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  1. Just pulled the trigger on the December 7,2020 sailing thanks to the announcement of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan Two of my favorite things cruising and Mario Brothers! Can’t wait !!!
  2. it’s working. There are people posting on Instagram left and right. Hashtag, #carnivalpanorama
  3. She’s one of Carnival’s rust bucket and she is here to stay. Easily a money maker for Carnival Cruise Line
  4. She was wrong. You may be able to upgrade to a better plan once on board.
  5. Is Spa Pass Worth the Cost? at Norwegians outrageous price, NO. realized that Today when I logged into my Holland America reservation and saw that a Thermal Spa pass for a couple is $219 for the week. That’s less than a single pass on Norwegian. I don’t understand why the excessive charge don’t care either as Norwegian will never get a nickel or dime from me for their overpriced spa.
  6. And don't think you'll get fast/quick WiFi because you wont. NCL is one of the worse when it comes to WiFi not to mention one of the most expensive like everything else.
  7. Just off Royal Princess and snapped a photo of the Volendam coming into port with us in Puerto Vallarta this past Wednesday
  8. Just of the Royal this Past Saturday and there is NO charge for room service with the exception of Pizza. Pizza delivered to your cabin will cost you $3.00 after 2AM there are No hot item selections, only cold sandwiches. I was told because at that time they are cleaning the grills and food prep areas.
  9. Just off the Royal yesterday stayed in L101 and it seems like it had the new bedding. Pillows were so soft and so was the bed. Never asked the steward if the mattress was new or not
  10. Keep in mind the grass is not always greener on the other side.. I can''t wait to Celebrate my 35th Birthday on Princess this Monday! I hope they" treat me old", I hope they cater to me, I hope they cook for me, I hope they make up my bed, I hope they make me good drinks.
  11. Still can't get over how tiny and crowded that lido pool deck is. Good luck with the chair hoggers.
  12. same old boring Mexican riviera itineraries I wish Princess would mix it up a little bit and do a sea of cortez like the one im doing next year on Holland
  13. Unattended for 10 minutes? Simple solution, pick up the belongings and turn into lost and found. Thermal Spa passes already cost and arm and a leg as it is, this chair hogging should definitely not be tolerated in the spa.
  14. And I'll be on Royal Princess April 27. San Pedro sure will be busy this weekend!
  15. bingo! No different than a credit card. Someone wanting something so bad but don't have full upfront kind of money.
  16. Wheeew. glad all is good . We board her Saturday for her last Mexican Riviera cruise of the season.
  17. On our upcoming cruise, my sister booked a Guarantee BY -Balcony (Obstructed) on Royal Princess Just a few weeks ago they got upgraded (complimentary) to Category DE- Deluxe Balcony and got assigned their stateroom as well.
  18. Nothing wrong with shopping around! Congrats on your finding!
  19. Typical NCL, just raising prises as usual 🙄
  20. A few months ago before the repo cruise there was a Facebook post with pictures showing mattresses getting swapped out. I wonder what happen?
  21. Of course NOT You have to book a cabin that will grant you those "free" perks. Those cabin rates cost extra Example Sail Away rate cabin no perks at all: $100 Cabin that will grant you at least 1 perk: $400 You are paying the $300 to grant you those free perks making it essentially NOT free.
  22. So....what do you say about the MedallionNet WiFi ? Is it worth the 59.99 online price ?
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