with out those things. i like peacefully watching the waves and sunsets (i'm never quite awake for sunrises). i will also say, that as fin as those thing maybe, you have a valid point about them being better locally, because it is dedicated to that thing, a water park is going to have better design that ship, sure it is novelty, but *shrug* quality might suffer a bit. and just to be contrary, i totally do novelty things on a ship just because, i once did a couple games of bowling on a cruise just because it was hilarious novelty, but entirely pointless because of the rocking and rolling. i can take or leave the novelty as long as there is comfort and quiet spaces for relaxing.
  6. i am not a gambler, but for some reason i enjoy reading these thread. i believe i have also seen people where the currency exchange might be in the favor when they book but OBC to gamble the exchange rate will be worse on ship at sale date.
  7. i live by the san pedro port, so i very frequently* go "let's cruise" and find a cruise inthe next month or two. but my folks have to fly in, so this time we planned ahead and i booked before final payment. *shrug* the prices are what they are and i'll just have to stop looking so i don't lose my mind buy when you can as your wallet allows and then don't second guess. you can very easy get vacation paralysis if you study it too hard looking for the absolute best deal, as there will always be someone who does better. *not as frequently as i like but as frequently as my wallet will tolerate
  8. i hope they figure out how to add back a the outside promenade ring around the ship. that really is some of my most favorite thigns to do is wander around the boat onthe promenade. but i'm sure it will be some more shops or other money generator instead. i hope the medallion really helps then understand the current bottlenecks in the design and iron them out, which was another thing the outside promenade was good for, is an alternate passage from front to back.
  9. that is fascinating question, i've never been on a cruise like that. i saw on a previous thread there was a contact for early disembarkation with princess, and you have to get ti approved through that, but i'm sorry i don't remember what thread, it was someone wanting to get off an alaska cruise in the last canada port rather than go back to seattle. i'd call back and ask how to get approval for an early disembarkation with princess and the port. don't muddy the discussion with the fact you are spending an overnight in the port in question.
  10. i know atd is very popular, but i really like traditional dining, where you have the same waitstaff and dinner companions every night. i like they they really get to know you by day 2-3 and you really get to know them and have a good experience. for example i LOVE tea. i can usually dirnk 2 whole pots by myself. so they start by bringing a smaller pot, but the next day they have learned i am a TEA DRINKER and will just bring me big pots when i sit down, usually with out asking. i like getting to know their personalities. ATD is ok. but it is different every night, so no one really learns you and your preferences. i personally find the continuity nice.
  11. i'm sure there will be, i always see a few games going on when i cruise. do ask in the roll call linked above to plan 🙂
  12. i was on the royal in october and the medallion and apps worked perfectly on the iphone 11 and xs. the free drink we ordered in the outrigger, but we were sitting off to the side and the waiter had a bit of trouble with it, but got us our drinks no problem. we used the app to order drinks a couple of times in the aft theater (i forget the name but where the magician usually was at night) as for using the medallion to order drinks, i think it depended on how busy the bar staff were, it was 50/50 whether they asked for medallion or not, mine was on a lanyard and they didn't always want to take the lanyard and would just take the room #. next cruise is not on a medallion ship and i'll be sad the door doesn't open the same. we really enjoyed watching the door open and seeing which of our medallions would win.
  13. i think the op was on the cruise after, not the one returning late. but in any case, it's easy to be rude online, i do truly hope they weren't rude on ship. it is an inconvenience for sure, but you may have to rebook or change your plans, but someone else is having a way worse time having a medical issue. i would hope if i am ever in that situation i could look past my inconvenience and think kindly about the person who needs help.
  14. everyone on that sailing of the grand must have been "great" company as i have seen several negative posts(not all here) about the grand leaving late and no remorse when it is mentioned they arrived and left late due to a medical emergency. i'm not saying i wouldn't be peeved if i wasn't able to board and get my lunch inthe main dining room and unpack before muster, but i know i would have totally forgotten it by day two and have been thrilled being on a cruise. especially once i learned why the boat was delayed. i feel like the people complaining about this are the kind that zoom around people pulling to the side of the road for emergency vehicles. i feel bad for the crew it these people were as sour on the cruise as they are posting about it online.
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