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  1. Thanks for all the input. I finally got the 3rd party order form to work by playing with the available options. There must be some kind of computer glitch, but it accepted her email address and allowed me to order the package. Mission accomplished.
  2. It would be great if I could access her personalizer, but she’s not in my cabin. I don’t know her log in information like you have for your son. I could ask her to order it and pay her back, but that kind of defeats the purpose of arranging a birthday surprise, doncha think.
  3. When I used the form, I got a message to call the celebration desk to arrange it. That’s exactly who I called and they said NO because she used a TA. I didn’t get it as I wanted to order it and pay for it to be delivered to her cabin. I guess I’ll call back and see if I get a different answer from someone else.
  4. My travel mate is in another cabin. I called to pay for one as a surprise for her and was told I couldn’t do that. I know I could use the personalized if it was my own room. Does anyone have experience with arranging a birthday decoration package for a friend or family member traveling in a different cabin?
  5. Does anyone know if I can purchase the decoration package on board. I’m trying to order one for a traveling companion but couldn’t do it through Princess as she booked with a TA.
  6. Thank you for posting the cabin photos. They are exactly what I was looking for. I was on the fence about the type of Pacific cabin to book and your post helped me decide.
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