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  1. Except for me even liking Pinot Grigios, you sound like we might be sisters! Thanks for your good wishes and when I return home I will do a post about my dinner experience.
  2. Thank you for your response, I'm learning more and more about these dinners. I will be on the Oct. 31st. Koningsdam T/A so although it will be a while, I will post about the dinner when I return home.
  3. Hi Jacqui, Thanks for the great feedback; I'm looking forward to the dinner. It's always nice to try different meal offerings and I especially like that there are explanations on the wine and food pairings as I find that interesting and enjoyable. It sounds like a relaxing and fun dinner. Does the Mariner discount apply for the cellar master dinners? Are the tables still the usual set up or are they arranged more in a group mode? Gloria
  4. Actually that sounds pretty good to me and I'd never, ever turn down a Barolo!
  5. Yes. Pull up your booking and go to Dining.
  6. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences and comments. Feedback from people who have actually done a cellar master dinner is appreciated and valued. I especially liked reading that there was a little talk about the wines, region, etc. There is no menu shown on line but since I like just about all Italian food, I've decided to book it and I am happily looking forward to an enjoyable dinner. Gloria
  7. Can you both be a little more clear? 😉
  8. Would like to hear experiences anyone has had with the Italian Cellar Master Dinner offered for $69. per person. Was the food offered different from what is on the Canaletto menu? Were different Italian wines offered with each course? Did the cellar master give a talk before each course? Did you enjoy it? Did you think it was worth it? I'm considering booking it for an upcoming cruise and would appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you, Gloria
  9. It's a huge splurge for a "significant" birthday that I'll be having a few days before the start of the cruise. I thought long and hard about it; be practical or enjoy every aspect of this once in a lifetime trip. It's almost reason for concern how comfortable I am with my decision!
  10. Last week I received the cabin I had originally requested but this morning I upgraded to a Lanai. Now the planning begins!
  11. What an interesting post, thank you. Confidence and accessibility with your travel agent is so important, it's nice to hear a positive result.
  12. Since the $100. deposit per person is fully refundable, there is nothing to lose by doing so and it certainly doesn't stop a person from checking other cruise offerings.
  13. No, this will be my first world cruise. I did do the 89 night South Pacific/Grand Asia last Fall and also had booked my $100. deposit with HAL but I don't know how much that had to do with it. I was told they were notifying people in the order they had placed their deposit.
  14. This afternoon I received a "Welcome Back" email from HAL for the 2021 World Cruise. The itinerary is shown and by accessing the payment section, I was able to see the fare. The cruise is on the Amsterdam (a cruise agency web site showed the Volendam). According to world cruise dept., the cruise will open up June 18.
  15. Site I looked at showed the ship was the Volendam. My agent called me a few days ago and said, according to HAL's world cruise dept., the 2021 world cruise will be announced late this month.
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