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  1. We will be in Athens on a cruise in early May and would like to do a small group night walking tour in local neighborhoods that would include stopping for a drink and food. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Gloria
  2. If my conversion is correct, the 60 ml. per glass times 6 glasses equals 2 glasses of wine (US style). Multiply that by 2 people and add a bit of munchies, for 24E sounds reasonable. I'm also interested in the cheese platter because it's all local cheeses. I'm going to wing it and not make a reservation because I want to see the offerings and talk to the waiter before deciding on which flight, etc. to get. Should be a nice way to spend an hour or two! Gloria
  3. The 67E flight is 6 glasses, each 60 ml. It also includes "local foods" pairings. The 71E flight is 10 glasses, - no food There is a 99E flight with 16 wines -no food. There is also a cheese platter for 24E -don't know if that was the price for 2 people or 1. Wine prices above are for 2 people. I believe 60 ml. is a tad over 2 oz. Gloria
  4. Pricing and reservations are now available on the Santo winery website. The tastings are done as wine tasting packages and range in price, for 2 people, from E50 to E99. There is also a guided tour offered at E24 and a cheese platter for E24. Glass sizes are 60ml.
  5. No pricing was listed but I believe I saw pricing on another website that was all about the wineries in the area. If I find it, I'll post it. Gloria
  6. Hi again, I finally was able to get thru to Santo Winery and was told they do require reservations. SO, I tried to make a reservation on their on-line form and it was not going thru. I went to their main page and on the bottom right corner is a "Chat" box. I got on that and was able to get more information with another way to make a reservation. I tried that and that also would not go thru. I "chatted" again and was then told that their system was not accepting reservations past 3/31 until April 1. SO, I'll be trying again next week and just wanted to give a heads up on what I was told. Gloria
  7. Hi All, A while back I had googled wineries around Fira and had seen Santo Winery amongst about 15 others. I've emailed them but never gotten a response and will try again today. I'll be there on a Tuesday so I'm thinking chances should be good that they won't have a wedding or private function going on. Gloria
  8. We will be on a cruise and in Santorini on May 7. I know there are multiple small wineries inland but does anyone know of winery we can go to for a tasting that is walkable from either Oia or Fira? Thanks!
  9. I can not comment on the Rotterdam but I just did the 89 night South Pacific Grand Asia cruise on the Amsterdam and had a lanai cabin. It was the first time I booked a lanai and I absolutely loved it! Yes, I traveled solo, and yes the cabin was a bit smaller, but the view was fantastic, to open the door and immediately be out on the deck was wonderful, and enjoying your reserved chaise lounges right outside your door was just perfect.
  10. Totally agree, the above was my finding also. I was getting pricing for 2 people; naturally if there were more passengers the rate was lower per person.
  11. Thank you for your replies, they were very helpful. After checking several recommended operators, I ended up booking the transfer with the company my CIvitavecchia hotel uses. I've used them previously for FCO-Civit. transfers, they are reliable and prompt and ended up having the best rate.
  12. My flight is scheduled to depart FCO at 12:50 pm. I'm thinking we'd be off the ship by 8 AM which would give us plenty of time to get to FCO. Would be very grateful for recommendations of transfer service. There are 2 of us. Thank you again.
  13. Has anyone had any recent experience with HAL bus shuttles from Civitavecchia to FCO? I've used the HAL port to airport shuttles in the US with no problems. This will be my first time disembarking in Civitavecchia and I was wondering if the shuttles are available there. Would appreciate any information on this. I'll be flying Delta and according to the FCO map, that will be T3. Thank you!
  14. Jacqui, I did hit "reply", don't know why your entire post came up. Very sorry. Gloria
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