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  1. Thanks for all the input. I finally got the 3rd party order form to work by playing with the available options. There must be some kind of computer glitch, but it accepted her email address and allowed me to order the package. Mission accomplished.
  2. It would be great if I could access her personalizer, but she’s not in my cabin. I don’t know her log in information like you have for your son. I could ask her to order it and pay her back, but that kind of defeats the purpose of arranging a birthday surprise, doncha think.
  3. When I used the form, I got a message to call the celebration desk to arrange it. That’s exactly who I called and they said NO because she used a TA. I didn’t get it as I wanted to order it and pay for it to be delivered to her cabin. I guess I’ll call back and see if I get a different answer from someone else.
  4. My travel mate is in another cabin. I called to pay for one as a surprise for her and was told I couldn’t do that. I know I could use the personalized if it was my own room. Does anyone have experience with arranging a birthday decoration package for a friend or family member traveling in a different cabin?
  5. Does anyone know if I can purchase the decoration package on board. I’m trying to order one for a traveling companion but couldn’t do it through Princess as she booked with a TA.
  6. Thank you for posting the cabin photos. They are exactly what I was looking for. I was on the fence about the type of Pacific cabin to book and your post helped me decide.
  7. My faith has been restored as Princess has apologized and addressed the issues in an email to all effected passengers. There is a separate long thread about the LeHavre embark/disembark problems. As I have always found the customer service to be very good in the past, the experience was disconcerting. So I was very glad to receive the email. Yes, I understand some would say it could have been handled better and sooner. But I’m giving them kudos for the good will response.
  8. Tom, We arrived at Le Havre after, I believe, many passengers had made the afternoon Le Havre ferry crossing so I don’t know who was available at that time. When we arrived about 4:30ish, we were met by several port agents. It was chaos and very tense as it was clear numerous passengers had no clue what had occurred. We had received an email around 7 a.m. It advised us to make our own travel plans at CDG or go to Le Havre for assistance with ferry reservations. The port agents made the reservations for us and we paid for the tickets at the ferry terminal. We had to book cabins for 4 so it was necessary to group up with strangers. It would have been helpful if the email had listed ferry locations and times. Le Havre has a ferry but we missed that one. We had to go back to Rouen for the overnight ferry to Portsmouth. A bus was arranged, for about 40 of us, to take us to the ferry. However, had we known, we could have gone there directly ourselves as we were traveling in Normandy prior to the cruise. Upon arrival at Portsmouth, we were met by a Princess Rep for the transfer to Southampton. After getting on the transfer bus, we found that 1 of the passengers was still on board with a medical emergency. We had to wait to find out if they had to go to the hospital. We waited so long that ferry employees were getting off work and going home. Finally, it was determined that the passenger needed hospitalization so we headed out into an absolute nightmare of a traffic jam. We could have walked to Southampton faster. I began to wonder if something was trying to tell me not to take the cruise. No special arrangements were made for us. It was as if no one at the terminal had any idea that passengers would be arriving outside of the normal embarkation time as they made there way from France to England. As we’d been met, I expected they knew we were coming. First, they couldn’t find anyone to handle our luggage, then we were told to just go sit and wait until boarding began. Eventually, about 10:30 a.m., we were allowed to board early. Except for the initial letter saying Le Havre had to be missed due to weather, we never heard another word about it. Independent passengers who went to CDG had it much worse. The EZair folks traveled by prop plane to England. I spoke to people who had to arrange flights to other cities like Oslo Norway which had long layovers to finally make it to Heathrow where they had to find their own way to Southampton. Numerous folks did transfer from Paris to take the Chunnel pooling their resources together to hire multiple vans to get Southampton. Princess Reps were at CDG but basically everyone was just going from airline to airline trying to find a flight. One couple thought they had tickets only to find when they got to the gate that the tickets were standby and of no use. They had to start all over again. Like I said, this had been a learning experience for me. If I had known, I would have been proactive and just researched my own options and acted accordingly. I was under the mistaken assumption that Princess had a responsibility to get me to my embarkation point.
  9. Being one of the Le Havre embarkation passengers, it certainly was a learning experience. I usually travel with insurance and this is the first time I have ever filed a claim. It was surprisingly easy for this situation. I do sympathize with those passengers who found themselves suddenly incurring unexpected travel expenses with no insurance back up. After reading the contract and finding that, except for mechanical failure, a cruise company has no financial obligation, I would suggest travelers always purchase insurance. I never expected that a ship would not pick me up at an embarkation port and I would have pay to get myself to the next port in another country no less. It was amazing talking to fellow Independent passengers and hearing about the different ways they got to Southampton. Our day was very long and very inconvenient but the overnight ferry was nothing compared to passengers who went to CDG airport to make alternate plans. The port agents at Le Havre worked very hard to get us ferry reservations. My disappointment was our arrival at Southampton and the dismal level of customer service we received there. Anyway, lesson learned. Hopefully, this will never happen to anyone else again.
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