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  1. My hubby had an interesting take. This is just speculation.... what if RCCI has a supplemental insurance policy that kicks in after a state of Emergency is declared. Might answer the question as to timing. My cruise is on April 11, Not sure whether I am happy that it is still a go or just wish they would pull the band aid off already. Had come to terms with the cancellation and now not so sure
  2. Has anybody talked to Celebrity who booked directly through them? My cruise on 4/11 was on the original list of cancelled cruises but now it is no longer there. i got an email from American Airlines about cancelling my flights. figured I would wait to call because I figure the people who work there are probably inundated
  3. I am booked on one of the cancelled cruises. Does anybody have any knowledge as to what happens when Air is booked through Celebrity and a cruise is cancelled? Does Celebrity handle it or do we contact American Airlines ourselves. The selfish part of me is so disappointed, but I wish everyone a safe and healthy pandemic
  4. Just to throw this out there.... sometimes when we don’t get the beverage package we bring a nice bottle of Port as our bottle of “wine.” Lasts most of the 7 day cruise and nice to have in the room to sip on.😉
  5. I just booked this excursion for an upcoming cruise. It takes place on Playa del Carmen which is on the mainland Mexico. There was a security alert from the US State department in March of 2018 but it appears to have been lifted that very same year. If I remember correctly, There were some incidents with some sabotaged ferries but I believe they caught the perpetrator who was a rival ferry company operator
  6. Thanks for posting.... I've seen the pictures and the youtube videos but was hoping for first or second hand impressions of people's actual experiences after cruising in them for a week.
  7. As far as my research. Other than suites, the only traditional balconies are the sunset verandas and the Deluxe Ocean view with veranda. They are as follows IV verandas: 42 sq ft Room: 202 sq ft Singe stateroom IV verandas: 45 sq ft Room: 131 Sq ft Sunset Veranda: 89 sq ft Room: 228 sq ft Deluxe Ocean view with veranda: 40 sq ft Room: 202 sq ft I got the figures from the travel agents guide (I am not one but I know someone who is😀)
  8. Titos is on the CBP..... what else would someone need 😀
  9. We are booked on the Apex in an Deluxe Ocean View with the veranda. We have been on the Edge and really disliked the IV. We need to travel during school vacations because my husband is a teacher and the prices are relatively high. The difference between the sunset verandas and the Deluxe Oceanview was quite substantial so that puts it out of our budget. Please don't even mention the suite options.... We chose this particular cruise because of the ports of call. Because of the teacher impediment our week in April is not negotiable and the other cruises go to the same ports we are tired of going to so this Apex cruise we feel is our best option. I was just wondering if anyone out there has actually stayed in one of these cabins or knows someone who has and what their impressions were. I know the balcony is just big enough to turn around in, but I like the idea of being able to go out there and close the door behind us like a traditional balcony. We booked on deck 9 aft so that we would be closer to the food end of the ship and it does not appear to be any view obstruction except for the round window itself. Thanks for any responses in advance
  10. Did an inside guarantee on the Summit to Bermuda for $450 pp about 4 years ago. We were deck 7 so Forward that you couldn't even go any further forward. We were down a corridor that we didn't even know existed. Did not have any problem with motion or noise. Was a great cruise and we gained no weight because we had to walk so far to the food- that did not stop us though we just walked off the calories!!
  11. I can also recommend the Trikes Aruba, we had a great day. In Bonaire we rented a golf cart. Was one of the best things we have ever done on an island. We toured the whole island from the flamingo reserve to the salt flats. Going through the donkey sanctuary in a golf cart was a riot, if not a tad smelly. Highly recommend!! One word of advice, whatever you do book early. In Curacao we just did our own walking tour and ended up at a maritime museum which was interesting.... then we went on a hunt for the local beer which was horrible.
  12. That is what I needed to know....now I know where to start!!!
  13. True, but would prefer an actual sea day. The question is what time do they get to Bermuda the next day? Newport is great if you have never been there. We go all the time to bar and pub crawl. That being said, it definitely made the Bermuda cruise something that no longer interests us
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